Deontay Burnett Does Not Practice

For the second straight day, wide receiver Deontay Burnett did not practice because of his injured shoulder. Clay Helton said he thinks Burnett will be able to play against Washngton State. We will see.

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  • Gabby

    Hey wolf, thanks for the gumball

  • 04Trojan

    If this game is gonna be all it’s being made up to be, we’ll need all hands on deck. We’ll continue to be everyone’s bowl game should we keep this streak alive. Everyone’s out to get us.

    • rusoviet

      We’re ok – yes having Deontay would be great but we’re ok.

      • peter

        Tyler Vaughan has been exceptional in practice. Having had a good game against Cal,think he is due Friday for huge game.

        • Burak Uslu

          I think this game will be similar to Matt Leinart and Dominique Byrd against the Oregon State in the fog game.

          It is not going to be easy, but we have the physical talent and the attitude.

          It is hard to beat a team coming from a 13 straight victories and comes to play.

          • peter

            Thanks for the memory of that game. We will find out the character of this year’s team Friday. This game we can throw out point spread, win streaks, Heismans, and such.It’s rise up and WIN.

        • Sas

          Pete, I second that.

          • Burak Uslu

            It is not easy winning every week. Even if you are the best team in the country. 2004 team just had an unstoppable momentum and talent.

            I think this years team is somewhere between the 2003 Matt Leinart team and 2002 Carson Palmer team, with talent and determination. Except I will take my chances with Sam any given day over anyone else.

            Let’s go USC!

          • marvgoux1

            Don’t say the 2002 team, they lost at WSU.

          • Burak Uslu

            I forgot that! Let’s say this team is the 2003. Beat the Cougars!

          • Sas

            I remember those lines being better

          • peter

            When we say it all,Still it comes back to O , D Line. We must control the line of scrimmage.

          • Sas

            Very teue

          • Sas

            Very true

          • Trojan96

            I third that. Vaughan is starting to come into his own.

          • Sas


    • gotroy22

      Not worth aggravating Burnett’s injury so he can’t play against ND. Those other 12 WRs will have to step up.


    USC has 27 WR’s, better coach a few up so they can play Gomer & Co

    • Christian

      13 straight, big guy. Keep complaining though. You fit right in here.


        Thanks to Sam Darnold they have won, when he leaves you’ll see how bad Gomer & Co really are

        • steveg

          You keep saying that, like a broken record. People coming up behind Sam are good players, different in their own skills, but perhaps the face of USC will change with the new people coming in. Staff is pretty solid, better than we first thought.

  • Laker Rod

    If USC wants him, UCLA will give Theo Howard to you for free. LOL!! Bruin fans like 88Straight were bragging about him as the next great true freshman.

    Howard did nothing last year and this year he was responsible for turning the game around against Stanford with his dropped pass in the end zone and had a big fumble later on.

    I keep trying to tell UCLA fans like 88Straight that if the UCLA coaches are looking for true freshmen to save the program then it’s never going to happen because this is pure evidence that the UCLA coaches cannot develop anybody.

    The UCLA coaches constantly play young guys who are clearly not ready. By the time they become juniors and seniors the Bruin fans are so sick of the mistakes they have made their first two years that they move on to the next freshmen group. LOL!! Wash, rinse, repeat cycle.

    • rusoviet

      Well don’t ever say anything akin to the truth about Wooden to ‘the 68 Guns’ – that spear carrier is a full on member of the ‘Peckerwood’ cult.

      • 88 Straight

        Poor Russkie, just can’t handle the truth! Have a drink on me and “Woodie.” LOL

        • Laker Rod

          Coward. You are gutless who can’t even respond back because you know you’ve been completely slaughtered. You tried to argue Darnay Holmes was doing a fine job before the Memphis game and he got torched. Pure stupid true frosh mistakes too and you know it but can’t fess up to it.

          Then there is the debacle with Theo Howard which you can’t fess up to either. You’re a joke. I know way more about UCLA football than than all you dumb Bruin fans combined. Just a pure melt down on all the UCLA message boards. LOL!!

          Now the call is to fire Jim Mora. LOL!! I thought you said he knew more than me. LOL!! How come Mora keeps making all these dumb decisions. Every single one I call him out on and I end up right. You obviously end up WRONG.

          • 88 Straight

            Mora’s smarter than you. Scott Wolf is smarter than you. It’s a long list but I don’t enjoy typing as mush as you do. Fight On!

          • 88 Straight

            Mora knows far more than you do. It’s not even close. You’re simply a loudmouth troll seeking attention and your obsession with mentioning me in almost every comment is bordering on creepy. Get a life!

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! The COWARD finally responds back. What’s the matter? No response related to Theo Howard?

            How about Darnay Holmes getting torched the week before. LOL!!

            Oh yeah…Jim Mora is real “smart”. LOL!! Not.

            Next time learn your lesson. I’m always right. You are always wrong.

          • 88 Straight

            Didn’t say Mora was smart. Said he’s smarter than you. That’s not a high bar. Bye, Rodney. Find some new friends.

    • Sas

      What’s up Rod, hey in my opinion some guys just have it in them and belong on the field as true freshmen. They stand out above the upperclassmen and it’s obvious that this player belongs on the field. Leonard Williams stands out to me as the closest player who looked NFL ready (or pretty close) . He was a beast. But as for the Bruins the 1st thing that comes to mind on this subject is Jim Mora shouldn’t even be in this position. Though he didn’t get past Oregon and Stanford he did win the division beating USC three in a row should have carried more weight in his ability to land son big time WR’s in these recruiting classes. With all due respect when you factor in the momentum the Bruins had at the time he really struck out in the playmaker/high profile are offensively. He couldn’t woo any “Big Time” Olineman or pass catchers to play with #1 QB in the nation. True freshman at Ucla at this point in Mora’s tenure is a bad thing if they are needed.

      • marvgoux1

        Mora had his chance when SC was down but was too busy chasing coeds to get a running quarterback recruit to replace Hundley. Instead he actually thought he could retool the fuucla offense with a pure drop back passer without first recruiting 3 years worth of pass blocking OL and receivers that had speed and the ability to run precise patterns and get open. It will go down as one of the dumbest head coaching moves in Pac 12 history. Now they look worse than even Rich Roids Mildcats and the Beavs.

        • Jack B

          Mora took the easy route and nailed a hot local QB in Rosen, who got turned away by STAN (indeed, a team he could never beat), could start as a little gutty freshman and then ran into developing buzz saw USC. Once Slick Rick’s recruit Hundley left, Mora was stuck holding the bag with an always wimpy OL which had been put together by NCAA violater Klemm. The rest is bruin football history, down-and-out in Wimpwood.

        • JustOwns

          Right up there with bozo picks Paul Hackett and Fireball Sark.

          • marvgoux1

            We agree for once!

        • Sas

          Perfectly Marv!

        • Laker Rod

          Mora actually did recruit a dual threat QBs in 2013 and 2014. 2013 was Asianti Woulard and 2014 was Aaron Sharp.

          The best case scenario for UCLA was that Brett Hundley return for his redshirt senior year in 2015 but despite not winning a conference championship…UCLA can never seem to retain players. They are more than ready to leave UCLA even though they don’t end up being a high draft pick. Hundley was a 5th rounder.

          I still said UCLA should stick with Asianti Woulard or Jerry Neuheisel in 2015. It made no sense to go with Josh Rosen that year. Rosen needed a year off to get bigger and stronger and more mobile and also better prepare the O line for Rosen and the future. I argued with that dummy 88Straight forever on this. He ended up eating crow big time.

          Where Mora really messed up was going with inexperienced Kennedy Polamalu and switching the offense wholesale to a power running game. I kept insisting to others Bruin fans that this was not going to work. Of course dummies like 88Straight kept trying to argue it would work and UCLA was better off with Polamalu vs Mazzone. LOL!

          And this mess didn’t happen over night. Mora made so many small mistakes over the years that it’s just all coming to fruition now.

          The 2017 defense is simply horrible and the linebacker play is atrocious. Back in 2013, UCLA got Deon Hollins, Myles Jack, Isaako Savaiena, Cameron Judge, and Jayon Brown. All 5 of them played as true freshmen. He could have easily redshirted Hollins, Brown, Judge, and Isaako. Had he done so…they would be redshirt seniors in 2017. Only Myles Jack heavily contributed and everything backfired on Mora where Jack developed such a huge ego that he was a terrible and selfish teammate. Jack got kicked out of so many practices it was ridiculous.

          In 2013, UCLA got 5 star Priest Willis, 4 star Tahaan Goodman, Tyler Foreman, and Johnnie Johnson. The dumb Bruin fans were hyping up all of these true freshmen and claimed many would start. Mora attempted to play all of them too as true freshmen and all of them sucked. Johnson ended up injuring his should and ended up redshirting and it turned out to be career ending. Willis struggled big time as a true frosh and he ended up transferring. Had Mora redshirted a majority of this group….they would be redshirt seniors also.

          When Stanford was winning conference championships, their teams would be loaded with 5th year seniors and they are heavily contributing. UCLA treats their redshirt seniors like crap. There scholarships are often not renewed. It’s clear evidence that the coaches could never properly develop guys.

          Mora’s mindset is all wrong too. He’s too much of an NFL type head coach who is way too conservative in his approach. He doesn’t realize he is at times going up against very young players. He never knows how to attack the opposition’s true frosh and the opposition always attacks UCLA’s weak points.

          UCLA is simply a disaster. I keep trying to educate the fools like 88Straight but they never learn. Too many dumb guys over on Bruin Gold also.

      • Laker Rod

        In my opinion, not too many true freshmen are ready at all. You bring up Leonard Williams and his true frosh year but if you look at USC’s overall defense that year it was not very good and USC didn’t finish with all that great of a win loss record.

        And just so you know, UCLA/Mora didn’t win from 2012 through 2014 because he played true freshmen. UCLA/Mora won because he actually went with more of the veteran players.

        In 2012, UCLA/Mora went with redshirt senior Jonathan Franklin. Dumb BRuin fans were hyping up true frosh Paul Perkins. The WR’s were RJr Shaq Evans and RSr Jerry Johnson. Dumb UCLA fans were saying guys like Jordan Payton and Devin Fuller were going to start as true frosh over the veterans. That didn’t happen. While JP and DF played as true frosh their contributions were limited. Joe Fauria was a RSr also in 2012 and a big contributor.

        On defense, dumb Bruin fans were hyping up true frosh Ellis McCarthy claiming he would easily beat out Datone Jones RSr. I told them they were crazy. Mora of course went with Datone Jones and Mora also utilized Seali Epenesa Jr, Cassius March Jr, and Owa Odighizuwa Jr. Keenan Graham RSr was also a pass rush specialist.

        The LB’s were A. Barr Jr, Zumwalt Jr, Damien Holmes RSr, and E. Kendricks RSo. Dumb Bruin fans claimed Aaron Porter true frosh was going to start. They also claimed true frosh Jeremy Castro was going to start also. They were also hyping up Kenny Orjioke and Nate Iese as true freshmen.

        For the DBs, dumb Bruin fans were hyping up Ish Adams, Marcus Rios, Randall Goforth, and Taylor Lagace as true freshmen. In reality, what Jim Mora did was stick with Sheldon Price Sr and Aaron Hester RSr as the starting CB’s and they both did a good job in limiting USC’s Robert Woods and Marqise Lee and they also did a good job all through the season. The starting safeties were RSr Andrew Abbott and RSo Tevin McDonald. None of the true frosh defensive backs contributed heavily. The nickel back was Sr Dalton Hilliard. Anthony Jefferson RSo, Brandon Sermons RJr, and Stan McKay RJr were mainly the back ups.

        The only true frosh who started in 2012 was on the OL. Simon Goines. He ended up retiring because he was already playing on a bad knee before he was fully recovered. The O line was totally UCLA’s weakpoint from 2012 to 2014 and that’s where the most freshmen consistently played which shows how stupid the UCLA coaches really are.

    • gotroy22

      Theo looked Meslby-like on that dropped TD pass.

  • Pete Smith

    next man up

  • Old Trojans never die

    Juju didn’t practice for a couple of days had a screw in his toe and came out before the game without helmet and pads. But when the ball rang he was out of the gate like a champ.
    We shall certainly see in a few days.

  • GreenFox

    I bet he will be there. Regardless, we need the other WRs to show up. Carr is going to get a bunch of catches on Friday.

  • steveg

    USC has way to many WR’s according to a reporter on the “inside”. Perhaps, when pressed, one or two will rise to the occasion and give USC the receptions they need. Sam will need a little more pass blocking as he will need to watch routes a little closer.

  • Cloud Shaman

    Washington State overrated. Our team will be prepared because they are not taking any game for granted. This will be good opportunity to develop other receivers against a perceived strength of the Cougars.