8 thoughts on “Tirebiter Podcast Time!

  1. I guess Scott “Eeyore” Wolf talked to Red Sox management, got John Farrell fired, 5 years, win the div 2yrs in a row, win the World Series in 13, he’s as lousy as Helton.

  2. Well neither is Ohio St, Michigan or Oklahoma. It’s hard to to win then when PC was coaching. Lousy Podcast.

  3. The team lost Smith-Schuster, Rogers, Jackson, Banner, Wheeler, Mama, McQuay, Justin Davis, Stevie T., Whitmey, McNamara, and Capt. Inside LB from Crenshaw High ( name escapes me ). That is a lot of talent and experience. Over abundance of injuries especially Porter Gustin, Jordan Iosefa, Steven Mitchell, Daniel Imatorhebebe, Marlon Tu….., Toa L. for WSU game , now Viane T. It has to be a factor in cohesiveness, and production. Pre – Season Rankings were too good to the Trojans based upon the Rose Bowl dramatic finish.

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