USC Quick Thought

This is worth repeating: USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin said Texas played faster against the Trojans than on films watched before the game. There’s only one problem with that: It’s not about them. It’s about you.

You think Alabama or Clemson will play faster than on film? It’s about raising the bar, not making excuses.

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  • Trojans 6942

    Deja vu! Im slinging margaritas but I feel like, Deja vu!

  • 04Trojan

    REPEAT! Snore!

  • Jack B

    Get some new material. It didn’t work before and it’s weak again.

  • Ed Garrett

    i wanted to ride my bisickle today but 2 of the 3 tires were flat, smdh

    • Gabby

      Ed, you missed counted. There is actually 4 wheels if you included the training wheels….remember, 4 comes after 3….just saying

  • UCLA Dynasty

    New phone. Who this?

  • USC jojo

    Did I miss the question? What question did they ask Tee Martin that he gave that answer? Or, did he just issue a statement and that was his statement?
    Wait until USC plays the domers. He’ll be posting that Bush push photo where he can be seen on the sidelines next to Pete.

  • tigerbalm2010

    You know it’s a slow news day when you have to regurgitate a sentence from a previous blog post. #RegurgitateOldNewsDuringWritersBlock

  • Mr. Negative strikes again #2

  • Gabby

    “It’s about raising the bar,”

    Hey wolf, focus on raising your own bar before you call someone out.

  • Trojan5

    I would pay $$ to see SW at a Saban or Meyer press conference. They would crush his will to live at the first hint of his agenda.

  • SucKiffin

    T … just call some random pass play and let Darnold run around and turn it in to gold … stop thinking you are a great OC , you are not