USC Quick Thought Update

Clancy Pendergast was asked about the two 3-yard TD passes the past two games where a receiver was uncovered. Pendergast said it was the result of errors by a safety.

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  • 04Trojan

    Noooooooo?! Flow, was it you?! Or did someone else ask it and Clancy turned directly towards you and answered the entire question without turning away from you? That’s how I’d like to picture it at least.


  • RegalTrojan

    Our secondary has been way too porous at times letting them score almost at will with virtually no coverage! And the size disadvantage is quite glaring as well. Will it be able to correct its shortcomings and at least become an consistent nuisance to the opposing receivers? I sure hope so because there will be so many easy scores otherwise.

    • David Keeling

      How many other teams on the USC schedule have a 6’5′ or 6’6″ receiver? Those tall receivers are going to catch passes no matter who they play. You just have limit their catches enough to win the game. We did.


    Can Coach Helton hold Pendergast accountable? That is the question…just watching our defensive coordinator’s demeanor during interviews is disappointing, like he’s doing USC a favor being there….the stuff about earning his trust before you get onto the field is BS because he lets safeties on the field who continually fall short and leave our front seven hung out to dry. It’s nothing more than a smoke screen for personality conflicts between coach and player….no use recruiting up a storm if Clancy’s gonna stiff’em…what’s his criteria for guys playing???????? WE HAVE THE 77 th ranked scoring defense in America…..has Clancy ever engineered better? And about Bradford….whew!


      Clancy had a hand in Kiffin’s dismissal and hasn’t shown much improvement yet. His defenses to my mind are susceptible to blown assignments that jeopardize the score


        He doesn’t earn our trust, why should he demand it from others.

    • David Keeling

      You look at what Clancy has to work with this year’s team. Only Biggie has any real ability/experience. You are stuck having to put someone out there playing CB & safety positions whether they are good or not. It is what it is.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    At least he didn’t say that no one would try to run it in against us from the three yard line

  • Sas

    It’s not encouraging to hear that from our DC.

  • David Keeling

    Who else can he put in? He’s playing his best players, whether they are good enough or not. Adoree’s decision to leave early really put the backfield in a worse bind. Helton hopefully realizes he needs to create depth that is good enough to withstand early departures, in the near future.