96 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Needs Boost For College Football Playoff

  1. Look, SC can’t control the whole conference and what other teams are doing because we’ve got our hands more than full dealing with the Domers this week. And the truth is everything would be moot if we lose this Saturday, so I would try running the table first before worrying about the teams that are hundreds of miles away if I were SC and anybody involved with it.

        • Yes first take care of what we can control in South Bend and then consider going independent later. This pathetic Pac 12 conference is dragging SC down.

          • What league is WSU in? Utah? Yes, the league is down which means SC should be dominating. UCLA is an embarrassment. SC’s inconsistencies are of their own making. Teams that play well consistently get rewarded.

          • I agree, you ruins are a consistent embarrassment and should follow the lead of your sister school in Santa Barbara and drop football.

          • Nice try at blaming the league for dragging SC down. Yes, the Bruins are beyond crappy, but we aren’t blaming someone else. Looks like you have learned scapegoating from your hero.

          • Don’t avoid the issue that the ruins should follow the tradition of other SJW UC schools and quit white patriarchal misogynist sports like football and field a badminton team. Your hero would be proud.

          • Who’s my hero this week? I lose track.

            We know you like Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer.

          • Don’t be coy, we all know know your heroes are Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Hillary Clinton.

          • We know that the Russian nuclear bribery investigation reveals that Russia routed millions to the Clintons .

          • Sure he did. Try listening to the entire statement. Your bias doesn’t allow you to see the nuance in his words. General Kelly is far smarter than the President he serves. I hope he continues to protect the nation from him.

            How does one wear a cowboy? And who was wearing one? Or are you just going with your favorite member of the Village People?

          • You ere so nuanced you voted for Obama twice,You’ll believe anything including that swamp cowboy.


          • You’re so fact deprived that you don’t recognize that the country was in far better shape at the end of 2016 than it was at the end of 2008. The cowboy is Trump, your version of Harvey Weinstein, except that Trump holds the nuclear codes.

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            Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs was mired in scandal, and some of its nightmarish VA hospitals were awash in disease and unnecessary deaths.

            Yes the facts show you are a deluded kook.

          • Obama doubled the debt? Try reading the Constitution and learn about who controls the purse strings. How was the economy doing in 2008? Unemployment? The stock market? Mr. Amnesia.

          • You mean the promise Obama made from a White House meeting called the “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” on Feb. 23, 2009 was yet another lie?

            “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office,” Obama said. “Now, this will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we’ve long neglected. But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay, and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.”

            It’s pretty clear Moochelle had no problem spending taxpayer money so she could guzzle $100 bottles of champagne and chow down pn beluga caviar. Obama set the modern record for goofing off at the golf course with 306 rounds while having no discernible swing or athletic ability. But If I was married to Moochelle I would escape every chance I could also.

          • Wait a minute, on the very week Hillary is on her Blame Everyone For My Blowing The 2016 Election Book Tour, you have the nerve to say someone else is scapegoating? You have no shame and no brain, f uuclan.

          • Didn’t realize the discussion switched to Hillary. I don’t pay any attention to her.

          • Don’t forget that I’m smoking my pipe, wearing a cardigan with sleeve patches and kicking back in my Birkenstocks.

          • 88, not true,
            cal was left out of the bcs back in 04 because of texas’ coach begging to let them in instead. Cal did nothing to promote themselves. Boise St. destroyed Bama and Okie but they were not given the green light to play in the bcs games.

          • PT, I’m not sure what you are talking about here. I am aware of the Cal vs. Texas discussion, but I was never referring to that in this thread. GoTroy and Marv went off on a political tangent when I was discussing football and nothing about Cal.

            Back to the original point. I was stating that the PAC-12 is not dragging SC down. SC’s inconsistent play is what is hurting SC. SC does have a slight chance for the playoffs, starting in South Bend. Win out, play consistently and have some dominating wins and that will take care of itself. Troy was blaming the league.

          • Sure you were, and Pasadena Trojan caught you in yet another lie. “Teams that play well consistently get rewarded” simply isn’t true. I will enjoy when you ruins rain boos down on your stinking team at Homecoming Saturday.

          • You are on a roll today. It isn’t a lie, but you can never allow yourself to be wrong, in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary. One thing that is obvious, is that we weren’t discussing Cal and Texas. Keep going on one of your diatribes. It must be a slow day for you. Good thing you are paid by the hour.

          • Poor Owns, the Russian conspiracy he wished and hoped for all those nights watching the unhinged leftist kooks on PMSNBC comes true and it is that Russia routed millions to the Clintons ! You must have a black cloud follow you around.

          • Ha! Let’s just say you wouldn’t wanna be standing anywhere near Owns if you were at the O.K. Corral shootout…..

          • Ike Clanton —-that lovable character in the movie, “Tombstone”? The one the audience applauded Earp for scratching with his spurs?

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          • I guess you weren’t around in “56 or “57 when UCLA and Southern Cal blew up the old Pacific Coast Conf—Did they learn anything from that stunt?

  2. The PAC 12 has a weak commissioner, and many average coaches, and programs who play finesse football. Thank goodness for Cal hiring Justin Wilcox, because he brings defense, and a tough attitude to a soft conference. And btw, Wilcox’s defenses looked horrible at USC, because Steve Sarkisian’s offense left the defensive out to dry, it was always either three downs, and out, or he team scored too fast against extremely weak opponents.

  3. Perhaps the only time I ever agree with the blogger is when he rips on the stupidity of Larry Scott. That guy is a money grubbing moron and has done nothing to enhance the PAC10. Did they really need Utah and Colorado? Just to be Pac12 with friday night games?

    • Remember when college football said they would NEVER play on Friday nights to honor the sanctity of high school football?

    • No, but there was a trend going on at the time, so all the ten team conferences, thought it was cute to go to twelve

      • Larry was supposed to deliver a Pac 16 that would
        include Texas and the Oklahoma schools but that never happened.

        • Just as well it didn’t happen, because with a conference like that, all the bottom feeders, like Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah would never see the light of day

          • UCLA has the potential to be a contender based on their geographic location, but like USC, they can’t seem to hire the right people to take it to the next level. I keep hearing about Scott Frost going to Nebraska, but if I were him, I’d opt for the job in Westwood, if it becomes open.

          • They backed into that 1/2 of a championship since they did not play a blow or bowl game that year. Ugly sucks.

  4. No amount of “boost” is going to level the CFB playing field for the PAC 12 when the elite teams in the SEC, ACC B1G and Big XII are all allowing, if not encouraging their players to use PED’s. Last years playoff game between Alabama and Washington was a joke. Alabama defensive backs and WR’s were as big as Washington’s Linebackers. I’m surprised Washington was able to keep it as close as it was. We all saw how Alabama destroyed USC, the Crimson Tide were just too big and too strong for the Trojans to handle. Or when Oregon got dismantled by Ohio St. a few years ago in a playoff game, again, Ohio St. players were just too big, much too strong and fast for Oregon to handle. The PAC 12 has always been the goodie two shoes conference and seeing how the Corrupt NCAA looks the other way about PED abuse in the SEC, ACC, B1G and Big XII…the PAC 12 can forget about making any more playoffs and it’s just as well because the PAC 12 would just get embarrassed by the bigger, stronger and faster teams who’s players are all juiced up.

    • Those elite teams you mentioned also have the attitude of building teams from the inside out, Oregon got manhandled by Ohio State, because they couldn’t control the line of scrimmage, and this after dominating their own conference. So as long as the PAC 12 continues to hire finesse coaches, then we won’t be bringing any National Championships to the west coast. The good thing is, that Oregon, and Cal recently hired coaches, that bring physical toughness to the conference… Finally!!

      • I once heard a trainer of a finesse boxer tell his guy in the corner, “It’s boxing, yes, but it’s also a FIGHT. Get it? A FIGHT!”
        You’re totally right, Fred —-in football, it never hurts to be physically tougher (and meaner and nastier) than the competition. Especially up front.
        By the way, have you noticed how Deland McCullough has the running backs playing with major attitude? That’s what coaching can do.

        • Yeah, Deland McCullough is the only coach on that staff who’s not personally linked to Clay Helton, Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, or Pete Carroll, which is why he brings a totally different attitude to USC .

  5. How come when SEC bottom feeders rise up it shows the strength of the conference but when a middling PAC 12 teams wins a game unexpectedly it’s an indictment on the weakness of the top teams?

      • Bingo Fred. I don’t understand why the PAC 12 doesn’t take a more aggressive approach w the media and their narrative regarding the PAC 12? When Miss St has a decent team every 10-15 years they rise quickly into the top 5. When a Wash St etc has a decent team (which is more often then Miss St) the narrative is it’s just Wash St. I would hope our commish would cultivate some media ties to pushback and call out this glaring inequity.

        • The conference reflects the weak leadership from the top, the PAC 12 is getting linked, because Larry Scott is a limp, wet noodle

        • It’s also because the pac 12 is independent of cbs, or espn or fox the biggest ncaa football providers and the ones who promote the most. Bet you don’t hear much USC vs nd this week on either of those station’s promos. Just nbc this week, heck the pac 12 won’t even promote this game much.

    • You are spot on sir. It is just east coast bias spinning anything to make the pac 12 look bad. SEC is so boring they have to make stuff up.

  6. Wow, that column lacks substance… not up to your standards, Scottie. Think a bit more about these topics before committing them to paper.

  7. PAC 10/12 football has always gone as far (nationally) as USC can take it. The same can be said in basketball with regards to UCLA/Arizona.

    For better or worse, that’s the way it is and always will be. Those schools (in their respective sports) should only rely on themselves for their national aspirations.

  8. USC plays Notre Dame Saturday. Does anything else matter this week.? WhO will be back from injuries?

  9. Well, Wolf is pithy today.

    I am surprised to see only 1 of 19 posts so far attacking him/his post.

    I don’t disagree with much of anything in his column, except that Tate is not a viable candidate for the Heisman — but I don’t think Wolf was serious about that, only that Tate has had 2 Heisman-worthy games out of two.
    …and that would be 2 more than Sam Darnold this season.( NO, I did NOT just say Sam Sucks!)

      • He’d spit on it and give it back, Gabby…..
        “There are no prizes or ceremony in my house. I won’t allow them. Better to offend a stranger once than myself every day.” —–Montaigne/Wolf

      • I doubt it.
        While the Pulitzer, like most “prestigious” awards (Oscars, Nobel, etc.), are a bigger joke than NCAA “fairness, honesty and integrity” these days, Wolf isn’t promoting the “proper” sort of BS.

  10. “I’ve got to talk to (Pac-12 commissioner) Larry Scott,” USC safety
    Chris Hawkins said. “It seems like he doesn’t want us to win.”


    You don’t see the SEC commish trying to hurt Alabama to make Vandy a quality team, but then the SEC commish isn’t Larry Scott.

  11. The PAC12 gets no respect? Look at their network they are the only “big” conference that allows itself to be treated the way they are by the providers. Look at their schedule. Look at their officiating. Look at their commissioner. I could go on but you get the idea.
    USC needs to be independent and stop worrying about what the rest of the west coast is doing.

  12. One problem that needs to be fixed is having Pac-12 games that start at 10 PM EST or later.

    The Pac-12 is often seen as a pass happy offense conference. Some of those games can be exciting and can be entertaining to watch on an afternoon.

    But no one will care about a shootout that they didn’t see because it was going on at 1 AM in the morning on a Saturday night.

  13. Interesting tidbit. ND has a great rushing offense vs bad teams. Well over 1,000 of their rushing yards have come against Miami of Oh., BC and NC who are 6-15 combined. Not so much vs Mich St and Georgia. If our D line and linebackers keep gap integrity I don’t think ND can move the ball through the air. Now if they get 3-4 PI calls in their favor then who knows?

    • Which raises the question, Brent4c —– who are the refs for this game? Which conference are they “representing” —-Sorry, I meant coming from? Is it a mixed crew?
      If Marshall is gonna interfere with every receiver going long, at least he can “make it count.”

        • Thank you fast fred! [Now, all I want is the professional resumes of each member of the Pac 12 crew they’re sending —-along with recent bank deposit records]……

    • Brent, I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night in South Bend. All ND has to do is identify where John Houston is and run right at him.

    • They will be chucking the ball up on play action towards Biggie’s direction in hopes of multiple PI calls. The refs will have ND’s back.

  14. Just curious how the best AD in the conference can operate 10 million in the red? Also curious if Nebraska would consider trading ADs?

  15. If USC finishes with only 1 loss and wins the PAC-12 Championship game they’ll be in the playoff. As Pete used to say, when USC wins the polls take care of themselves.

    If they lose a second time they don’t deserve to go.

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