Tee Martin’s Low Profile

USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin’s kept a low profile in recent days. He left the Coliseum without speaking to reporters after the Oregon State game. He was requested by a reporter after Tuesday’s practice but did not stick around after talking to a university employee. Usually, Martin holds court with the media after Tuesday’s practice.

If he doesn’t want to speak that is his right. But the sudden change demonstrates things seem a little stressful inside the McKay Center and I know Martin is stung by criticism over the playcalling. Especially when he is not the sole playcaller.

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  • Yale O. Leftwich

    It is one thing to report on issues, it is another to enjoy stirring things to create something not there.

    • Gabby

      Exactly…….Fake news

    • peter

      It’s fire season. Santa Anna.Indians called them crazy winds.Seems a crazy one is looking for a fire in McKay center.
      Football team realizes the critical point in season. Need to make adjustments. Utah is a big test for OL and offense. Coaches know that.

    • Sebastian Lane

      Exactly. Looking for stupid stuff to write about via conjecture. Leave the sleuthing to the detectives and do your damn job…

  • Michael Guarino

    There MAY be something going on. I’m sure there are plenty of possible explanations for why Tee hasn’t been available a couple of times to reporters—-but what I find very interesting is the fact RUNNING BACKS COACH, Deland McCullough, let it slip in his interview on the Ripsit Blog HE’S been working with the RECEIVERS to toughen them up. Is it possible that Tee, on the one hand, is acting like juggling so many balls is too much for one man —-and, on the other, has his feelings hurt that some of his duties are being delegated?

    • 04Trojan

      I heard that the complete other way around when watching that interview. It sounded to me like some of the receivers were interested and went through a couple of his drills with his “punch stick during a break period.”

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      With all of the concerns about various other coaches, McCollough and his unique ball security techniques seem to be very effective and he looks like a great hire.

    • Pudly76

      I’ve always thought women were better suited to ball juggling, that’s just me, not that there’s anything wrong with it..

      • Michael Guarino


    • steveg

      His feelings being hurt is not a big deal. The team and where it is should be the big deal and it is why he has a job. I think if Martin wants to be called the OC, then he needs to be able to take the heat that comes with the title. Why can’t a coach at the college level admit they may have screwed up some, learn from it and move on.

  • MB

    Great reporting Scott.

  • Trojans 6942

    Maybe he had to pick up he’s kids. Maybe he had pick up a birthday cake. No because he wasn’t available to the pompous queens of sports there must be issues. Go home and look at your journalism degree and realize you cover sports but it doesn’t mean you know jack about it.

    • Gabby

      In wolf’s orbit, a low football IQ qualifies you as a expert on USC football

      • Trojans 6942

        I’m about done on this blog. It’s getting hard and frustrating to continue with a pompous a**. Who seems to hate himself must less USC. You can’t be as negative a person as he is and say he loves life. Know doubt he has issues, 20 something years at subpar company and a subpar environment can make anyone depressed. I’m depressed for him.

        • Bernie

          Then don’t read his column. Stop posting here. It is hypocritical.

          • Trojans 6942

            I think that was a direct reply to gabby but u just sealed the deal Bernice

          • Gabby

            According to a source, Bernice is one of wolf’s cronies

          • steveg

            A lot of us go through wanting to leave, Wolf never changes and his stuff gets old, but we put up with it because there is a lot of good stuff on here from other posters. You are excluded.

          • Gabby

            Since when, was agreeing with wolf a prerequisite to post here.
            Young grasshopper you have lot to learn.

            If you are a USC fan, FIGHT ON!

  • Pete Smith

    Do not care about past play calling its done. care about play calling on Saturday. Fix or make it better and the past will go away. MAN UP STEP UP FIGHT ON

    • peter

      Against Wsu,what 4 receivers ?
      OSU 13 receivers .We took positive steps. We had 4 possessions interpreted by miscue.
      Reflecting not sure play calling was a big issue OSU.
      Think they are Manning up.
      Saturday we will see if they get physical

  • Golden Trojan

    Ask Tee how that interview went with Oregon State.

    • Jack B

      One could could only dream. Nobody wants Tee to be their HC. Not happening. We’re stuck with a very good recruiter who’s a very average coach. Ed O was like this, except he was a better DL coach and we’ve seen how he worked out as a HC.

      • steveg


  • michael elliott

    Scott!! Just back off, you are creating this drama.

  • j metaphor

    I think Martin has lack of institutional control.

  • rusoviet

    Joel Klatt was on PMS 30 minutes ago and made note that USC is under a lot of pressure and doesn’t see any lessening of leakage (3rd party cut outs or, in Darnold’s place, his ‘manning up’ and being recorded expressing displeasure). Yes the squad wasn’t as strong as last year but they were and are a lot stronger than anyone else they.

    He also wasn’t confident on Darnold staying based on his (Darnold’s) remarks made about the state of the coaching staff’s selection of offensive plays. Klapp was very blunt on how other teams see USC since the Western MI game – they are predictable as Darnold noted.

    I’d say – Helton has no more losses prior to CCG or he’s on very very thin ice regardless of his (2018) 3rd year hard contract.

    I’ll say this for Gary Andersen he offered to drop the $12 million owed because he was the one who hire the staff for the OR St. Beavers.

  • marvienna

    Man, I thought SEC players were tough folks who can handle the big stage. And this guy QB’d a national title team?

    If he can’t take this legitimate heat, then he might not make it as a D1 HC. Certainly not at a big time program where the heat and criticism can be just as hot as USC and Los Angeles.

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      T Bone is a Kiffin Suck like fraud … nothing more

    • steveg

      Can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen. If it all goes great Martin is there to take the bow, but when it is bad, he gone.

    • Fred Sampson

      Unfortunately for Tee Martin, he was groomed under the same umbrella as Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton, and all of them have the same philosophy of building a team from the outside in, load up on skilled players, and bombs away. And that, and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee, not a National championship.

      • marvienna

        Completely spot on.

        I’ve always despised the Lane/Sark/Tee offensive philosophy with it’s bubble screens and finesse offense. Clay can talk about being a tough Stanford style pounding team but this offense is just not made to be like that.

        I believe Sark wanted to make the O more Oregon Ducks like with more tempo and speed. It also explains the idiotic guy on our sidelines holding up the picture signs the way Oregon does. But it just hasn’t turned out that way.

        Get rid of this tempo style and Helton will have a chance. As for Tee, I believe he will move on after the season.

        • Fred Sampson


  • Pac12 fan

    Tee Martin is mentioned as a Tennessee head coach . Maybe hes lost interst in USC?

    • Fred Sampson

      Tee Martin is delusional if he thinks Tennessee’s going to hire him as their next head coach, because the only thing he’s proven, is that he’s a great recruiter

  • Fred Sampson

    Tee Martin, Steve Sarkisian, Lane Kiffin, and Clay Helton are all pass happy fools, who were groomed under the same umbrella , and have never displayed physical football, attitudes … NEVER!

  • English 101

    Maybe Tee noticed that you were one of the members of the media court and, as the saying goes: “one bad apple spoils it for the whole bunch”.

  • David Keeling

    No one is saying Tee Martin is a bad guy or a bad coach & recruiter. But when a running play doesn’t work after running it a number of times, you don’t keep calling that play like the defense is going to be fooled, especially when you are in the red zone and need to score. It is obvious the O-line cannot be depended on to open holes for the RBs. What the h*** is the coaching staff seeing?