USC-Notre Dame Picture Of All Time

In 1927, USC played Notre Dame before 120,000 at Soldier Field in Chicago. The night before the game, an event was held to hype the game and it featured baseball legends Babe Ruth (in a Notre Dame jersey) and Lou Gehrig (in a USC jersey).

Lou Gehrig in a USC jersey!

The event also promoted the Stanford-Yale game, which is why Stanford coach Glenn “Pop” Warner (far left) is in the picture along with Irish coach Knute Rockne (center next to Ruth) and USC coach Howard Jones (second from the right). Yale coach Tad Jones (far right, younger brother of Howard) and baseball agent Christy Walsh (center, left of Gehrig), who organized the event.

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  1. It was the largest crowd ever at Soldier Field estimates put it >123,000. USC lost 6 – to the Irish. It was the sole loss by USC and it also was the 1st ‘road’ game against the Irish.

    Both teams combined for 5 ‘nc’s’ over a 5 year period 1928 – 1932 w. USC capturing the flag 1928, 1930 and 1931 and the Irish 1929 and 1932.

    Any team would be proud to have probably the two most famous names in MLB history wearing a shirt with their school’s initolas on it.

          • For real? Had a friend from NJ who had an old ‘Norton Commando’ I think that was the brand – loud as all get out. He then saw the kawasaki’s in late ’68 and couldn’t believe how fas it was and also how fast Japan had caught up.

          • My cousin was first American to win world motocross title. Uncle had 3 dealership in Bay area. Norton was a fine ride. Cousin rode for Kawasaki few years.

          • Hackensack-NJ and me – a poor shlump from LA both going to college 1st year in Charleston, South Carolina

  2. How could a Trojan Team that dominated Occidental, Santa Clara & Cal Tech lose to these clowns? Did we leave a receiver uncovered in the End Zone? Was it because we didn’t have Sam Darnold back in 1927? Clueless offensive coordinator? No Kickoff or Punt Return capability? C’mon Wolf, fill in the blanks.

  3. Awesome pic.

    Getting Ruth and Gehrig in 1927 is like getting two of the biggest names or stars on the planet today. Few people were bigger than Ruth and Gehrig in ’27.

    I had also heard Muhammad Ali spoke to the USC team before the 1999 game in South Bend. And Ronald Reagan did the coin flip for the 1990 game. Any pics of those two or any other high profile people at the USC-ND game would be great for this blog this week.

    But please, no Regis Philbin. I don’t consider that clown a public figure.


  4. Just think how SW would have behaved if he attended the dinner. ” Mr. Ruth, have you read my columns on Lane Kiffen?”

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