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  1. Did anyone else see where USC has the toughest schedule for the top 25 teams? Looking at Georgia and TCU, they have hardly had a challenge.

    • Cool. We should be ready for ND big-time. It’s shaping up to be such an interesting battle. Tension is slowly building.

      Now we have to wonder if Fatu is gonna be out. Not exactly a loss we can afford with ND’s strong running game.

        • Remember last year, we were really lucky with injuries.

          It seems like a lot of P12 teams are getting hit hard with injuries this year, not just USC.

          Anyway, no excuses. No prisoners. We need to beat the Irish or we’ll be a borderline top 20 team.

          Helton also needs this game bad. As soon as he loses another, he’ll be under brutal attack even though he’s gone 15-1. Same with Kelly. If he doesn’t win, the fire Kelly drumb beat will blaze on. Each coach will be in the trash heap with a loss. Such a thin line between success and failure.

          • It’s crazy. In my lifetime USC has had exactly one long run of sustained success. Periodic good teams but never 3,4, 5 years in a row other than under Pete. Not sure why fans get so crazy. Helton has literally as much or more success than anyone other than Pete in the last 30 years.

          • You must not have been around for the 60’s and the 70’s when McKay and Robinson won 5 NCs, we were winning Heismans constantly and were dominant nationally – as well as against ND, STAN and ucla. That’s how a lot of us got indoctrinated to USC success. I know I did.

          • Nope not quite old enough. 3rd generation usc fan, so I certainly heard the stories. Have a 13 year old son who is now 4th generation usc nut.

          • USC had this special persona – the Student Body Right persona. We just gutted teams with great runners and powerful OLs. We often had tremendous defenses too. McKay and Robinson were great with the press – especially McKay. He was as smart as Nick Saban but also had a fantastic sense of humor and amazing wit.

            We got put on probation under Robinson before he split for the Rams in the early ’80’s and didn’t really recover for many years, except for some sporadic success under Larry Smith who was driven to his grave by Todd Marinovich.

          • I know. He just likes to drop these lollypops out there. Cracks me up because this is his dedicated MO. Nothing’s gonna change either. Hopefully some USC poster will pass along what is really happening.

          • If Clay Helton, and Tee Martin, continue to get cute with their offense, then Notre Dame will blow them out of their stadium. If the run game is there, then take it, no need to imitate a passing guru, if you don’t have to

          • IMO we can’t simply run the ball on ND. We haven’t been strong enough to do that all year. In fact, through some stretches, USC can’t run against anybody. If we could, we’d be undefeated and a guaranteed winner over one-dimensional ND.

            You probably think a lot more of our OL than I do. IMO, just not a dominant group. Guys like Toa Lobendahn are average at best. I’ve seen him either whiff or get totally pushed around on many occasions. With mediocre guys like Toa and Nico Falah as experienced starters, along with our true frosh starters, I don’t see how you figure we’re gonna run all day on ND with no passing or Darnold magic. We’re not near good enough to do that.

          • JB, I hate to say this, but I don’t get good vibes from Helton’s interview from earlier. Really hope I’m wrong, but I’m feeling bad about this one. Let’s still hope for the best, though.

          • I didn’t hear it. What turned you off?

            I’m not real confident of a victory over ND in this crucial do-or-die game in South Bend because sometimes our team looks so squirrelly.

            I see ND as super up, rested and prepared for us and if they are able to clamp down on our running game, I don’t see turnover king Darnold and our WRs being able to save us.

            Hope I’m wrong. What do you think? Do you believe we will be able to run on the Irish, or do you think we can beat them without doing that well?

          • I just didn’t feel any confidence from his interview, JB. Call me superstitious, but I usually try to pick up energies from coaches prior to the game. Helton isn’t showing any vibrant energy of a victorious coach this week. And as for the run game, I seriously doubt we’ll have our ways with their defense which will come out on fire. They’ll definitely load the box and pressure Darnold because they know it’s the best strategy to let him beat them. They saw it worked for other teams this season, so why wouldn’t they? Again, I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid we might play catch up for almost the entire game on Saturday. It will be pretty tough, JB.

          • The team that loses is officially done for the year as a PO contender and has to go forward with that letdown. Plus, ND owes us after we handled them easy last season. This year’s Irish QB runs well – usually a problem for us. If we had a better OL, I’d sure be a lot more confident. At least our WRs have really started to come along, especially Vaughns. We really need some Trojan unknowns to step up if we are to win IMO.

            People are saying #2-3 GA is really good and ND just barely lost to them at home. We’ve got our hands full with this game. Time to put together a full, complete game. For some reason I don’t think our Winning Ugly approach to this season is going to work this weekend.

          • I’m with you, JB. Wish we have seen a much more solid and consistent team for our confidence going into the game, but we haven’t. Let’s just hope they would play their best game on this Saturday. The whole season is riding on this one.

          • And one more thing, JB. You asked if we can beat them without running the ball. I think the only way to do so would be with Darnold playing like he’s possessed outside the pocket and throw darts all game long and hopefully connect with receivers. I know it’s risky, but I’d actually like to see the coaches give Darnold a long leash the moment they realize the run game isn’t going anywhere before keep wasting downs by running into the loaded box in the middle.

          • I absolutely don’t think we can beat this Irish team in South Bend if Darnold has to do it all by himself. So far this year, when he’s tried to do that this year, he’s looked average.

            IMO, if we can run on ND for 150 yds, the real Sam Darnold will be able to work his magic. If we get stuffed on the ground, I see Darnold getting desperate and making mistakes he won’t get away with against 4-5 star types.

            For me, it all starts with the ability to control the LOS, get our backs loose, keep ND guessing and let Darnold take advantage of holes and make some plays on the run.

            If we can’t run, I agree, no sense in just getting our chops busted and averaging 3 ypc. But if that’s the case, I don’t see a miracle Sam Darnold victory. I would just see a long plane ride home if we get stuffed on the ground.

            Should be a very exciting game. We aren’t favored for once. That alone is unique.

          • Yes, that’s true. Putting the whole game on the shoulders of Darnold isn’t what the doctor has ordered. But haven’t we seen so many times our LOS breaking down, especially the OL? And that’s why Darnold would need to play Superman again to make up for the possible lack of the run game and protection. Anyhow, it gives me a pretty high voltage suspense already to think about this game, JB! LOL!

          • 150 yards on the ground? You’ve got pretty high expectations on our OL, don’t you, JB? LOL!

          • Frankly, I don’t expect it, which is why I’m sure ND is favored by the betting public to take us. Winning Ugly doesn’t always inspire a lot of confidence. And even you don’t think CH looks confident.

            I’ve seen USC gain 150 yds on the ground against ND many times. That’s how you beat the Irish if ND is good – and they are this year.

            If we expect Darnold to be great without a strong ground game, I say good luck USC. Get ready for a rude awakening from a team with PO aspirations playing at a near mystical home stadium and with revenge on its mind.

            All we’ve got to do is be able to run the ball. I don’t get the impression anyone thinks we can do that.

          • Frankly, I’m not really confident in our run game in this as I’m sure ND clearly knows that our success in it will spell an almost surefire defeat on them. Yes, they know the formula, they’re hungry, and well rested. The team that will play a more complete game will emerge victorious. Hope it’ll be us, but I’m just hoping.

          • I give us at best a 50/50 shot. Not bad considering our grossly uneven play. That said, maybe the “good SC” will show up. That’s entirely possible though hardly predictable. Fight On! Beat the Irish!

          • Well? 50/50 is always a good start, JB. I’ll try to stay as optimistic as I can be until Saturday myself. It’d be definitely better to be pleasantly surprised than to have our worries and concerns vindicated. I want to visualize a Trojan victory right now. Get good rest, JB.

          • Being the underdog can be used as a strong motivational tool. Regarding the read-option, Sam needs to trust his reads and force the defense to account for him, run the ball

          • I think we gave the dormers a hell of a lot to think about in this last game, especially in the second half. They’ll have scheme to cover both tight ends or risk big plays if Darnold pulls the ball out of Rojo’s hands. They’ll also have to worry that he’ll keep it himself, which isn’t a huge threat but can easily be worth 5-10 yds anyway. By my count the tight ends have made 4 td catches the last 2 games most from outside 5he red zone. Then add in Pittman’s return and the emergence of Tyler along with the return of Stevie Mitchell, it is not the same offense they will be defending that was on tape even 3 weeks ago.

            Beat the irish!

          • USC’s offensive line has been anissue since my very first day of commenting on SW’s blog, and that was four years ago….. UNBELIEVABLE

          • A voice of reason! I really wish we could run the ball first, but if we couldn’t do that on Cal and Western Michigan, we’re not doing it on ND in South Bend. I think we need to pass to set up the run on Saturday — ND’s secondary is its weak point. On D, we need to bring the Texas game plan — load the box, stop the run, and pray to Touchdown Jesus that our corners can hold up long enough to pressure Wimbush off his spot.

    • Well at least we’ll have a chance to replicate what GA did to ‘the princess’ at So. Bend this Saturday as they (GA) did this on Saturday 9th Sept. 2017

    • Obviously, you haven’t been listening to the experts who enlighten us with their very presence. UClown Trolls have repeatedly mocked us on this blog for our “cupcake” schedule.

  2. I love Bill Murray and I love me some Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder, but I want to break they’re hearts….

    7th inning!

    • Pili will start if Fatu can’t go or is limited. There is also talk of burning the redshirt for Tufele. The decision to move Daniels was made jointly, and from what I understand, was initiated by Jacob after the freshmen dt’s showed up.

      • If Tufele has to play then so be it. He’s gonna be needed. And on that note BKU needs to start showing progress in general from guys like Betiku and Murphy.

        • BKU isn’t their coach, he’s only responsible for interior d-line, I believe it’s Nansen who coaches the DE/ILB’s and I think he’s done a fair job so far with Nwosu and Rector.

          • BKU coaches the DE’s, but Nansen coaches the OLB “Predator” spot I believe. I could be wrong. Nwosu has played very well and Rector has played well also. But they should by now. My thing is our recruiting classes don’t fit the bill right now when you look at the product we put out there. Ronnie Bradford inherited the only 5-Star CB’s in the Pac12 (at the time) and they don’t perform like they are getting coached by NFL coaches, Connelly inherited Banner, Wheeler, Edoga, Toa Lobendahn, Mama, Talamaivao, Brown, and hasn’t prepared the guys behind them.

          • Hey Sam, hope alls well.

            Gustin, Nwosu, Murphy, Betiku, Faliniko and Echols are all listed as olb on the roster and are coached by Nansen. It is confusing, but Rasheem Green is our main DE along with Dorton and Rector when he plays down. Anyway there’s a lot of frustration right now although those two freshmen offensive linemen are doing better each game. We’ll see how it goes Saturday. Sounds like you’re not feeling like we’re going to win, huh?
            Have a nice day.

          • Murphy too?
            He should be an end or even DT in my opinion.
            Nah my friend. Sorry if I sound so negative. I just can’t grasp how we can’t get our guys ready like other staff’s. Are we too soft on them, are they not good coaches? It’s frustrating.
            But I think we can beat ND.
            Stop the run.
            Don’t let them keep the ball and time of possession.

          • Sam, I think you’re putting the cart before the horse on this one, if you don’t mind me saying. Let’s play the game and see how it plays out. Criticizing the preparation of the players is fair to a point, but how many teams could have replaced 3 o-linemen in 24 hrs and lost by just 3 pts on a short week on the road? And how many teams from the sec, acc, big 10 or big 12 travel 1000 mi for a conference rd game? Just wondering.
            Betiku and Murphy both have played and to tell you the truth, their problem seems more effort based than strength or technique. Chasing plays down from the backside is important for that position.
            Me, I feel we’re in this to win this. Beat the irish!

          • Hey Pudly, I’ll listen to you any day because I can talk it up with you. We’re gonna beat ND, I think we have more speed and playmakers for them. If they have to pass then we stopped the run. But I wouldn’t feel right just hoping Clay Helton is just gonna produce a conveyor belt over night with the O-line. I agree with you, we took some hits. But Conner Murphy can be more effective inside also at 6-7 270 at least explore these options when guys are down. Effort based doesn’t sit well because it makes me feel they aren’t buying or learning.
            We do travel for games. True. But We don’t play in stadiums that are packed up like SEC or some Big 10 places. If you ask me, we can’t brag about playing Cal in front of 45,000 or Furd in front of 50,000.

  3. Do we really believe SW knows what JF’s medical condition is right now? Nobody w any knowledge talks to SW so JF may have a concussion or he may have a bruised shin.

  4. Fatu was just starting to play well. Read that Jay Tufele might end up playing. Means that all true freshmen DT will have played this year.

  5. He has really worked hard and become a real good middle guard with a future…this is sad for him…and Bigelow leaving + injuries to others…gonna be no redshirts this year…

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