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  1. You can easily tell from the tone, the time spent and the number of words per answer that Coach Helton thinks of Scott as more than a reporter—-one might say, more like a brother.

      • Apparently Coach Helton saw the Larry David Show about the restaurant owner who wouldn’t answer questions about what was causing the delays in the kitchen.

  2. Well, now we know Tee Martin isn’t the only one calling plays, and I never thought for a minute that he was . Lots of head coaches intervene on their offensive coordinators play calling, but why is Tyson Helton calling plays, too ?

      • No, Alv. There literally could never be anything in the material universe that could be compared to Brennan Carroll…..

        • When Pete hired his son and officially named him recruiting coord, the wheels started to come off. Brennan’s lived off his dad’s rep and it continues to pay off for him.

          • He knew his son was going nowhere without his support and continual boosting. Pretty common behavior among successful men who want to make sure their kids aren’t left behind. Blood’s pretty thick.

          • Yep. It’s understandable. Who else would hire Brennan? But, wow, as soon Brennan got seriously involved in recruiting at USC, Papa Pete’s days were numbered…..

          • Brennan Carroll wasn’t that bad. Recruiting Coordinator was just his title. Set up the flights, helicopters, make sure Pete meets all the 5Star and out of state kids AKA “1st Round Draft Picks” to quote PC. But that’s it. Pete got cocky. Plain and simple in his recruiting. He recruited too many RB’s at one time we had like 8 4star/5star at one point. He put all his money on Manti Te’o, and we had to settle on Hayes Pullard at MLB because PC didn’t recruit anyone else. Vontaz Burfict burned him or wasn’t gonna qualify, either way Pete should have known that a lot sooner. Allen Bradford was a 5-Star RB/LB yet he kept him at RB when we needed LBs. He got bored and lazy. He was a great recruiter, but he made a lot of mistakes at the end
            Look at his 2009 class. Only a few of those players even played the rest flopped and burned out. Pete OK’d everyone of them. Being the son of Pete Carroll, I’m sure he had a high football I.Q.
            Maybe not because hes gonna stand by his son. In my opinion Pete dropped the ball with some of his classes and players.

          • Thanks, Sam. You make a good case.[Brennan Carroll has a first rate defender in you].

          • And that makes me happy, but let’s be honest…Pullard was a good, smart, ball player but in games where we needed our LB’s to be impactful he was nowhere to be found. The 2012 Oregon game he wasn’t near any plays, running away from contact and for a game where the Oregon RBs ran all over us he didn’t make a single tackle that I remember. He was solid, but I just think an SC LB has to be in the thick in that kind of game. I remember the YouTube highlights of the SC LB’s and Pullard was just on the field, play after play. On the field without making a tackle or close to making one. Hundley would run right past him without a any jukes. his defense Monty Kiffins defense wasn’t for college or USC so i’ll give him that. Joe Barry coached the group to play well in 2011 and that could be part of the reason why he never elevated his game. Sarao and Dawson weren’t the guys we thought we were getting as Army AA’s from Pennsylvania and Kentucky either.

          • Brennan Carroll was horrible and this info comes from college coaches. RC was not just his title. He was responsible for organizing recruiting and targeting players on the heels of people like Ed Orgeron – who was exceptional.

            Pete started to go downhill for various and numerous reasons actually and part of the beginning of his slide was his decision to help his untalented son at the expense of the Trojans. Brennan has about as much charisma and football savvy as a mushroom and he is long dismissed in college coaching circles as riding on daddy’s coat tails.

            Pete personally got Brennan his job with the MIA Hurricanes. Without Pete, Brennan never works for the ‘Canes. He eventually got demoted there, then let go and Pete brought him on as the asst OL coach under Tom Cable – who doesn’t remotely need Brennan.

            You are sorely mistaken if you think Brennan has a high football IQ. He generates more laughter than anything else from coaches behind the scenes. That’s just the way it is and it’s no secret. They don’t call him “Spaulding” for nothing.

          • He coached the TE’s. And Fred Davis said Brennan Carroll was a big part of his transformation from a WR to a TE. Those are some meaningful comments coming from a Mackey Award Winner.

    • Now what is it that tells me this system won’t work against Notre Dame?

    • The fact that Martin was calling plays and Tyson was calling pass plays was well known before the season started.
      I remember reading that somewhere.

      • None of this is any big secret. I’ve always been glad for the division. I sure as heck never wanted Tee to be calling all of our plays. That would be a disaster. Fortunately, Helton has seen fit to spread the influence here.

        • If they continue to win and play like they did in the 2nd half against Utah, that would open the doors to hiring better assistant coaches in the future, if needed.

          I wouldn’t think it would cause an ego trip with Helton.

  3. We had over 500 yards of offense against a dang good D and you’re worried about a few bad play calls. That was not why the game was close — Darnold’s turnovers were why the game was close. Period.

  4. Why should Helton answer SW’s questions in an enlightening way? Would Saban, Meyer, Swinney, Dantonio or Harbaugh? I seriously doubt it. Helton should dodge SW like any respectable coach should who doesn’t want to divulge inner-working info.

    There’s not a person on this blog who knows the faintest about how to call plays at the upper echelon of college football. And if anyone does, please speak up with your game plan and play calling ideas. Would love to hear it.

    Personally, I think Tee got the message about laying off the straight dive calls which most of us objected to. If USC’s play-calling system, whatever it is, works like it did the 2nd half against UTAH, we’ll win in South Bend. If like the first half, it’ll be a long plane ride back.

    With USC, you never know what you’re gonna get. I suspect if we beat ND, it’ll be ugly, like all our other victories except STAN. By the way, that victory over STAN is looking better every week. Must have been the play calling.

    Go Trojans. Beat the Irish – our real rivals!

      • Obviously, more than one USC coach has play-calling input. Good. Need checks and balances.

        Is it that tough for you and SW to figure out? Duh.

        Knock yourselves out with those elaborate play-calling charts you must have. Many of us are all way ahead of your micro-obsession on who calls every single play in every situation. Who cares except our blogger who has nothing better to write about.

        • No, ONE guy calls the plays and the head coach can override the OC.

          Would you want 2 guts calling defensive formations ? You probably would

  5. What I hear is a lot of statistics, but the only stat that stands out is the stop on the two point conversion. I mean 28% stops on third downs is not all that good as in less than a third of the time.

    • I disagree…
      Yes, Special Teams is very important. But that’s the least of our worries right now.
      1. Sam Darnold
      2. OLine/DLine
      3. Bench players are not performing like they are being coached up. The way a 5-Star/high 4-star (backup) players are performing is disappointing. And the fact that some aren’t even playing is a sign that our staff isn’t getting it done.
      4. Iman Marshall…His play this season is something that Pendergast and Ronnie Bradford (NFL GUYS) should’ve corrected a long time ago

  6. It’s like these coaches are now Unionized in that they say nothing, will stand there and lie straight to your face and claim everything is wonderful. These press conferences are worthless.

  7. You really want to defend the ridiculously bad punt returning? What happens when we play in the Pac 12 playoffs or the national playoffs and the keystone cops put us in terrible field position again and again against a great defense?

    • I hear you. But we have to get there first. Right now we’re down 2 DTs with Josh Fatu’s accident and Kenny Bigalow retiring and face a physical ND run game and the nation’s leading rusher.
      Our punt returning is he ndefinitely not where it needs to be, but we have too many concerns that are higher on the chalkboard. Ykili Ross could return punts and be dangerously effective, Helton and Tee must’ve forgot why every team in the Pac12 wanted him (ND also). Harris has had more than enough time to make something happen. I’d even put Jack Jones back there again. He’s had time to calm after last year and would be a threat to take to the house. This is just another Helton move sticking with loyalty instead of what’s best for the team.

      • Sas don’t you think it’s weird that with all the WRs on the roster not one has punt return skills?

        • Jack Jones should be back there. I really can’t say anything more but Helton keeping his best athlete on the sideline while allowing precious opportunities to slip away. Ykili Ross would be my guy after Jones. These are obvious. I’m sure the fans at practice are also thinking this.

        • I do think it’s weird, gt —-could Helton have something up his sleeve for Saturday?

    • Marv,
      Believe me…We are 110th in the nation in punt returning. That’s horrible. Baxter was supposed to be this wiz with special teams, but in a season where many things are going wrong with the team, I think this area is the least of our worries right now. IMO.

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