USC Quote Of The Night

“They’re just young, man. We can’t wait to see them mature.”

— USC assistant coach Tyson Helton on young receivers

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  • SucKiffin

    Sure …little Tybone
    Piss away Darnolds Heisman , then have a crap qb next year that cannot throw

  • 04Trojan

    Your fixation with this, Flow, is beyond disturbing. Especially when you ask Stephen Carr after the game if he’s picking up their slack in the passing game. He handled that stupid, stupid question with humility and class. Unlike you, Flow.

  • RegalTrojan

    They better mature fast, or a few years will pass by like a lightening.

  • Gabby

    Wolf, leave the scab alone, let it heal. You are one weird dude

    • Ben Factor

      I find Helton’s comment disingenuously funny, . Apparently, he CAN wait, since he puts them in for a play here, a play there, despite a starting group that is not exactly knocking them dead–at least in part because of lack of contrast in height, strength, speed, etc., along with disappointing productivity at the TE position.

      OK, I can understand it vs. Stanford and Texas, but USC is entering the talent-gap part of the schedule. The young WRs need to play long enough to calm down and get in the flow of the game.

      There really is too much coaching inflexibility, and failure to make changes on the fly. When a plan is working, then keep doing it, and watch for the opponent’s reacting too quickly, and then counter-punch with misdirection. When a plan is NOT working, stubbornness rarely prevails.

      Carroll’s teams were known to to wait until halftime to make the adjustments, but were consistently good 3rd Q teams. USC’s 3rd Q last Saturday requires examination of the coaches’ process.

      • disqus_CARwRiuTsK

        Carroll played in a different era. We cant afford to wait until Q3 to make adjustments. Need a coach who can see what is happening and adjust.

  • Sas

    Point Guard recruiting news……

    Andy Enfield is going hard for a big time Point Guard for this recruiting class. We’ve had Elijah Weaver a high 4-Star visit Sept 2.
    5-Star Ayo Dosunmu visited this past weekend with our three commits.
    And now this weekend Andrew Nembhard is gonna visit after Enfield and his staff fought they’re way into his final four after not being in his list of top schools that are standing out to him in August when he had Ohio State, Stanford, UConn, Florida, and Gonzaga. Furd and UConn are out but USC slides in getting his second OV. He reclassified to the 2018 Class. Three targets at Point Guard and all on campus this month. For what it’s worth….I forgot his name but one of ESPN’s BBall recruiting analyst picked Elijah Weaver to USC a couple of days ago. I like all three players because they have size. All 6-3 or taller. But they move the ball too and can shoot. Going off of videos I’ve seen I like Weaver more because he can penetrate, find the open man, or shoot. Dosunmu’s video wouldn’t play but he’s been talked up by ESPN this summer. It would sure be great to add one of these PG’s to the class and make it one that could be great. These three should be making a decision in the near future after they’re done visiting schools so we may know if we landed one of them soon.

    • Lunderful

      Sas, I sincerely appreciate the research and report. Basketball news is scarce.

      • Sas

        No prob. Basketball recruiting for SC is more popular now than ever but that’s not saying much. I try to keep up with it. Andy Enfield along witb his assistants Tony Bland, and Jason Hart are doing a good job. They can go after big fish because we are showing results on the court.

  • Clay Russell

    Wolf, the play pictured above is a great example of what TH is talking about. That dropped ball was dropped because of a lack of physical maturity. In this example, what was missing in order for TV to maintain that catch was strength. Strength in his fingers and hands to maintain his grip on the ball and strength in his arms to resist the hands and arms of the DB. I saw the play once, but I’m sure if you looked at it you’d see a good example of what he’s talking about.

    • RegalTrojan

      So, they share something in common with old men, huh? LOL!

    • disqus_CARwRiuTsK

      that was a great defensive play. i am more worried about all the dropped balls where there was no defender making things happen, just SC dropping the ball.

  • Pete

    Who cares. USC averaged 1.9 ypr. On completed passes they averaged a little over 14 per completed pass. Why not just throw the ball to RoJo or Carr or have both in the game the same time and have them go out to the flat or a wheel route and take Texas out of their defense. What am I missing…Fight On!

  • Golden Trojan

    Sam Darnold may the phenom of the year but the rest of the team is a year away from mature depth/conditioning/strength/experience.