About That Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig USC/Notre Dame Photo

Yesterday, I ran the above photo of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig the night before the 1927 USC-Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago. According to an article in the Dec. 4, 1927 Los Angeles Times, it was an annual All-American dinner thrown by Christy Walsh, who was known as the first baseball agent and agent to Ruth.

Ruth and Gehrig performed a skit at the start of the dinner with Ruth impersonating a Notre Dame player while Gehrig was a USC player.

Below is a photo of Ruth and Gehrig at the game. They were part of the 120,000 in attendance.

5 thoughts on “About That Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig USC/Notre Dame Photo

  1. The World Series was already settled back at that time. However, SC used to play late in the season, around November back there in that era. What a great tribute to both schools to see the Bronx Bombers at the game. That is awesome.

    • So glad USC flexed its muscle and insisted on October for playing in South Bend. Nice mellow gray October sky. Perfect football weather. What an unbelievable setting to play. It’s like another world.

  2. Over the years I’ve seen many photos of Gehrig and it always strikes me that he looks so old for his real years.

  3. Hey Scott you failed to note who was sitting to the left of the Bambino it’s Lou Gehrig.

    1927 was the year that MLB purists claim was the finest team ever to play – Ruth’s 60 home runs as one of the highlights.

  4. Man name me ANY program in the USA that wouldn’t give anything to have Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig wear their colors and that of their arch-enemy?

    OK-TX? OH St.-MI? AL-Auburn? Miami-FL St.? Cal-Stanford?

    They’d die to have that photo weith those two arrayed in their and their arch-rival’s moniker!

    In <72 hours the greatest intersectional college football game will commence – Godfather Part 2 1958 – Miami…Hyman Roth meets Michael Corelone and what they were both listening to …

    USC vs. Notre Dame

    'The Babe' knew it as did 'The Iron Horse'….

    Hey ever notice how, the 3rd Saturday in November, no one (save in 2017 – MI vs PA St.0 isn't playing anyone worth a rip this Saturday, 21st October 2017?

    Wear it: AL, OH St., OK, TX, OR (esp OR), Auburn, TCU, OK St., WI,,

    Hey who has a 'bye' this weekend? GA, WA, stanford, FL, Clemson, NC St.? Those squads aren't fools…

    "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"

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