USC Morning Buzz: Latest National Title And Heisman Odds

USC’s title odds have dropped from 16/1 to 28/1 according to Bovada. Sam Darnold’s Heisman odds are now 40/1. Full odds after the jump:

                                10/9/17             Current Odds (10/16/17)

Alabama                       5/4                    10/11

Ohio State                    15/2                  5/1

Clemson                       15/4                  9/1

Georgia                        18/1                  10/1

Penn State                    10/1                  10/1

Wisconsin                     20/1                  20/1

Oklahoma                     25/1                  25/1

Oklahoma State            25/1                  25/1

Miami Florida                33/1                  28/1

TCU                              40/1                  28/1

USC                             16/1                  28/1

Michigan                       33/1                  33/1

NC State                       75/1                  33/1

Notre Dame                  50/1                  33/1

Washington                   18/1                  40/1

Auburn                          33/1                  75/1

Central Florida               150/1                100/1

Michigan State              Off the Board    100/1

South Florida                150/1                100/1

LSU                              200/1                200/1

Virginia Tech                 200/1                200/1

Stanford                       300/1                300/1

Washington State          50/1                  300/1

Texas                           200/1                1000/1

San Diego State            150/1                Off the Board

Heisman Odds

                                                                10/9/17             Current Odds (10/16/17)

Saquon Barkley (RB Penn State)                        5/4                    7/5

Bryce Love (RB Stanford)                                  4/1                    7/5

Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma)                          13/4                  11/2

JT Barrett (QB Ohio State)                                 28/1                  9/1

Mason Rudolph (QB Oklahoma State)                8/1                    9/1

Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville)                           16/1                  18/1

Sam Darnold (QB USC)                                     25/1                  40/1

Jake Browning (QB Washington)                        40/1                  50/1

Jalen Hurts (QB Alabama)                                  40/1                  50/1

Luke Falk (QB Washington State)                       28/1                  66/1

Quinton Flowers (QB South Florida)                   66/1                  75/1

Rashad Penny (RB San Diego State)                  66/1                  75/1

Nick Chubb (RB Georgia)                                   75/1                  75/1

J.K. Dobbins (RB Ohio State)                            75/1                  75/1

Trace McSorley (QB Penn State)                        75/1                  100/1

Kerryyon Johnson (RB Auburn)                          Off the Board    150/1

Josh Rosen (QB UCLA)                                     75/1                  Off the Board







69 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Latest National Title And Heisman Odds

      • With Oregon, Washington and Utah up next. Can you say 3-6. They might beat ASU to finish 4-8

          • Ha! [You know what you read on the Student Store front wall when you enter the Bruin Campus from the Westwood Boulevard side? “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”].

          • Owns and the little gutties are looking for another shoe to drop on us.. Im looking forward to the end of this week.. Next drop of FBI info and well.. ruin nation.. Will not come out pretty.

          • Real talk!

            Rosen’s stats 3-3 17TDs 8 Ints 2345 yards .. 149.1 rating.. Declining

            Darnold’s stats 6-1 15TDs 9 Ints 2100 yards 142.2 rating… Improving

            Sam is better.. Sam is also 16-2 as a starter goopster …

    • Here is a little fun fact: After Hundley’s(ex ruin QB) awful performance yesterday, he is now averaging an INT for every 10 pass attempts for this career

      ……..Wait, one more stat, completion percentage at 47%. He’s making Barkley look like a All-Pro

      Owns, put that in your pipe and smoke it

      • Hundley face-planted in his first opportunity like few back-up NFL QBs ever have. It’s just another example of the disaster bruin football culture, both in the college and NFL arenas.

          • If the NFL is looking for a way to bring back advertisers and fill the stands, they should think seriously about announcing a 10 year ban on Bruins coming into the league.

  1. The odds on ANYONE —not just USC— except Alabama, Ohio State or Georgia winning the NC are going down.
    On a happier note —the reason Rosen was seen on the bench looking off into the sky and crying on Saturday was that he was looking into his own future Heisman odds—-OFF THE BOARD.

    • …..and I thought his dad had texted a message reminding him tennis practice starts on Monday

          • That’s a close call. [But at least the Bruins aren’t getting criticized by drama queen Anthony Bourdain].

          • Never heard that, Alv. If true, it makes him even more of a hypocritical piece of crap.

          • He conceals it in what the ‘white-left’ uses as their ‘reason’ – instead of stating his actual dislike he says he’s ‘Anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian’.

          • He actually sez that? Doesn’t even, at least, try to say he has sympathy for both sides?

          • No my point is what the new anti-semites do to conceal their real hate by wrapping it in the illegality of the State of Israel.

      • Mora coached QB wins the Heisman….LOL.

        Did you notice 22k, the Moron Campaign received subpoena regarding Summer Zervos’ Moron se*ual misconduct allegations. I’m sure F**k News will jump right on the story. The Moron could have easily graduated from bozo u with a pervert degree.

        • BJ Clinton received a subpoena? He’s the only moron s$x pervert who was elected president by you morons. We need to find out how many minors he groped at Pedo Isle.

          Your hero Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told a military judge on Monday that he’s pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. You must be proud.

          • Attorneys for Summer Zervos have served the Moron’s (aka Donnie Boy) campaign organization with a Subpoena. The subpoena demands all documents from the Moron’s election campaign for President concerning the Moron subjecting any woman to unwanted se*ual touching and/or se*uallly inappropriate behavior.

            The subpoena specifically named at least ten(10) women and requested all documentation for them and any women alleging that the Moron touched her inappropriately.

            This lawsuit will not go away 22, Attorneys for the Moron have twice failed to have the judge dismiss Ms Zervos’ lawsuit.

            Donny “I’m a star” Pervert: “Here pu88y, pu88y.”

  2. Which day will sw post the Bush push picture where he can be seen on the sidelines close to Pete Carroll?

  3. Not sure we can take ASU game lightly. They looked athletic and quick the other night against UW. The fact they had two weeks to prepare didnt hurt either

    • Listen ucla Troll.

      You’re no Trojan so quit the pretend act. Just because your ucla little gutties stink as always is no reason to bandwagon with us Trojans.

      You’re just a lame little gutty. I won’t be letting you forget it either.

      • Who can take any games lightly, ever? Nobody, that’s who. That’s the oldest maxim in the sport per McKay, Bryant, Holtz, name any big coach you can think of. You don’t take every opponent seriously, you lose. Why single out ASU? USC, the Win Ugly Bunch, could lose any game it plays. Take any team lightly and it’s a guaranteed possibility.

      • Actually based on UCLAs rush defense it might be. The easiest game left on the schedule.

        • Ya, I’m sure we’ll beat you little gutties if we take you lightly. Where do you come up with this crap?

        • I agree it looks like UCLA’s season is circling the drain.
          How bad do you think they are?

          • You got that right! That contract might mean they are stuck with him though.
            Amazing how the opinion in Westwood has soured on Jim. It seems like just yesterday they were worried about losing him to the NFL.
            As a fan of the conference, this must be fascinating to you, right?

  4. This USC/ND affair between two high-ranked teams is shaping up as one of the best rivalry matches in several years. Lots of angles to consider and questions to be answered. Super Big Game and along with MICH/PSU, probably the most interesting in the U.S.

    If USC wins, we literally could get to the PO. We lose, we’re officially out. Same with ND. Both teams are doing well but with backs hard against the wall – and we all know Kelly’s phenomenal win record following a bye week (8-1).

    The USC/ND hype is just starting to build and you can really feel it. It’s only Monday of USC’s biggest and most important rivalry week of the year.

    The little gutties are small potatoes compared to this because there is nothing better in the reg season than beating Notre Dame when they are good, especially in South Bend!

    • Frankly, partly for Sam’s sake and partly because it’s true, I hope the coaches make a point of letting the team in on a little secret—-this game shouldn’t be any tougher than Texas or Stanford or Utah. The team is named Notre Dame —and it’s in South Bend—-but we need to get past that. Notre Dame doesn’t have a d-line that is anywhere near as good as Texas or Utah. And their defensive backs are ripe for the taking. We just need to keep our heads screwed on right for this one and we’ll be fine.

      • I regard Notre Dame much more highly than you do. They have true USC-type athletic ability across the board and USC is one of the nation’s most inconsistent teams.

        Plus ND’s OL is significantly better than ours. I don’t think that’s remotely disputable.

        • It will come down to the last position .. Some ND followers see a blow out for them.. It could, but I see it within 7 either way.. Sam will be at his best.. Focused … The remaining schedule doesnt matter.. We can win out!

          • I think the Vegas line on the game is accurate. I predict a barnburner, back-and-forth type deal. When the Irish are good, and this team is, their home field advantage is pretty significant. But if Darnold’s hot and not sloppy, I like us. I think they’ll run on us. I think we’ll pass on them.

            Too close to call, but I think it will end up a bad heartbreaker for one of us, like both our TEXAS and UTAH games, which could have gone either way.

        • I think their whole offense works better than ours [but I wouldn’t trade our players for theirs]. Their D-line and corners are a whole different story —if our o-line is the least bit motivated, they can give Sam the time to kill Notre Dame’s defenders.

          • We have one of the worst corners in the Pac12 – Grabby Marshall.

            I don’t see how we have any edge there as teams often pass us silly. UTAH did it yet again at game’s end to almost win on Saturday and if their QB had been looking to pass instead of win, we would have lost another heartbreaker to the Utes.

          • I agree with your assessment of Marshall —-as you know. Here’s where we disagree —-I know we’re named USC and they’re named Notre Dame —-and there’s a tradition that runs deep and rich —but from a coaching standpoint, I want our players to go into this like, say, Georgia did —thinking here’s another good team on our schedule we need to beat. I don’t want this game to get too big for Sam or the team. In terms of difficulty, there’s no difference between this game and playing Washington or Penn State. It’s not like we’re playing Alabama.

          • Ya, we’ll have to part ways there.

            I guarantee you, Marv Goux and John McKay never treated ND as just another game and I heard Goux talk about the game on two special occasions. He was almost in tears once. Lou Holtz used to make his players take a written test about USC during game week and he beat us every year for over a decade.

            USC/ND is special and different. The players on both teams are too good to ever be in awe of the other. Obviously, that never happens. All-stars everywhere. But ND is not just another team. And we are not just another team to them either. Ask Lou Holtz. Ask John Robinson. Ask Adrian Young. Ask Joe Theismann.

            I want USC to go into this game knowing they came to USC for games like this, on the biggest of stages, where the best players make the big plays that are stamped in our minds forever. That’s for preparation and getting ready. Once the ball’s kicked off, they’re just a team we’ve got to beat, one on one at every position. But from now until Saturday morning, they’re the Irish, our greatest intersectional opponent since the days of Rockne.

            I’m undoubtedly affected by the fact that a couple of my friends’ dads actually played for Howard Jones. I grew up with USC vs ND stories from these guys when I was 12-13 years old and in awe. ND is special and when you go back there, you can feel it.

            ND may not be ALA, but sometimes they play like it when we are their opponent and vice versa. This is what makes college so much better than the NFL. USC vs ND. I choose to elevate them. It’s a childhood thing reinforced by those Goux speeches I heard when I was 19-20.

          • It’s the old Pete Carroll vs John McKay thing. After he lost to Notre Dame his first year trying to replicate the McKay era “Big Game” approach, Pete swore he would never treat the game as anything but “next up” again. Since both coaches had phenomenal success against the Irish, it’s a “pick ’em” situation.

      • But Texas and Stanford and Utah were played in the friendly confines of the LA Coliseum.

        • You know, gt, that thought occurred to me last night.

  5. Poor Honker Rosen is officially off the board at half-season after his most recent Tombstone dumpfest in Arizona.

    Trolls are silent for now but soon to return when they begin getting all riled up again about USC stealing the show in both L.A. and nationwide during ND Rivalry Week – the big one.

    It’s gonna be a great week. Fight On! Beat the Irish!

    • There’s going off the board—and going off the board. To go off the board after a game against Arizona is, well, just not done in a civilized society.

      • Rosen looked so bad. Mora looked like he could see his coaching life flash before him. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of losers.

        • Do you ever wonder why that Great Moralist, Owns, doesn’t ever get vexed over the perpetual cheap shots executed by Bruin players coached by Mora? Hitting players after the whistle, hitting players in the end zone after they’ve scored, hitting players well after they’ve gone out of bounds, hitting quarterbacks in the knees after they’ve let the ball go? You wonder why a moral genius isn’t disturbed by this never ending pattern of play. I guess he sees it as a “string of unfortunate coincidences” (the official bruin line).

          • I don’t ever wonder about Just Squats any more. I don’t usually read his posts. He’s just too bizarre and tweaked. ucla’s a swamp under Mora. Amazing how far down they have sunk.

          • It is amazing. ucla’s always loaded and always underachieves, dramatically lately.

            It’s their deeply embedded loser football culture, which is always reinforced by USCs #1 in L.A. position. Mora did his best to change it, but once Hundley left, ucla slid back down into their over-the-wall mentality,

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