Who Should Play?

I wrote in training camp how much I liked tight end Cary Angeline. The coaches obviously disagreed. But with the receiving corps battling injuries why not give freshman Randal Grimes a chance? One reason he hasn’t played yet is because he is young and still learning the offense. So why not give him four plays to learn and then run those when he comes into the game?

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  • Cloud Shaman

    When you are in close games you have to stay with the known entities. There will be a time for him to play.


      Browne over Darnold, that’s Gomer’s MO, play the kid who has been in the program the longest

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Maybe you should write for Scooter. You are more negative than he is. Maybe you are Wolf.

  • LamontRaymond

    Again, I wouldn’t hang my hat on Scottie’s talent evaluation skills. Stick to the negativity. It’s why we keep coming back. It’s our self-loathing instincts.

    • Gabby

      Nailed it!!!!!

    • FightOn!

      The guy can’t write…but they should trust his coaching skills…

      • LAfan

        Didn’t he want USC to hire Kevin Sumlin? Now that’s some serious talent evaluation

  • Arthur Jury

    What’s the big deal you are making about this guy ?? Never even heard of him until your fourth blog post in a day about him quitting …..

  • Rabb

    USC needs to go back to the HUDDLE. This will help build unity and chemistry. Sam can look each player in the eye and motivate them. It also help desguise the play. This helps any player who comes into the game on offense.✌✌

    • Burak Uslu

      Especially since the coaching no longer wants Sam to run from read option, then why not huddle.

      • Rabb

        Being in a HUDDLE also holds players accountable to the their leader, Sam. WRs will run better routes and catch the ball. OL will block to protect Sam and the RBs, because when you have to HUDDLE you become accountable for letting your teammates down. It builds an identity and excuses go away.✌

        • Burak Uslu

          Agreed and thanks for your perspective!

  • Gabby

    Wolf, I’m sure if you were limited to only four donuts a game you would have major issues with that…..just saying

    ….and teaching a kid only four plays is lame……And you wonder why we all mock you

  • Old Trojans never die

    There has to be more to the story than a lack of playing time. The kid is quitting before he gets started. Either the coaches agree with this move or they don’t care. Either way it frees up a scholarship if we need one for a kicker.


    This suggestion is over Gomer & Co pay scale. Play the old guard even though they may not be as good as a younger player

    • FightOn!

      A lot of freshman are playing… Try watching the games.

  • Sas

    At times this coaching staff can wow you one day but they also do things that hit you like smelling salt. I dont understand them with some moves. Mr. W*lf said he was impressed Angeline on more than one occasion and to his credit everyone else did also so he’s got actual co-signers who felt CA should have had more PT. But I don’t get how they can name someone the starting LT before spring ball even starts and who’s coming of an injury the sidelined the whole previous season. Neil Callaway has dodged many bullets flying under the radar that Sam Darnold creates with his abilities on the field to make people look good or better than what they are. God forbid and knock on wood, but they Clay, Tee, Tyson and the rest if the coaches better hope Daniel Imatorbhebhe will stay healthy when he returns and that Tyler Petite does not get hurt. Why? Because we would have to burn Falu’s RS when we had an emerging Tyler Petite or “People’s Champ” who was clawing with eagerness to show his game. Back to Neil Callaway. I’m not at the practices so I can’t really give him the benefit of the doubt after the last two weeks, but I hope he’s doing all he can to try and bring along the OL and not just focusing on the starters but also giving thoese freshman fair opportunity to get better from day to day.

    • agent13

      Agree on some of the coaching moves & the inconsistecy with the OL given that Toa, Nico, Viane & Chuma all are seasoned vets. I thought that Falo already played in at least one game.