• Ed Garrett

    im exsited to watch poeple i dont now doing stuff i cant do end getting angry at them when they fale, and then getting on the innernet and fiteing with poeple i dont now, i love colege foot ball!

    • Linkster

      Thanks Ed.

  • rusoviet

    If you choose not to listen to the pod cast because of: the speaker (Scott) or 2. the length – you really should.

    He makes a very compelling point about Prendergast refusing to give the 2nd string playing time esp. after an opponent has exploited the defensive scheme. He also goes after Tee Martin declining to use the lower classmen receivers in the game.

    He states were USC to lose a mere game it maybe enough to knock them out and that an NFL coach he spoke to stated (NFL coach) he did not see USC, at this time after TX, defeating either Clemson nor AL. Wolf makes note of Orgeron’s loss to MS St. and how he (Wolf) didn’t have LSU on his ballot. He makes note of how blunt and cold Wilcox has been over the years.

    Wolf predicts USC defeats Cal by ‘…a couple of touchdowns.’ Kaufman agrees ‘…a couple of touchdowns.’ as well.

    50 minute mark – Wolf tells about Coach Sam Barry – HC of football, basketball and baseball. Best known for basketball coach. Barry credited with three corner offense, half – court line and 10 second rule. On the ‘Wheaties’ box – so why is Wolf talking about him today? In 1950 Barry was scouting a game @ Cal before USC played them – as Barry was walking up to the stadium up the hill he died that day, due to a heart attack. Buried out of St. Vincent’s (Fig and Adams). He stated Rod Deadeaux named his son after Sam Barry – Sam Barry’s real first name was ‘Justin’.

    Joey Kaufman asks the questions and rarely is asked questions by Wolf.