Cary Angeline Quits

Tight end Cary Angeline has quit the football team. Angeline had plenty of promise and a strong training camp. But he had only one pass thrown at him in the first two games and didn’t play against Texas. Wherever he transfers will be closer to home in Pennsylvania. He was a 6-7 tight end with good speed. I consider it a loss to the program.

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    Hello Penn state?

    • USC Heisman 7

      I heard last night he is considering Michigan.. That would be a good move on his part, Coach Harbaugh uses his TE’s…

  • JustOwns

    4 – 0, and Mr. Angeling is bailing on the program?

    If he was leaving UCLA, it would be understandable.

    • gotroy22

      Does Mora get another year ?

      • USC Heisman 7

        Lol.. The funeral may be the USC..

      • UtahTrojan

        I hope he does. He just guarantees another crappy year for the bRuins.

        • marvgoux1

          Doesn’t he have a huge buy out? They have to keep him another 2 years.

    • USC Heisman 7

      2-2 (1-3) in reality… Your bruins sure know how to ruin a party.. What happen to all that we are the surprise team in the pac.. We will be in the playoffs… We are going mess up the National run to Championship.. We are the sleepers.. We run LA..Lol.. Bite me!!

    • 04Trojan

      Why even show up here? You and the little baby blues deserve each other: Complete losers. Or maybe you’re so bombed off the sauce you don’t even realize where you actually are…

  • LamontRaymond

    That really sucks….he was a comer

  • Jack B

    No big deal. You don’t want guys who can’t weather the storms. Both the kid and the school gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. This opens up a scholarship for our awesome kicker, Chase McGrath, who really deserves it! It’s great how things work out.

    Good luck to Angeline. Hope he lands well.

  • Jack B

    Look for the bruins to quit now that they have to go to class too. I predict they’ll lose 5 of their next 8, and at best split.

    Gonna be hairball for the Trolls.

  • Trojans 6942

    Quitters are never a loss. Getting rid of negativity, is positive.

  • Krystal

  • Sas

    Damn. Quitting the team is his right, but during the season after 4 games is something I can’t except so easily. If quit on me i don’t want you around me any more for a while if you end up cominf back later. But I have to admit that i hope he reconsiders fast if that’s even on the table. Now……Each and every SC site, or SC reporter said repeatedly during player run practice, spring ball, and camp that Cary Angeline was probably the best all around TE on the roster, but Daniel Imatorbhebhe’s ability to spread defenses is too much and playing time had a line. That said…..our group and others were wondering why we’re not seeing more Angeline now with Imatorbhebhe being out. Helton and Tee Martin had the perfect opportunity to throw him in the fire. This bothers me because no disrespect to any players but I’m getting some favoritism vibes from Helton with Green starting over Tyler Vaughns. The word all through camp was TV was ready to play and start now coming off a redshirt year and Green’s not a starter. Helton is fond of Green battling all through his career at QB to WR and he’s been a big supporter for Jalen. We all heard it from Dan Weber, Garry P, Adam J Maya, The LA Times chick (sorry), Mr. Wolf, and it seemed Coach Clay Helton was giving Angeline compliments after every practice. It was pretty much unanimously agreed on by all of those at practices.
    Just sayin……
    I’m just sayin……
    The coach and his soft spots for some players is one noticeable or his “loyalty” to them is there. It doesn’t take a Private Investigator to pick up the feel.

    • Jack B

      So you’re saying that Helton intentionally drove Angeline away by not giving him deserved playing time? Pretty serious charge. Because if it’s true, the whole team would know about it and be infected, so to speak. Hope it’s not true, because if so, it doesn’t bode well for the team’s relationship with and respect for Helton.

      • Sas

        This is my own personal opinion. This is just What I’m assuming. Heltons a great man, but every coach has favorites and in this case I believe he’s just favoring or better yet putting too much faith into Jalen Green and Tyler Petite. The eyes have have/had it. Vaughns was the talk to start, he’s made not a lot but more plays than Green so far. And Angeline’s hype was everywhere you turned. Garry P and John Jackson were discussing him right before the Western Michigan game and they both said very politely that he was gonna putsh Petite to 3rd string. In the end he still quit. Don’t get me wrong because I don’t know if there were more reasons other than playing time but I think he threw the towel in to soon. I wish CA the best of luck. Luckily for us we landed the #1 TE recruit on signing day and he’ll be waiting for next season

    • gotroy22

      “Rated eighth nationally among 2016 tight ends in 247Sports’ composite rankings, Angeline commanded college interest as an underclassman. Miami, Virginia, Boston College and Rutgers each extended offers during his sophomore year.

      His list of opportunities rapidly expanded to include Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon and Florida. Penn State and Notre Dame were viewed as favorites to land Angeline in 247Sports’ ”

      He will be missed.

      • Sas

        I think we’ll see him soon. If not facing him at Penn St, Ohio St., or Michigan then we’ll hear his name a lot making plays for one of those teams.

        • marvgoux1

          Maybe Notre Dame!

          • Sas

            That wouldn’t surprise me. He’ll have his choices.

    • Trojan 70

      USC is not right for everyone. I regret the kid is leaving but he is 18 years old. Hopefully he will profit from this mistake and end up somewhere where he can play. There are 80 kids on this team. Not everyone will play and not everyone likes California.

      • Sas

        I agree.

  • Ray

    A quitter is a quitter. Here you go Chase. Fight on!!!!!

  • John White

    I think we may be over reacting a bit here. If you don’t grow up in SoCal, not everyone thinks it’s Shangri-la. Not everyone dies for Mexican food, or can handle the traffic in LA, Hollywood bling and shine, and lets be honest, a certain unique superficiality about LA, and of course the south central vibe, esp if they are tight with their family all the way across the country. Besides there is no reason to believe Baxter or CHH didnt like CA-they recruited him and had very positive things to say about him just a few months ago. But if he misses. If he sees Ima coming back, hes buried in the depth chart with at least one more solid recruit to add next year. And if hes gonna transfer he SHOUDL tyrasfer now, not “stick it out” when he can still start classes this semester elsewhere, practice with team every days during season, pick up system way earlier than Januarays EE, and allow Helton to give school,i.e. To a walk on (McGrath deserves it) AND be able to plan next years class better. Recall Brice Butler, that worked out great for everyone and Brice has always indicated unless we play Northwestewrn, he is always honing to b a Trojan . Look , playcalling, clock management, game prep, adjustments, etc loads of things to criticize CHH on, but how he manages these kids and where his priorities are have been demonstrated. Don’t be surprised for angelinbg to emerge in south bend or happy valley in a few days and telling the local media what a great school usc is, who much he admires CHH and his former teammates-and it NOT being spin.

    • Arturo

      Good comments. Butler played at San Diego St. I think Kyle Prater played at NW.

  • Fred Sampson

    You never know what makes people tick, and btw, this is just the game of football, so he has a right to be in a emotional comfort zone, no harm done to anybody by him quitting the team

  • Stephen Randel

    There’s a world of difference ‘tween Southern California and north east Pennsylvania. Angeline will likely end up playing TE at PSU.

  • Lajollaboy

    As much of a shame it is to lose a player, the player has to be motivated to compete. At USC if you want to play, then prove you’re good in practice and when you get your opportunity on the field in games. If you can’t do that and sink on the depth chart, then you can either fight or transfer. It happens that some players are just not cut out to be at USC.