A USC-Cal Memory

California Golden Bears quarterback Zach Maynard, #15, prepares to throw against the University of Southern California in the second half of their game on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Calif. USC defeated Cal 30-9. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Staff)

Here’s a USC-Cal game memory: In 2011, when the game was played at AT&T Park, Lane Kiffin came up to me after his radio interview on 710-AM and joked, “I made you famous.” After being congratulated for the victory, Kiffin said on air, “Tell Scott Wolf that. He’s acting like we lost by 30.”
The truth was Kiffin and I had just talked about how USC won but many questions after the game focused on the offense’s struggles. But he showed his sense of humor on the radio.

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  • Michael Guarino

    My, how things change. Lane is probably wishing he were in the sort of position that allowed Scott to cover him now.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    Is there 2 people who deserve each other more than Kiffin and Wolf? They both think they are the smartest in the room and have personality of frog.

    • Old Trojans never die

      My thoughts exactly Scott see fly poop in pepper and Lane is guy in the elevator who farts and gives everyone else a dirty look. Scott was banned by Lane, Lane was panned by Scott.

    • Hector of Troy

      Kiffin was the OC on 2 National Champions, what has Sweatshirt Scott won?

      • Old Trojans never die

        He bet against the Trojans both years. I believe he thinks his negativity gives him credibility.

  • 04Trojan

    The infatuation continues. How many years removed are we now? My oh my how Flow must have been “excited” (down there) when Kiffin actually spoke directly to him.

    • Gatodelplaya

      It is called a mancrush…no doubt about it.

  • marvienna

    Doesn’t Wolf know that San Francisco has the reputation of a romantic city?

    Never fails, there is always that one guy who just can’t pick up on the flirting signals.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    This is just sad.

  • Sandy Underpants

    I don’t think fans will ever stop talking about the day Kiffin appeared on Scott Wolf’s show. Great to reminisce this moment in the rich Cal-SC rivalry. I think my favorite memory is when Desean Jackson ran a route that resulted in his decapitated by Kevin Ellison just as the ball was about to arrive. They must’ve super glued his head back on to finish out that game. I think those kind of hits are the one Donald Trump was getting sentimental about last night.