USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Might Try Beating A Ranked Team


The Pac-12 does not own a victory over any teams ranked in this week’s Associated Press Top 25 poll. And is actually 0-2 with both losses to San Diego State, including last weekend’s loss by Stanford (above). It’s 0-5 if you include teams receiving votes. I talked about this in my column today because the Pac-12 needs quality wins.

USC’s first three victories are over teams who are a combined 3-6. Washington’s first three opponents are 4-5. But it’s worse than it sounds because the Huskies played Montana, an FCS team. To its credit USC (and UCLA) has never played an FCS team.

Full column here

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  • Burak Uslu

    All I am hearing is a noise and sweet beauty of 3-0!

  • Globehead

    Welcome to On the Negative Side. I’m your host Scott Wolf.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      I like to call this blog “Outside USC with Scott Wolf”

  • Old Trojans never die

    This is a case for going independent. We beat up Stanford and they suffer a defeat the following week that makes them a bad team? Why doesn’t anybody take their opponents seriously? These teams are staffed by 11 men the same as us, is it possible those players have an incentive to be giant killers? California churns out quality ball players. They all can’t go to Pac 12 schools.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      Seriously. Its college football! 18-23 year old kids. “Upsets” happen every year all year long and Scott wolf is still surprised.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Could be worse, you could lose to Memphis.

    • Trojan Dynasty

      How’d you know that?!!

    • gotroy22

      Or lose 300 Starr Warrs costume contests in a row, Golly Noidd.

  • Trojan Dynasty

    What USC needs to focus on is to win out the regular season to be in the PO without worrying too much about what other teams are doing because that’s the only thing they can control. And I’m sure the rest will take care of itself.

    • USC jojo

      Imagine sw being part of the playoff committee. “I don’t care that USC is undfeated. They had a third and short with both their top backs, Jones and Carr, on the sidelines. Their coaches celebrate after big plays and let’s remember, they play 3 slot recievers and have no dominant freshman.”

      • NextUp

        LOL! Spot on.

      • Gabby

        I wouldn’t put it past him to think that way. ….and the crazy part, he would actually write that in one of his colomns

  • Mrhawaii

    Won’t get quality wins playing Montana, Coach Petersen.

    • Gabby

      Washington’s SOS is pathetic

      • Quack Ducksworth

        warshington is pathetic

  • MB

    In a profession where almost every sports writer can find a way to find the glass half empty in every scenario, Scott has broken off the top half of the glass, and put masking tape around the bottom half.

    • USC jojo


  • Golden Trojan

    The Pac 12 is 26-7 in nonconference play so far. Not bad. All you can do is beat the teams on your schedule. Let’s see in November who is ranked.

    • schammer47

      GT, Thanks for the relevant info !!!

  • SCgrad12

    Hey Wolf, your hero, James Franklin, is getting lambasted by the east coast media for being up 56-0 and icing the kicking from Georgia State. He called a timeout to get his second team FG block unit out there to preserve a shutout. Care to comment on this?

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, wasn’t Ol Miss ranked and Cal beat them. For the last 10 years you have ripped the Trojans. For once in your life, open up the curtains in your house and let the sunshine in or go for a walk and smell the roses. USC beat a very good texas team. Yet, you won’t give them credit. U are hideous and a debacle for this. 99% of the teams in the US would have folded against Texas’ defense, yet you do not give any credit toward what the Sc offense did in the final moments. No credit for Rector who had sacks, and a fumble. No credit for USC’s defense stopping them for over 3 1/2 quarters.
    My question, is when are you going to start writing about CAL and how USC cannot win without Darnold, the receivers can’t catch, the oline sucks, and the rb’s can’t run. You are despicable. I am tired of your negativity. Change your tune, you have run this gambit to the ground.

  • agent13

    As scheduling is done years in advance it is difficult to know who is going to be hot or not. .The P12 is 6-2 (75%) against P5 teams & ND. The next best is the Big 10 at 7-5 (58%); SEC 5-6 (45%); Big 12 4-6 (40%) and ACC 5-6 (38%). The question here is why the PAC 12 schedules less P5 opponents than the other P5 conferences.

    • Gabby

      It was something they learned from the SEC

  • Bernie

    Bottom line is the PAC 12 does not have a playoff team this year. Stanford is down, and the rest of the PAC teams all have their issues. Their is no Clemson, Alabama, or Oklahoma.

    • Gabby

      How much football do you watch?….just asking

      • Bernie

        Quiet a bit actually. I am not picking on any team believe me. It just that I don’t see one that can beat the teams I mentioned. Those teams have the dominant lines that can would roll through the PAC 12. Being honest do you see a team that can beat Alabama or Clemson? Not to mention the coaching advantages those teams would have. And stop the “just asking” crap.

        • Gabby

          Let me put it this way, I did not see a team that could beat Bama last season. Look what Clemson did.

    • rusoviet

      Seriously you state that the Big 12 (OK) SEC (AL) and ACC (Clemson) are locks when the rest of their respective conference members are no better than the Pac-12?

      The SEC West is only AL. Save for MS St. there appears no one in that division capable of defeating AL no one.
      Clemson – is in the ACC ATL division – they’ve already defeated Louisville @ Louisville – all they have left is FL St. @ Clemson. OK – this is the only credible conference with a tough road for OK. 14th Oct TX in Dallas and 4th Nov. @ OK St.

      The big fall off is the Big 10

      watch TX roll the rest of the way – Herman failed to prepare for MD because he was watching how to block USC’s running game. His own defense was useless against MD.

      • Bernie

        Wasn’t talking conferences……just those teams I mentioned. Please get back to me in January……love to lay a bet.

        • Alvarado

          Man bet? Na’ the 1986 Angels cured me of that – ‘plus jamais’!

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    It’s a little early to be talking about schedule strength.
    Just win baby!

  • steveg

    Wolf sucks when it comes to USC and the Pac12.

  • SDSillyCyclist

    San Diego State is a good team. They are well coached (I have a lot of respect for Rocky Long) and they play hard. Their QB (a local kid from up the coast) was a little suspect, but that may be because the Aztecs run the ball so well. The D is solid, good at getting turnovers. Most Aztec fans were extremely happy to beat Stanford, but I don’t think that the players or coaches were surprised. They won 11 games last season (including a bowl win over a Houston team that beat OK and Louisville).

    Also, the USC wins are over teams a combined 3-6, but USC was responsible for 3 of the losses – so 3-3 (admittedly, still not that strong).

  • Trojans 6942

    SW nice the way you worded this narrative. But the PAC 12 has beaten teams in the top 25. But aren’t currently in the top 25 it’s only week 3. We knocked them out. The SEC West is 1 and 4 against group of 5 teams. 4 and 6 against power 5 teams. But it’s early and it doesn’t fit your narrative. Let’s not write about that, no let’s pound the PAC 12 because you can’t pound USC their Undefeated.

    • Gabby

      Nice rebuttal…..

  • Wolf Is A Moron

    Another stupid point made by Wolf that lacks all common sense. Its 3 freaking weeks into the season, so yeah, when you beat a team in the first 3 weeks and give them a loss, they are probably not going to be ranked the next week unless they were in the Top 10. So how can you have wins against ranked teams in Week 3 when losses drop you out of the polls this early? Stanford was ranked when USC beat them. Stanford has 2 losses, both to currently ranked teams on the road.

    Case in point, both Stanford and Texas were ranked in the preseason, but both dropped out after losses. There are only 6 teams with a loss that are currently ranked, and those include Ohio St, Florida St, Lousiville, and Auburn, who all lost to Top 5 teams. LSU and Florida are the other 2 that are still ranked, based mostly on name brand.

    So chances are, if you beat someone in the first 3 weeks, they probably wont be ranked. How about we wait and see how the season plays out to see who ends up ranked at the end.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      You have a valid point and a fantastic screen name.

  • Gabby

    Please Wolf, there is something seriously wrong with you, medical condition. I know your standards are near the floor, but this ranking nonsense goes below the floor. The only ranking that matters is the one after conference championship games. Can you please provide interesting, compelling, high football IQ stories….thanks… go have another donut

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    We put a beat down on Stanford, but that doesn’t mean we beat a good team. If they keep playing like they have the last 2 weeks, they could easily lose 3 of the next 4 and 6 of their remaining 9 for an 8-loss season.

    We beat barely Texas; that doesn’t mean they are a good team. Texas could easily lose their next 4 games and be 1-6 and lose 2 of the remaining games for an 8-loss season.

    Just because we beat WMich by 18, doesn’t mean we weren’t on the ropes with only 4 minutes to play — because we were. Instead of Carr breaking the long TD, maybe we throw the pick-six or give up a punt return and then we lose the game. 2 lucky, longshot plays gave us the 18-point win, not steady, solid play.

    • Wolf Is A Moron

      Or maybe we dont give up a once a year kickoff return TD and win by 25 points. Or maybe Gustin actually catches that interception he let go through his hands for a TD and we win by 32 points. You seriously want to pretend Carr didnt juke a guy in the hole and run for 50 yards? That was “luck”? LOL.

      You can play the if and but game all day long, but what actually happened is we won by 18 points.

      • hoohoolianFUCLA

        Oh, you want to single out a play where Carr is facing only one defender and call it skill, while he didn’t do that or anything like that against Texas?

        The LUCK is calling the right play at the right time and having everyone execute that play properly. LUCK is that the D called was NOT a D that was looking for Carr, the way Texas was always on every running play. Carr juked 1 guy and there was no one else around, and you don’t think there was any luck to that? Dreamer.

        Was Love lucky that Pendergast had us in Nickel for his 75 yard run? You bet he was.

        With our inconsistencies, YEAH THERE WAS A LOT OF LUCK THERE! Just like there was a lot of luck involved in Mitchell not being knocked out of position to make the key block for RJ at the end of 2Q vs Texas. Or that the DB wasn’t in a position that created a block in the back for Mitchell.

        Are you going to pretend the game wasn’t in question with 6.5 minutes to play, 26-point underdog WMich 1st and 10 at USC 18?

        If thing on this board are consistent, now is the time when you reply with an insinuation that I’m a bRuin. (You wouldn’t be the first.)

    • Pasadena Trojan

      You sound like Wolf.

      • hoohoolianFUCLA

        No call to be nasty.

        I didn’t realize that this was the safe zone for rose-tinted-glasses-wearing Trojans who adore having smoke blown up their backside.

        I’m sorry:
        We just beat the best WMichigan team ever, the best Stanford team ever and the best Texas team ever and none of those wins were as close as the score indicates because we are invincible and flawless. We’re gonna beat the best Cal team ever by 120 points and all 111 players will play, even Katoa, Brown, Lockett and Pola-Mao. Ben EASINGTON will even score a TD.

        Is that more to your liking?