Will Utah QB Tyler Huntley Play?

Utah’s regular quarterback, Tyler Huntley, is “a big maybe” Saturday, Coach Kyle Whittingham said on ESPN.

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  • Old Trojans never die

    Why is Tyler Huntley playing a Utah quarterback? Should this read Which Utah QB? Will Tyler Huntley Play?
    I am betting he will and this big maybe is just a ruse and excuse.

  • 04Trojan

    Who cares? It’s the offense that needs to be clicking in order to give us a chance to win. Defense has been pretty solid.

  • LamontRaymond

    Of course he’s playing. They have no shot without him.

    • Globehead

      Didn’t Troy Williams kill us last year?



  • Gabby

    According to a utah fan……Tyler is fine…I saw him chasing parked cars this morning

    • Pudly76

      Did he catch any?

      • Michael Guarino

        Yes. Video is on YouTube.

    • Golden Trojan

      That was Tire(biter), not Tyler, chasing the cars.


    Both Utah QB’s are awful, but both can run and SC has never been great about stopping a running QB.

    Utah 27
    SC 24

    • Paul Muad’dib

      The Refs, Announcers, and even USC will do everything in their power to stop USC, but in the end the Trojans break away 38-28 and Utah’s season goes down the drain…

    • Pete Smith

      I agree with the spot about the running Qbs and Sc defense we will have our hands full and will need the offense to play well to get the win

      • Michael Guarino

        We SHOULD be able to stop Utah’s offense. Something is really wrong, Pete, if we can’t. They aren’t that good.

        • Pete Smith

          They did give Stanford some trouble for a while in the start of their game to a little better than half way through. After that Stanford wore them down with the big bodies. Stanford is a better team than when we played them. and we do not have that physical a line on offense as when we played Stanford.

          • Michael Guarino

            I hear you, Pete. I just think we should be able to handle them —–we did a pretty good job of containing Texas and Texas has way better athletes than Utah. Actually, I’ll be surprised (and p*ssed) if we lose this game.

  • Pete Smith

    Plan on it, practice for it, scheme for it and have a plan B ready to go

    • Michael Guarino

      Don’t you just love the way we never get a straight answer from an opposing coach as to who’s gonna play (when WE know THEY know)? Contrast that to Helton who blabs all week about who’s out and who’s in.