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  1. At first I thought that Utah was faking the 2 point conversion in order
    to get USC to burn its last timeout – with less than a minute left, not
    having any timeouts would have made overtime a near certainty. I was surprised that after the timeout, Utah still decided to go for

  2. Hey wolf, here’s how it works. If you have questions, go to the leader and get answers. Your ratio is 100 to 1, for every 100 questions you come up with, only one comes back with a legitimate answer. ……but yet, you complain about the coaching staff not being able to get the job done…….hypocrite

    • Bam! A right cross to Wolf followed by an upper cut. Grimes is the new David Sills

    • UW loses their left tackle and the world comes to an end and they get whipped by ASU, and pedersen says how tough it is to lose a lineman and how this will affect them going forward.
      But we lose three scott acts like it’s no big deal. I guess when you’re driven by agenda, you bend and twist reality to suit yourself.

      • Do you think Washington recruits the same quality players and has the same depth that USC has? Most of the Pac 12 crumbles after the sixth game when they begin losing key starters. USC just reloads.

        • No I don’t know, usually I’d say clearly no they don’t. But the level of rs seniors, seniors and rs juniors they are clearly or should be ahead of us due to the sanctions still. And their #1’s are not far off.
          My main point was they lost one, and we lost three.

  3. Here is a little fun fact: After Hundley’s(ex ruin QB) awful performance yesterday, he is now averaging an INT for every 10 pass attempts for this career

    ……..Wait, one more stat, completion percentage at 47%. He’s making Barkley look like a All-Pro

  4. Slow day Whining Wolfie. Timeouts and Grimes redshirt surely put a huge damper on a gutsy win.

  5. I would say SC used their timeouts perfectly. The first two set up toudchdowns and the last one enabled the defense to set up and stopped the two point conversion.. You don’t get any extra points for saving them.

    • Not exactly. One of the timeouts was used because we had 12 or 13 players on the field.

    • I believe the last one on the two point conversion might have been a little strategy by Kyle Willingham.

      Knowing that the other team has one last timeout, some coaches will often line up to go for two so that the other team will use the last T.O. to set their D. Then when the players come back out, the team kicks the extra point instead. It’s a bit of a head fake so the other team (which would have been USC) doesn’t have any T.O.’s when driving down the field for a game winning FG.

      I thought that’s what Willingham was doing. But he surprised me, and everyone else, by just going for the win right there.

      • Yes most people were surprised he had that little confidence of his team successfully competing in OT.

    • Except the 2 offensive plays after Gomer’s beloved TOs (Gomer loves calling time out) lost yardage.

      • That is not true. The after the first timeout, SC was on the 28 and Darnold completed a pass to Mitchell. The second timeout was before the 17 yard completion to Petite for the TD.

    • You might have needed them if the Utah QB had noticed the uncovered receiver waving his hands in the back of the end zone on the two point conversion.

  6. You’d think you’d have sources in the program after all these years…. You’d think someone in the organization would answer your questions. As the chief of staff said last week: time to cultivate better sources.

  7. Here’s A better question, even for the Helton haters. Who is better WR their profession Scott Wolf or Clay Helton?

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