What did expect him to say ” He!! yes I knew, I was behind the whole thing ! “

    • JustOwns

      Knowing of and not reporting it is real close to planning and active participation.

      • marvgoux1

        In see wjhat you mean, Just Owns. It’s like Hillary Clinton knowing her husband was a sick predator and yet she was actively participating in attacking his victims with George Stephanopoulos in the Bimbo Eruption Squad.

        • JustOwns

          No you half wit. It more like Slapsy Maxie ignoring DOZENS of s*xual hasrassmen complains on bozo u VP David Carrera colleagues, because he was a superior fundraiser.

          That’s why the cows in at the Bakersfield dairy tolerate you…..you scratch an inch.

          • gotroy22

            Speaking of harrassment:

            UCLA students gathered on the Westwood campus last year to protest the university’s handling of sexual harassment complaints made against Muslim History Professor Gabriel Piterberg. He returned to teaching this week, drawing more protests.

            Los Angeles Times)

            by Teresa Watanabe

            A UCLA professor who has been accused of harassment returned to teaching this week, publicly shamed and professionally damaged.

            History professor Gabriel Piterberg never admitted any wrongdoing in cases involving two former graduate students. But he agreed in a 2014 settlement with UCLA to pay a $3,000 fine, accept a one-quarter suspension without pay, be removed as head of the university’s Center for Near East Studies and attend harassment training. UCLA also imposed restrictions on his behavior, including a three-year ban on closed-door meetings with individual students.

    • j metaphor

      No, it would be more likely for him to say “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit !
      That’s the SoCal way.
      OR he could just say nothing and roll into the cone of silence bunker with St. Pat, Carmen Puliafito & Dr. Varma.
      Must be getting pretty crowded in there.

  • Jack B

    Wow. Brutal. At least the right questions were asked.

    I always liked Enfield. How all of this Bland shenanigans, which go right to the core of recruiting and the team, goes on without him even suspecting puts him in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Hot seat city!

    Will be very interesting to see where this all leads, especially now that the P12 has launched an investigation.

  • Bernie

    You can really tell the pressure he is under. If he plays the two players mentioned in the affidavit this season it will be the downfall of his program for sometime to come.

    • Jack B

      Actually, the coach under a lot of pressure around here is The Chimp, your little gutty HC Jim Mora, aka Mr. Big Buy-Out. Your putrid bruin D has made Rosen a prisoner on another bad bruin team with not even one single AP or Coaches vote in the polls.

      You bruins gonna make a bowl this year? Everyone knows if you do, with or without a special ucla on-its-knees petition, it’ll be a crap bowl that nobody cares about.

      So what’s going on with ucla football? It’s the L.A. team everyone just ignores. How about that little gutty.

      • Michael Guarino

        I’m glad that there isn’t a video format for Inside USC —-cuz we’d all have to watch Bernie reading your response, getting to about the second sentence, and then lowering his or her head and weeping uncontollably…..

        • Jack B

          Bernie’s just another common Troll who posts a little less than the other bruin morons. They never have diddly to say about ucla. What are they gonna say? We’re not only unranked, but voteless. If they lose to ARIZ on Saturday, the wheels will officially be off. Should be a shoot out. Go Wildcats!

      • j metaphor

        Deflection again?
        I don’t know how many times I have to go over the fact that changing the subject may make the question go away but doesn’t make the problem go away.
        When you get pulled over for a lane change do you tell the officer how many others are doing it?
        When you fall asleep drooling at your computer and your Mom yells at you do you blame the dog?
        I’m afraid you just aren’t making much progress despite my efforts. Now, back to basketball: Andy is toast and he knows it.

        • Jack B

          Where’s the deflection Wimp Boy. USC has a fantastic football program and has ruled the west for 100 years.

          ucla stinks as always and is lining up for another woodshed treatment from USC in Nov. You don’t even have the guts to predict a little gutty victory. Remember when you tried that with STAN and you went on to lose 10 in a row? Hah. There’s some deflection for you Wimp Boy.

          Now line up and bend over like a good little gutty football fan. Your beating is coming.

          • j metaphor

            So sad that you don’t see the article is about SoCal basketball (and of course another scandal) yet you are apparently unable to cope with reality and flip the subject to UCLA football.
            To recover you first must admit with you have a problem.
            I know you’ve had to deal with disappointment not having a Heisman trophy winner lead you to the National Championship (with your best team in a decade) but with your denial, failure to deal with reality and dependence upon SoCal football to substitute for the lack of accomplishment in your own life, I’m afraid of what will happen when Utah beats SoCal this weekend.
            I just want you to know I won’t give up trying to help.

          • Jack B

            I couldn’t care less about basketball Wimp Boy. Boring sport suited for irregularly tall people. Yuk.

            USC’s a football school. Always has been. Always will be. That’s why we usually beat ucla’s head in. And that’s one reason ucla stinks in football. USC owns L.A. in that sport and always has. There’s no room for you.

            You can have basketball. In fact, that’s what you bruins are, a basketball school, even though it’s been years since you’ve been even close to being champions. If USC loses Enfield, so what? USC doesn’t support basketball strongly and never has. It’s just an afterthought.

            That’s the reality Wimp Boy. Deal with it. At USC, we care about football. Everyone knows college basketball is a shambles, only interesting during a measly 3 weeks in March. All the best players just show up for a semester and take off.

            In the meantime, college football is King and USC rules out west with more conference and national championships by far than any other Pac school.

            Sorry you’re so crappy in football and are overlooked every year by the big bowls. That Cheatin’ Wooden is all you’ve got, along with his old hobbit office still on campus with his slippers and dentures.

            Too bad your horrible football tradition and current team bothers you so much. I’m not sad for you in the least though Wimp Boy. I just think it’s hilarious! Hah, hah, hah. Go little gutties! See if you can make a bowl this year…

      • Peaceful Warrior

        Let’s not forget they have Lavar running their program. Pudgy Ball will have to start and I’m sure that will go great!


    Andy will be just fine! He answered the tough questions well. He will play everyone because he can! No hot seat here!

    • Jack B

      I wouldn’t say he answered anything. He basically just said he can’t comment and that everyone associated with the program is doing the best they can.

      I wouldn’t expect anything else, but I sure didn’t get the sense from Andy that he doesn’t have a lot to worry about. If he truly was clueless about everything, he still looks pretty bad and weak. If he knew anything, he’s downright cooked.

      Either way, it’s too bad for USC basketball and we don’t even know yet if Bland has begun to talk to save his own skin. I suspect things will get hot as we approach Bland’s preliminary hearing in November, unless the Feds just go ahead and indict him.

      Your a strong poster here, but I just felt a lot more heat coming from Andy’s seat than you did. He’s a pretty cool customer usually. I’ve never seen him look so uneasy. I don’t blame him though. Only he knows.

      • Pac12 fan

        All good points! None of these coaches can probably say much . Uncharted waters with the Feds involved. Read article today that at seasons end may be as many as 40 or 50 head and asst coaches gone from this probe

  • 04Trojan

    Andy went a helluva lot farther than I ever thought he would on that topic with live bullets. Good for him. It was Flow’s dad up there that was trying to hammer him, and that old dude should’ve known “I can’t comment on that” was coming. Moron.

  • JustOwns

    An innocent Andyain’twinning needn’t be cautious. Why hide behind a yes or no situation with no comment when a firm answer of innocence, with zero eye futter, might eradicate the stench Enfield’s guilt.

  • Our Andy did not look too comfortable there.
    Of course, if one’s future is on the line, then there should be some sweat.

    • JustOwns

      Walnut, not if Andyain’twinning is innocent.

  • trojanforever

    If they had wanted Andy, they would have arrested Tony in secret, flipped him and recorded incriminating conversations between the two. Otherwise, probably just he said he said at this point.

    • gotroy22

      Then why did the do the same thing to the Arizona and Louisville assistants?

  • JustOwns

    The reason Andyain’twinning is still around is bozo u doesn’t want to appear to make a kneejerk decision. However, the longer bozo u tolerates Enfield as HC, the longer the the Federal Investigation will fester and tar and feather bozo u’s shakey basketball program.

  • j metaphor

    Wow, I’ll bet Andy has been looking forward to Media Day!
    “Other than the FBI arrest of one of your staff and the inevitable investigation of you, Coach, how do you think your team will be without the two soon-to-be disqualified players?”

  • Brutus Beefcake

    SC coach answering questions about crimes, bribes and investigations…..it feels so RIGHT!!!