Careful What You Wish For

I remember last year and even this summer hearing from people that JuJu Smith-Schuster was not having a great season or would not be missed much this season.

Does anyone still think that is the case today?

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  • Lunderful

    Please invent another issue. You seem to have too much time on your hands.

  • Jack B

    Who was saying this summer that USC would not miss JuJu? Nobody, that’s who.

    JuJu was both a team leader who had matured greatly by year 3, and a big physical receiver who performed in the clutch and made some miracle catches.

    We all thought we’d miss him, just like we knew we’d miss Adoree, and boy do we miss Adoree. We have zIppo return game now and no reason to suspect we’ll get one this year. Those were the days!

    • SDSillyCyclist

      I also don’t remember reading anything that said JuJu would not be missed much this season. I’m glad that Deontay has been playing great so far this season. I’m sad that Steven Mitchell has been injured so much in his career, I’ve always been impressed with him ever since he made a great diving catch in front of us for a TD several years ago.

  • Mr. Negative strikes again.

  • steveg

    I would say this is FAKE NEWS. Wolf, maybe cnn is hiring.

    • marvgoux1

      You know the f uuclans are demoralized when they didn’t respond to that post!

  • schammer47

    Let’s wait and see if 6’4″ 215 lb Trojan Sophomore WR Michael Pittman fills Ju-Ju’s void. If he does, our Trojan offense is back in business provided the OL shows up each week AND BLOCKS.

  • Kids stay at SC 2, 3, sometimes 4 years, and then they’re gone

    JuJu was quite good, but I for one have moved on. I am ready to have CURRENT players as my favorites.

  • 04Trojan

    Miss JuJu, for sure. Primadonna sometimes? Maybe. But his skills and physicality are sorely missed this season so far.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    It’s college. Players leave. We miss them all. New players step up. Then they leave. Then we miss them.

  • Old Trojans never die

    If you follow the logic that big time college ball is just an audition for Sunday football, then you know the studs on the team are going to move on eventually.
    But that’s the great thing about college ball, you roll the dice every year. As for Juju, he played hurt and kept getting into the game. I don’t think anybody didn’t think he’d be missed.

  • GreenFox

    It’s early in the season. I’m not ready to give up on the young receivers.

  • USC Heisman 7

    Prime example of why USC and others recruit a high number of WR and usually sign (4) .. Its a roll of the dice .. Some of these kids lights turn on early and others need time to mature and grasp that this is reality and they need to work hard for playing time.. 2018’s WR class is deeper than this years.. The talent is there now..Who is up for the challenge. Pittman will be a great USC player..

  • Evil Robot

    Too easy…

    “Excerpt: It might be easier to replace Smith-Schuster simply because quarterback Sam Darnold doesn’t seem to care who he throws to and just finds whoever is open. Jackson is an entirely different matter, however, because the Trojans are inconsistent at cornerback once you get past him.” – Scott Wolf

    At least we know who was not worried about replacing JuJu Smith.