One Last Thing

I can’t stop thinking about that third-and-1 play against Texas. Mainly because I didn’t realize until later in the week that USC actually had its third-and-fourth string tailbacks on the field for the play. Again, it has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with keeping Ronald Jones and Stephen Carr off the field.

Does anyone remember the USC having Reggie Bush and LenDale White in a third-down situation in the first quarter in 2005 and running a play with Desmond Reed and David Kirtman?

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  • rusoviet

    A legitimate question

  • Old Trojans never die

    I am not bothered by the personnel on the field as much as I was bothered by the lack of imagination in the play calling. It seemed as if the calls were being called in from a local pub where some schlub won the rights to playing calling for the game. (After only $50k donation)

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      It seem when it’s 3rd or 4th and short, we always go for the first down.
      Can we Bootleg Darnold or try to drop one over the top for a TD every once in a while?

  • USC jojo

    I guess if Jones and Carr were not in for that play, being the 1st and 2nd string tailbacks, then we can assume V Malepeai and A Ware are the 3rd and 4th string tailbacks. Good math sw. Malepeai had 7 rushes for 49 yards against Stanford. Maybe they had confidence in him. After all, Texas held USC to just 71 yards rushing, which included Jones and Carr getting a majority of the carries. I am not sure what this proves, but you can’t assume if Jones and Carr were in on that play they would have made the first down, especially how Texas was playing. If they did get the first down, you can’t speculate and say the outcome would be different, like USC winning easily by double digits. USC did everything they could to give Texas the game, but Texas couldn’t figure out how. USC played better with their backs against the wall.

    • Jack B

      It was one of the best, most complicated and remarkable USC wins I’ve ever seen. That it was against TEXAS no less – all the better!

  • Fight On Forever!!

    I thought this blog couldn’t get any worse but I can’t believe that there have been multiple mentions by the blogger of a 3rd and 1 play in the first quarter of a game that USC won as if it was the turning point of the game. The blogger can’t stop thinking about a play in the first quarter!

    • agent13

      Agreed. Of a regular season non-conference game at that. Not for the NC but for a regular season game. Sheesh, give it a rest, Scottie.

  • schammer47

    Yet another complete breakdown by the OL. Even the receivers on the left side of the offense missed their blocks.

  • Jack B

    The USC coaches are very high on Malepeai, and view him as a major part of a crowded running attack, especially as a power runner. No reason not to give him a shot here early as it was not late in the game and both teams were still feeling each other out. Maybe TEXAS would think SC’s not going to run it with RoJo and Carr out of the backfield. And both Reed and Kirtman are not the RBs that Malepeai already is.

    No harm no foul here. And VERY OBVIOUSLY, it was a horrendous blocking issue, not a running back problem.

    Another example of SW simply tilting at windmills and trying to paint by the numbers in kindergarten. USC football is way too complex for SW to address, especially since he has no clue what the staff is ever really thinking.

    • Evil Robot

      No, you don’t get it. Only freshman WR’s are supposed to be on the field, not power backs… never power backs just WR’s! Write it down.

      Wolf’s inability to see the parallels in skill sets and colossal leaps in false equivalencies is pretty remarkable. Comparing Malepeai to 5’8″ – 180lb Desmond Reed is some of the best sports reporting I’ve seen in years.

  • NextUp

    Wouldn’t it be really SOMETHING if Scott Wolf were HC? Can you imagine all the winning seasons…all the FLAWLESS games, as he “perfects” 19-21 year olds?!

  • Ray

    Its a good point. That first down could have made the difference in the rest of the game. Add to this the decision to throw it from SC’s own 20 at the end of the half, instead of running out the clock. That was disastrous. Luckily Darnold and RoJo got the 7 points back.

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Team Stats:
    USC Offense:
    Run 203.3 (38th)
    Pass 334 (15th)
    Total 537.3 (13th)

    CAL D
    Run 137.3 (61st)
    Pass 338.3 (125th)
    Total 475.7 (114th)

    CAL Offense
    Run 166.7 (67th)
    Pass 266.3 (44th)
    Total 433 (57th)

    USC D
    Run 167 (89th)
    Pass 188 (43rd)
    Total 355 (57th)

  • Arturo

    Couldnt sleep thinking about this, eh, Scott. At least you care

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, you sound like a scourned date. Get over it, USC won, of I forgot, you hate when USC wins because you can’t write anything bad then.

  • David Keeling

    Come on Scott Wolf, did you watch the game at all? USC didn’t score on that goal-line because of Tee Martin calling another run up the middle that Texas had been stopped all first half. Get a clue man.