Kenny Bigelow Decides To Stop Playing Football

Defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow has decided to stop playing indefinitely, according to Clay Helton. Bigelow will “mentor” the players, Helton said. Bigelow might have had the highlight of his career last week when he blocked a field goal against Oregon State. But he could not be happy that he fell behind true freshman Brandon Pili.

15 thoughts on “Kenny Bigelow Decides To Stop Playing Football

  1. Good for Kenny. This is a sport that you shouldn’t play if you are not 100% committed to playing. What a disaster the players from Delaware and then Elkton, MD turned out to be: David Sills, Khaliel Rodgers transferred to UNC, and now Bigelow.

    • Sills is a fantastic WR at WV. Thank God USC dropped him as he would never have played here as a QB and he was smart and diligent enough to adapt to a better situation with the Mountaineers.

      • Sills reinventing himself as a WR ,worked his tail off to become one of best in country. Leads nation in TD catches.

        • SW never talks about him anymore, after so many years. The Baby QB thing doesn’t work since he actually became a star college football player.

    • Guy had 2 season ending injuries. He was a stud recruit for a reason. Not his talent that was issue, it was his health. Hope he leads well. Fight on!!!!

  2. Great move by Kenny who I hope becomes a successful mentor for our younger players. He wasn’t talented enough to play significantly at USC and is the classic example of an evaluation mistake, which hopefully our coaches will learn from.

    He’ll leave with a very valuable degree and be much the better for it down the road.

      • He was always injured, it seemed. Then, in his final shot as a redshirt SR who rarely ever played, he gets beat out by true freshmen. He only played 3 games as a SR in HS. I don’t think he ever had USC starting ability. As it turned out, we never really needed him and we always had other DLs who were excellent, if not superior.

    • So you’re saying the coaches made a mistake by recruiting a five star defensive tackle?

      • Exactly. I’m saying USC totally misevaluated Bigelow who can’t play a lick of major D1 ball and would have been a backup even had he not been injured. Hope he’s good talking to USC’s real players because otherwise he’s useless for football purposes. What a colossal bust!

  3. Tough.
    His team only played 3 games his senior year so he was fresh and needed work.
    He was hurt almost from the jump and that was what held him back.
    We don’t know how good he could have been. But good luck to him.

  4. Instead of just reporting the story about KB deciding to stop playing football, you throw in your typical unsupported comments and unverified statements about how KB must be feeling.

  5. What our “youngsters” learn from Bigelow? In interviews he sees to be a nice fellow, however what body of knowledge or experience does he have to impart? His consistent playing days were in high school. Maybe he could mentor guys on assimilating to dorm life.

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