Who Doesn’t Like Black Cleats?

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  • peter

    Gold domes for helmets.reflection off those all season long would make anyone an hater.

    • Pete Smith

      the problem is they where the helmet while its being painted

    • Paul Muad’dib

      Notre Dame’s helmets have the dumb line in the middle like the painter used a bowl over the top to line it up. Looks cheap and dis-colored.

  • Michael Guarino

    Mad at our cleats? The sad part about Laken’s comments: they’re the smartest thing I’ve ever read coming out of South Bend.

  • 04Trojan

    I think the black cleats/socks combo last weekend was sick. Keep it going. This Hayes dude gonna take his anger out on a Trojan on Saturday now like that punk from last season?

  • Rabb

    Hopefully the black traditional USC cleats can help our punt returner and kickoff returner. So far this year they have been a NO SHOW.

  • Golden Trojan

    Hopefully, he will also hate Darnold and Burnett burning him for TDs.

  • Gabby

    Who posted that, Lamken littleman

  • steveg

    The guy probably wears suspenders with his dungarees.

  • Traveler

    YO, HAYES, get used to the helmet…you’ll be beat down by it all day. Get used to the colors…you’ll have nightmares in Cardinal & Gold for weeks. Get used to the cleats…they’ll turn your field into your burial ground!!


    • 04Trojan

      That is if the grounds crew haven’t mowed the field for the past 3 weeks like back in ‘05.

      • Golden Trojan

        It’s artificial now.

        • 04Trojan

          Aaahhh. Copy.

  • Jack B

    Love the black cleats. Always have. The Kiffer tried to go away from them and the look didn’t work as SW repeatedly pointed out with his close-up disparaging photos.

    The more issues between these two teams, the better.

    This is shaping up to be one memorable contest! Media is going crazy with the build-up and the negative ramifications for the loser.

    USC – NOTRE DAME. Winner take all with a good path to the PO. Game could go either way with each team having definite strengths and question marks. Tick, tock, tick tock.

    Glad that USC is coming in the underdog. Good role for us now. The setup is perfect. Now, we’ve just gotta make it happen against our real nationally prominent and tradition rich rival.

    Fight On! Beat the Irish!

    • Pudly76

      He’ll like the cleats a lot less as Rojo shows him the bottom of his cleats on his face mask. I’m ready for some football! I’ve bet on this rteam all season and I’m not changing now Jack! F’ the domers.

      Beat the irish!

      • Sas

        So what do you think?

        Will Brian Kelly break out any Kelly Green Uniforms or do something to get his team fired up?

  • marvienna

    Well, then I hope those cleats kick his butt on Saturday.


  • Lunderful

    The man has no depth.

  • Old Trojans never die

    I am expecting green jerseys Saturday. That is the mental level of the athletes “green jersey good me play football gooder.”
    I don’t really care what they like or what they wear. I just hope the refs don’t trip over their rosary beads. Because if there is one thing I have seen in my years it’s been a slanted field in South Bend.

    • fast fred

      Those bad old pac 12 refs!

  • Arturo

    Who doesn’t hate those urine colored ND helmets?

    • Sas

      Will they break out a Green Uni?

      • fast fred

        Only if the Trojans wear their Ronald Mcdonald cleats

        • Sas

          At least we didn’t go further than what he have up to this point because could have done a lot worse.

  • jim

    Maybe we can give something else to dislike…..like a big L in the won-loss column.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    What would be cool is to see USC warm up in their white uniforms and then when they return to the field for the game, have them wear their cardinal home game jerseys. I think the penalty is losing one time out. It would be well worth it.

  • David Keeling

    If anyone is guilty of staying to its traditional uniform, it is USC. ND can play their little kids games wearing green uniforms if it makes Hayes and his teammates wet their pants in excitement.

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    WOW a Wolf blog post with 22 comments — and none of them attack WOLF!

    Never seen that before.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    I didn’t like their Green Jersey Stunt in 1977. or their Tall Grass Stunt in 2005, or the fact that USC Season Tickets Holders as recently as 2006 were moved to accommodate ND fans, or the fact that you force kids on Scaffolds on Windy Days leading to their death.. Hated this arrogant team & school since the early 70’s and nothing has changed.

    • fast fred

      Jealous are we??