Deontay Burnett Held Out Of Practice

Wide receiver Deontay Burnett (shoulder, toe) was given the day off from practice. Offensive tackle Chuma Edoga (ankle) returned to practice, however.

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  • 04Trojan

    That’s some solid news on Chuma. Let Deontay rest. All good.

  • Jack B

    Glad we are now using 6-4, 205 lb frosh David Grimes. Rest experienced Burnett, if necessary, for Notre Dame. And if we need Grimes for South Bend, he can get needed experience against UTAH.

    Luckily, it appears that Tyler Vaughns is catching on just in time. All these receivers sure come in handy. Excellent recruiting by the Trojans in this area.

    I bet ND, the nation’s #3 rushing team, will be able to run on us. With our subpar running attack, it seems were gonna need Darnold and our receivers at their best to beat the Irish, who are already planning for us.

    These next two weeks of USC football are gonna be great! It’s do or die. We’ve gotta win them both and if want to still be aiming for anything big at the end.

    So glad Darnold cleared the air publicly about the play-calling. It’s all still out there for us Trojans and Big Sam is leading the way for USC to step up to the plate (it is Oct!) and show everyone we deserved some of those pre-season accolades everyone was showering on us.

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      If only Pendergast was in a similar situation earlier in the season where a team like, say…WMich was a 90% run team with little or no threat of passing (having a QB who has never played, throwing to an entirely new group of WRs under a new Head Coach in his very first game and a new OC with a new scheme). Then he could have tried a few things like stacking the box and forcing the pass!

      Then again, we can play the nickel and that can keep the game close IF our offense is clicking.

    • Cloud Shaman

      It is more important to win against Utah so we have a shot at the PAC 12 South Champion, then on to the PAC 12 Championship.

  • 04Trojan

    Did you stalk, err, sorry, TRACK down Tee after practice today, Flow?

  • JustOwns

    Hey when is bozo u basketball media day? I’ll bet that going to be a circus.

    Question: Hey Andy have you lawyer up? If not, will you?

    Question: Have you been subpoenaed in the federal investigation?

    Question: Is it true Andy you didn’t know squat?

    • Peaceful Warrior

      How long did Lavar talk and what are his plans for the team?

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    So, SC finally has a real practice? where the 1st team offense and defense went against each other , to actually prepare for an opponent? PTL…