Sam Darnold Said He Apologized For Questioning Playcalling; Clay Helton Said He Did Not

There were plenty of interesting comments after practice today as Sam Darnold said he apologized to the coaches for his post-game remarks questioning the playcalling.

“I was honestly just wrong,” Darnold said.

But then Clay Helton said Darnold did not apologize to him. “He is a wonderful person,” Helton said.

Quarterbacks coach Tyson Helton said the whole issue never came up with him. Clay Helton said maybe Darnold apologized to Tee Martin, who left the field before any reporters had a chance to speak to him.

UPDATED: Clay Helton said Sunday night that he would speak to Darnold about his comments, which caused Tuesday’s round of media questions in the first place. So it seems odd that Darnold would have only discussed it with Martin.

  • UtahTrojan

    I didn’t realize this blog turned into TMZ.


      Sports and TMZ go hand and hand these days

    • j metaphor

      You haven’t been paying attention, Did you not realize SoCal turned into Drama U (aka Clown College)?


    Why should he apologize for being truthful ?

  • Jack B

    Love this tension. It’s exactly what this team and our coaches need. Pressure is on to improve.

    All eyes are back on SC as we get ready for the next two games which will determine our direction for the season, setting us up to succeed or to meander along.

    I just wish our OL coach, Callaway, could get brought into the fray on a lightly public basis because so much needs to be fixed there.

    • j metaphor

      Just like the tension at Thanksgiving when everyone draws straws to see who has to sit next to Uncle Jacquie “NOOOOOO! I had to listen to him last year! Nooooooo waaaay!

      • Brutus Beefcake

        can you imagine the audible sighs of relief when the Ms. Jacquie announces he can’t make it for the holidays????


        • Gabby


        • Steve B.

          Hey Beefcake done any parasailing lately?
          Time to go to the Dave Meltzer blog, and stay away from here since you are a know nothing ,do nothing type of guy.

          • Brutus Beefcake

            oh no you just DINT….

        • fast fred

          Way to go Chuck!

      • Jack B

        Poor Wimp Boy. Is this the best you can do? Wah, wah, wah. Cry me a river. Hate to see you bend over like this. You’re officially on your back.

        So sad I have beaten you and Roid Beefcake into the ground so far that you have to fantasize about my Thanksgiving holiday. Seek help.

      • Gabby

        The same thing happens with wolf’s family. Just the presence of a stained soccer jersey is enough

        • Jack B

          Oh no! Don’t bring up SW’s dirty Swordsman sweatshirts. The Trolls cherish that part of his personna. Hides the fat.

          • Gabby

            According to cakes, wolf wears the soiled sweatshirts to bed. The things you put up with when you’re in love

          • Jack B

            It’s true Troll love. Look how I’ve got them all riled up here like little gutties rushing to midfield pretending they want to fight now that USC is already winning 50-0. That was when Slick Rick knew he had really lost his team. They ran out to midfield in fake outrage faster than jumping the wall to skip practice.

          • Gabby

            That’s exactly how I pictured it!

            I’m gonna call it a night….talk to you tomorrow

          • fast fred

            Obsession, obsession, obsession———get some help!

          • Pudly76

            Seriously fartin freddie your the one on our blog… get some help!

      • fast fred


  • Ted

    According to sources, Matt Fink was at panda express with his southern cal issued girlfriend about how he never questions the play calling of the great Coach Tee and coach Tyler or coach Clay…He would follow them to Western Kentucky!


    • schammer47

      Even if you got on your knees, Teddy, you can forget it. Our Sam Darnold isn’t looking over his shoulder. But if I was Sam Darnold, I would ask myself what in the Blazes is Teddy Troll doing on SW’s Trojan Blog ??.

  • Pac12 fan

    Helton is such a positive guy that he goes great lengths to avoid controversy

  • Saul Goodman

    “I was just wrong.”

    Rare when you hear anybody at any level admit that without any qualification. My respect for Darnold is even higher (even though I agree with the criticism).

  • peter

    Gosh, do we have a game this week?
    Who do we play?
    Interesting article breaking down each offensive series from OSU game on R of Troy.Writers opinion ,although Cal,WSU game play calling highly questionable. OSU was pretty good. Worth the read

  • Old Trojans never die

    If San isn’t questioning the play calling he’s one of the few in the know who isn’t.
    Tee Martin has to stop acting like the coach Henry Winkler played in the waterboy and pull out some new play. Tee please go to Denny’s and grab a menu

  • j metaphor

    Stay with this, Scott!
    SoCal has always tried to hide in the bunker until the heat goes away (see St. Pat, Dr. Druggie, Fast Max & now Andy “no comment” Enfield.) Won’t happen here with The Wolfman asking the tough questions!

    • Brutus Beefcake

      Classic SWEEEEET SCOOOOP by the WOLFMAN!!!

      the wolfman has HELL-Ton so confused, he is both confirming the story and disputing it happened… the SAME TIME!!!!

      i can hardly WAIT for you next Super Scooop, wolfman!!!


  • English 101

    New Blog Tagline — “USC beat writer for Daily News said he apologized for his daily negativity towards USC; The three subscribers to the Daily News said he did not.”

  • LamontRaymond

    Look at Scottie making news like a journo!

  • marvgoux1

    No they won’t, they looked bad wilting at home against the Indians. Notre Dame will provide the true test in South Bend.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      The only problem is Tee Martin will call a game down to the level of Utah and SC will make them look good.

  • Gabby

    Once again, wolf trying to turn a non-story into a story.

  • steveg

    They should probably hire a special counsel to look into the matter and get it straightened out, but then if we want all the answers, go to Hillary and ask her to write a book about What Happened.

    • Jack B

      They’re saying Bill and Hillary aren’t talking. He didn’t like the tone or content of her book. Hillary’s still trying to figure out if she has to return all Weinstein’s money. Funny how Hillary’s going down heavy, even in our libta*rd media.

  • RT

    This isn’t important. When a mic gets put in front of these young players they just try to say the right thing. “Them” “him” who cares? Drop this and move on to something important. You’re better than “he said she said.”

  • jeffrey morse

    Wolf, wtf , is this the National Enquirer because this post looks like it is. He said this, no he didn’t, blah blah blah then regurgutate it tomorrow in another post. Don’t be a cancer.

  • JBKayak