USC Basketball Loses Money?


USC reported yesterday that football was the only sport that made money last season. Men’s basketball lost $300,000 with $5.5 million in revenue and $5.8 million in expenses. Now USC has ways of working the numbers. For example, the athletic dept. reported $113.2 million in revenue and $113.2 million in expenses. Magical.

But men’s basketball went to the Round of 32 of the NCAA Tournament and lost $300,000. Who was doing the accounting? Tony Bland?

Football had $59.8 million in revenue and $30.2 million in expenses.

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  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Vanderbilt had $ 12,000,000 more in Football TV Revenue that USC did. Thanks Larry.


      It’s all Directv’s fault, well that’s Larry’s excuse.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    We suck at everything. USC should just nuke itself. I’m sure Wolf would like that.

    • JustOwns

      Me too.

      • Paul Muad’dib

        I hear you. It’s tough out there being a Ruins fan…

      • Gabby

        More polishing and less posting!

      • Grammymb

        You’d just take cover in a urinal. At least you’d have some cakes to eat.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Squatter, then nuke yourself. Hurry up. We can sell tv rights to this, but knowing you are U Clown Lose Again fan, no one would watch.

  • Fred Sampson

    5.8 million in expenses, Really? I’d love to have a breakdown on that, because it sounds like the team is flying first class, and staying at five star hotels, and that includes the coaching staff, doing the same on recruiting trips.. smh


      Hookers are expensive

      • Gabby

        So is mental health care

      • gotroy22

        If you want to be like Louisville…

        • JustOwns

          bozo u is cash only!

    • gotroy22

      Soft serve ice cream machine maintenance?

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Enfield makes: $1,000,000
      Bland made $ 300,000
      Hart: $300,000 (guess)
      Plane rides: $ They flew at least 12-14 times last year, say 20 tickets per flight.
      Hotels $ Nights on the road and at tournaments
      Bus transportation $ Got to get from the airport to the hotel to the arena
      Meals: $ Includes meals at home, training table, and on the road
      Supporting Employees: $ Video guy, strength coach, secretaries
      Scholarships: $
      Stipend for players $ (Yes, they do receive a stipend for living expenses)
      Fred, this does add up. The expenses sound about right from what I have thought it would take to run a team.

  • Lunderful

    We’ve known for decades that football pays the bills.

  • JustOwns

    Who wants to watch the Toejam BB pound cupcake after cupcake and then lose heavy when it meets in conf. competition.

  • Pete

    Who cares. USC is a private institution. They can burn the money for all I care.

  • Golden Trojan

    Didn’t Bland make $300K? They can maybe break even this year without him!

  • 88 Straight

    Adidas pays more. Ask Pitino.

  • Bernie

    Of course they lost money. It cost a lot to get recruits to go there. Just ask Tony Bland if you don’t believe me.