• Paul Muad’dib

    On Wednesday 9/20? No. In January 2018? Yes.

    • Michael Guarino

      Let’s make that 9/20? No. January 2018? Potentially.

  • TireBiter

    Wow, the last – what – 9 of 10 posts are about how USC stinks in one way or the other. Glad we’re not sucla.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, just stick to what you are at best doing, playing with gerbals and watching soccer. SC has injuries and new kids playing. By the end of the season, the new kids will be seasoned vets. have you ever thought that bama might have injuries at the end and who says they will make the playoff? They can be beaten a couple of times and then they are eliminated. Scooter, just quit.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    So Darnold would have trouble with Alabama all by himself? Not likely. Chuck Norris mows Darnold’s lawn and than thanks him when he’s finished.

    • UtahTrojan

      I read it that way too. This writer is a fool.

  • Jaime

    USC playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl against Alabama. Is the an English writing rule against redundancy, or is it reDUNCEdandy?
    Scoopin Scooter strikes again.

    • Wool Remover

      Sounds like maybe USC will play 2 Alabama teams at once.
      According to SW, USC will play Alabama while also being against Alabama(??)

      Or possibly he means that the team/band will be playing the Julia Tutwiler composed official State song “Alabama,” while the team/band simultaneously is against Alabama(??)

      Just can’t tell from this bard’s “prose.”

      • Michael Guarino

        But Scott’s point remains a valid one —-a good USC team should be able to beat two Alabamas at once….

        • Hector of Troy

          I’d be fine with one.

          • Michael Guarino

            That’s good, H of T —because I have a hunch that’s the way it’s going to play out…..

  • Jack B

    We’re not playing now so it’s irrelevant.

    We’ll improve, a lot I think. The question is, how much will ALA improve because if they develop a downfield passing game and decide to throw on Biggee Marshall every play, I don’t see how we defend that, unless Biggee, aka Grabby, gets a clue.

  • RoseBowlBound

    It’s so sad that Wolf was at last Saturday’s game where we lost….

    • gotroy22

      It’s sad that you have lost 300 straight Starr Warrs costume contests, Golly Noidd.

      • Michael Guarino

        In today’s ‘get a prize for showing up’ world, 300 straight losses would be quite a statement…..

        • gotroy22

          Golly Noidd is good at showing up.

  • Michael Guarino

    May I join in the beating of the dead horse? In order for USC to get to the playoffs —let alone win them—-our receivers need to toughen up. They are running their routes, they’re fast, and they get their hands on the ball —they just can’t hold on when a defender puts his hand out or they touch the ground. On the other hand, the running backs are playing with a fierce determination that was missing last year. Could the difference possibly be that Deland McCullough (running backs) is NEVER satisfied —and keeps pushing each individual player he’s working with to get better? And Tee Martin (wide receivers) and John Baxter (tight ends) are not ?

    • Lunderful

      Bingo!……regards Deland. He’s a terrific acquisition. And the players appear to love the guy.

      • Michael Guarino

        Just heard Deland interviewed again, Lunderful—-he conveys that Pete Carroll “let’s get everybody so jacked up, they play outta their minds” attitude. He also said “it’s an honor to be here at USC” —- I say the feeling is mutual: it’s an honor to have him.

  • rusoviet

    I’d love it i.e. we have never ever never played in the Sugar Bowl!

    And we all know bel-air tech ain’t playing anywhere worth a darn in December/January 2018

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Alabama and Clemson will likely go undefeated, leaving only 2 spots. Likely that the Big 10 and Big 12 champ will be undefeated or no worse than a one loss team. If USC wins the Pac 12 but with one loss, are we out of luck?

    • Jack B

      Why should SC go ahead of any of these undefeated? We shouldn’t. But OHIO ST had a really bad loss. If they win the Big Ten and we don’t take a big margin loss, maybe we get in. But sho knows who will win the Big Ten.

      So far, I don’t think SC looks like a Top 4 team, even though we have the best QB in the game. We’re close, but no cigar right now. Lots of time to improve and good opponents to show it against. Both ND and UW will be very tough IMO.

      • Wolf Is A Moron

        Undefeated USC gets in without a doubt. Texas, Notre Dame, and Western Michigan OOC, 9 Conference Games, and no Byes. Probably have to beat an undefeated or TOP 10 Washington in the CCG.

        That resume gets in over anyone outside of undefeated Clemson, who would have a similar OOC resume with Auburn and South Carolina. No BIG 10 team gets in over undefeated USC.

        • Jack B

          I agree. I was basing my answer on if USC had a loss.

    • rusoviet

      The problem USC has is the performance of both )R and WA in the playoff – CG =- both lost.

      I doubt the FBS wants to risk that – USC goes down with one loss but I do believe any of the rest could.

      There is an advantage in our past performance esp. in 2003 being given the AP over the rest and I suspect were the FBS to shut out USC, you’d see USC with their AP Championship.

    • Hector of Troy

      The Big12 Champ won’t be undefeted and I think the only team in the B1G that has a chance is Pedo U, and that’s no sure thing.

  • 04Trojan

    Sounds like someone should stop reporting from Negativeville and proofread his posts first. I’m looking at you, Flow!

  • Hector of Troy

    Does anyone think the payoffs are today?

    • gotroy22

      Payoffs to the refs?

      • Hector of Troy

        Lol, just saw that. Playoffs.

  • SucKiffin

    Bamer has more size a speed to contain Darnold unlike the usual lightweights … Gomer would get drilled again but only 48-10 which is a big improvement over that disaster last year … thanks Gomer

  • Jonny D

    Does SC Athletics have any say on who the ‘Insider’ should be? I admit, I’ve been reading posts by SW for awhile now, but there is nothing insightful. This is truly comical and maybe that’s why we are drawn to this BS.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Yes they could beat Alabama…

  • Trojan Dynasty

    To be able to compete with Bama and
    even beat them, SC needs to have at least a few more reliable receivers and be lucky not to have major injuries on key players. I like our chances if those factors play out in our favor.

  • Pete

    I hate to say it, but not with this coaching staff. I’m a Coach Helton Supporter. I like the way he stabilized the program and how he communicates with the played. His staff have shown to recruit very well. But, it’s the game planing and adjustments that I question. Part of the game plan for the WMU was to have three game plans for the Trojans defense. You might as well not have a plan at all. WMU had 8 offensive players returning that included their two running backs from last season and a QB that never threw a college pass. They were going to run the ball. What else were they going to do. Instead the DC stays in a 2-4-5 for all of the 1st half. 2nd half USC comes out in a 3-4-4. A whole half to figure that out.
    In the Stanford game no secret here. They were going to run the ball. So not hard preparing for this game.
    In the Texas game the offense staff was so fixated at running the ball and being balance it took them awhile to figure out what the Texas defense was doing before making adjustments. This is what I don’t understand. To me being balanced means having the ability to either run or pass depending what the defense gives you. If the defense makes it hard to run, then you pass or vice versa.
    In the WMU game you could say the Staff had the whole summer to think about it and maybe they over thought it. But the Texas game? The Trojans have two very good running backs. Use them. Put them both in there. Show Texas something that wasn’t on film. That’s what Todd Orlando did to Tee Martin. Throughly out coached Tee until late in the 1st half. It took the offense 39 seconds to score. And it was all on passing. If Carr and RoJo we’re in the game together, no way the Texas linebackers stay with them. That’s what The OC’s did with Reggie Bush in the slot. The defense was forced to put a linebacker on him. Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe the Texas game makes the offense staff better. Of course it helps to have more then two receivers that can catch. Mike Pittman I hope is the third.
    That’s what I think. Any thoughts and Fight On!

    • Michael Guarino

      You said something which really interested me, Pete: balance isn’t 40 runs and 40 passes —it’s the ability to adjust to whatever the defense gives you. My thoughts? I think you’re 100% right and I think you’re also 100% right in wondering why we didn’t do that against Texas. I also would love to see us try putting Rojo and Carr in for ONE play when we get inside the 15 yard line against Cal. Bet you’re looking at a touchdown.

      • Pete

        Thanks Mike. This is uncharacteristic of me questioning the coaches. Ive been there before and its no fun. But if a defense line is overloading one side or causing the offense line to adjust their blocking because the DL is slanting or shading to one side, especially when you have strong quick downline men like Texas, then you adjust.
        Yea, I agree with having those two down by the goal line. Having those two back there puts a lot of pressure on the defense…Fight On!

        • Michael Guarino

          Agreed, Pete. With Carr’s good hands and Rojo’s developing pass catching skills, no defense could begin to guess what was coming at them if both those guys were in the backfield at once.

  • Fred Sampson

    If Alabama has defensive lineman like Texas, then I don’t know, because the Trojans offensive lineman could not move those big fellas at all, effectively

    • Jack B

      I’m afraid that’s true for me too. TEXAS showed us our weakness. Not sure if we can fix that. Will be interesting to see if we can win as a one-dimensional team against the best competition. We sure need to improve!

      • Fred Sampson

        The good thing is, not too many college football teams have defensive lineman like that, so if Clay Helton can avoid trap games, then the Trojans will definitely be in the final four, and all of the inexperience players will be seasoned, which will improve their chances

  • Pete Smith

    Play today win today one game at a time worries about tomorrow tomorrow . If we do not win to day tomorrow does not mean as much