Who’s Playing?

I can’t remember the last time there were so many differing opinions on who should play. For example,I think Joseph Lewis was the best young receiver but he didn’t play much the first three games. I think Austin Jackson is the best young tackle but he isn’t considered a right tackle so he wasn’t a candidate to replace an injured Chuma Edoga during the line’s meltdown against Texas.

Last spring, defensive back Jamel Cook intercepted three passes in one practice from three different quarterbacks. But he is a 6-3 safety that is being shoehorned into an uncomfortable cornerback. So he doesn’t play. This is why we aren’t coaches, I guess.

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  • Old Trojans never die

    Exactly the coaches evaluate everything from practice to effort. You only see a little of the whole picture. The good news is you will be judged right someday.


      Yeah, they started Max Browne over Darnold, this staff is clueless

      • Old Trojans never die

        Max Browne has plenty of potential. In the right situation he might be the best player, however flaws didn’t show up in practice. In practice the Trojans used the non contact drills. I’m sure Browne looked plenty poised without a real rush. He had plenty of stars and a pedigree including winning the competition at quarterback camp.
        I am more glad that the coaches realized their mistake when they did. The Trojans were not the only team with wrong starting quarterback last year. The blame goes to the coaches for being overly confident and wanting to see Browne succeed.

  • Cloud Shaman

    you are right

  • TireBiter

    Another wide receiver post?

  • Trojans 6942

    SW you are viewing athleticism and don’t understand the difference between raw talent and execution. Playbook, communications from speed and power. Your not alone but with no disrespect your intellect of football is comical.

  • LamontRaymond

    Excellent admission. Self-awareness is key.

  • MB

    (Checks Scout and Rivals star rankings) Scott is right!

    • MB

      They should just concede one season, and let SW pick the lineup each game. Think of all those 4 and 5 stars out there playing!

      But then think of the coaches. Hmmm. Losses would obviously be coaching failures. With all those stars, how could USC ever lose?

      One question – does anyone remember posts from SW where he complains that USC doesn’t develop any talent, that they rely on “superior talent” to cover over bad coaching? He does this every year in one form or another, including to Helton. And now, after over 20 games with Helton, some of the best developed guys – Cam Smith, Uchenna Nwosu, Deontay Burnett, and yes, even Darnold – are “3 star” guys. Now he’s going the other way. No acknowledgement of development, and bemoaning the 5 star guys on the bench.

      • Jack B

        Sp true. Reading SW is like trying to win at 3-card Monte. It turns you into an idiot if you take him seriously. He does make me laugh though.

      • peter

        I’ve conversed on this blog for at least 8 years. Sure more. Years ago I stopped giving WW much attention for his opinion. We have won, what 12 games in row. ? The team has multiple areas of concern to address and solve, in order to reach Pac 12,or hopefully final 4. I’m all for discussion about the problems, I’m also for discussion of the good aspects. The Nwosu’s,Rictors, Kicking and so forth. Heck the season is over in a flash.
        To be on a 12 game winning streak is special, something as Trojans we expect. I enjoy this blog when it’s about people exchanging team information and opinions.
        WW aka SW has honestly gotten more negative, much more self serving this past year.
        What’s the chatter this week from players? How are the committed recruits looking? Whose on the recruiting radar? What freshman players on our scout team are excelling? Injuries ?

        • Jack B

          Plenty of other sites have the info you want. Sure, it may cost a little, but not much.

          SW is here to espouse his opinions and negative USC slant only. Anything that involves homework, real interviews (not for 30 secs), coaching staff connections, recruiting insight is not gonna be found here, though he loves to post about USC injuries.

          Best just accept this is SW and don’t ever expect him to deliver what is impossible for him. It’s not gonna change.

          • peter

            Jack years ago I stopped expecting SW to deliver or change. Yes, I read other sites and have a few sources for information .Interesting enough,as you know ,some that post here come with some very good insight and information. Yesterday Sam brought basketball news that I hadn’t heard. Others follow local HS football quite closely sharing it here. I like that. NEVER do I look to SW for news.I do thank DN for having this free blog.

    • Ted

      ding ding ding! winner winner chicken dinned!!! Now keep repeating that when ever you have a doubt!


    This staff would have Ronnie Lott at FB, Jimmy Simms at safety, OJ at WR and Carson Palmer at TE

    • rusoviet

      They’re 3 – 0


        Barely, have another shot of rock gut vodka

        • rusoviet

          Whatever clown – hey here’s a suggestion why not actually give some real insight instead of the idiocy that comes from you the phony USC fan. Go on back to bel-air tech bruin boy


      And Ringo on sitar.


        It’s a hard days night

  • RoseBowlBound

    Cook doesn’t know his responsibility on the field. If you attended practice you would know that. Being lost on the field half the time is a bad thing… Just ask UCLA’s defense.

    • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

      Not knowing assignments is not intrinsic to Cook…he’s out of position…and no one is tearing it up in the secondary assignment wise anyway…all the more reasons to put him on the field and utilize his ability…let him play centerfield. Look it up, he is a natural there….tape don’t lie

      • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com


        • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

          #80 on Texas wide open in our kitchen at crunch time…exhibit A goes on over and over and over and you wonder why a guy wouldn’t look into his box and try different tackle…… someone who can get to the ball for gosh sakes….

          • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

            Made our franchise type linebacker look uncharacteristic…where was any safety?

          • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

            To stand there week after week and tell us Hawkins is better than Cook at safety is noticebly bad….

          • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

            So much for the best players play bit.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman are better options than Joseph Lewis at this time. The physical receivers we need to utilize are our TEs which we have in the game, just need to start passing to.

    • Rabb

      I agree 100% Paul you are spot on.✌✌

  • Independent_George

    Scottie? Remember when Kiffin started playing players out of their natural position. There was Devon Kennard, a disaster at the MKE. And who can forget right guard Aundry Walker playing at left tackle. Anthony Barr doesn’t. I am sure neither does Matt Barkley, who had his NFL career essentially cut short because of his separated throwing shoulder.

    Yep, that is why we are not coaches.

  • David Keeling

    I saw Andrew Vorhees not ready to play division 1 college ball. He was road-kill for the Texas tackles in the 2nd half. If the game had lasted longer, I don’t know what would have happened to Darnold.

  • David Keeling

    Scott Wolf, why don’t you ask Helton in his after practice press conference about some of your brilliant deductions? I don’t see you or your fellow reporters asking intelligent questions at all. Those Q & A sessions are so phony….

    Let me give you a clue: Coach Helton, have you been recruiting a 6’6″ receiver like the one that almost beat your team last week?