Defensive Line Concern

If defensive tackle Josh Fatu has a concussion after being in a car accident, it could mean true freshman Brandon Pili starts against Notre Dame. It wasn’t an ideal time for Kenny Bigelow to retire and another true freshman, Jay Tufele, might have to burn his redshirt year if Fatu is unable to play.

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  • LamontRaymond

    If you’ve got to burn a red shirt, burn it. Don’t be so precious about it,Scottie.

    • Pudly76

      First he cries about the young guys getting experience, now he’s upset we don’t have enough redshirts… funny guy.

    • Jack B

      Burn those shirts. If you get even three years out of a good player nowadays, you’re ahead of the curve. Play ’em all now, especially if they can’t wait to get on the field, which is as it should be.

  • BearBryant3

    They might lose out on the side to side pursuit, but what little I saw from Pili he does get push and it might be a blessing in disguise.

    • Michael Guarino

      Are you saying we set up the Fatu car crash…..?

      • Lunderful

        It was the Russians.

        • Michael Guarino

          That’s what I thought! And that, Lunderful, is exactly why our players should be given secret service protection this week.

  • Fred Sampson

    That’s what happens to coaches who build programs from the outside in, they always lack depth along the line of scrimmage. This has been an issue at USC for years, they over stock skilled positions, and ignore lineman. If one lineman gets hurt at SC, it’s a catastrophe, while other programs plug in the next player, and don’t miss a beat

    • Arturo


      • Fred Sampson

        Sanctions had nothing to do with the coaching staff deciding to go with 14 scholarship receivers, and 9 running backs, knowing your limitations along the line of scrimmage. That sounds more like stupidity to me .

        • Arturo

          SC had a smaller margin for error with OL. Everyone had to be a hit and when they weren’t, …..

        • USCDAN1986

          Cal is a hot bed for linemen.. Kids get more love from other progams..USC will hit the JCs or Grad trans for needs .. 2017 USC did ok in recruiting 2018-19 has some real talent.. USC needs to win and the better crop of kids will come..

    • peter

      I’ve always believed team starts at line of scrimmage.
      Both sides.Last year staff hit it hard and landed an excellent DL class.Staffs first real class.I give them credit. They brought in guys who could play.Looking ahead its got to get even better,both sides.

      • Fred Sampson

        Hope so

    • Ignore_the_trolls

      I’m pretty sure that Helton has not followed that pattern. Almost 40% of last year’s class was beef.

    • David Keeling

      Thank you Fred. Seems there are some participants here that think Helton and his chosen crew are doing a fine job never mind the undisciplined, erratic sloppy play week after week.

      • Fred Sampson

        There’s Devils advocates in every group

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      I don’t like that the 2018 class looks like it will be light in the trenches.

      If Penei Sewell comes, he may be the only one with Liam Douglas, which is trouble for us. If he goes elsewhere, that could be BIG trouble for us. Junior Angilau looks like the only other possibility, but not looking likely.

      The DL doesn’t look like it will gain 4 more players either.

  • Sas

    At least Tufele will be burning his RS for something important like playing meaningful minutes early in the Notre Dame game.

    This is a reason to burn a RS

  • Old Trojans never die

    Bigelow can still suit up. He could be the hero. He isn’t injured and is still a handful. Someone needs to give the kid a pep talk. Send in Scott.

    • Arturo

      With your Avatar name, maybe you should talk to him.

    • Jack B

      Very weird for Bigelow just to hang ’em up when we so desperately any DL bodies. Sounds like he’s just not into playing one iota anymore. To literally quit the week of the ND game? Totally bizarre.

      • Paul Muad’dib

        Right? Perfect timing to quit.

  • Arturo

    Time to bring back Jacob Daniel from OG. Rector, Green, Pili, Dorton, and Tufele will have to man the inside. Nwosu, Murphy, and Betiku the outside. The Irish must be salivating at the mouth.

    • steveg

      Where else would they be salivating?

      • Michael Guarino

        Let’s not go there, steveg……

        • gotroy22


  • Pete Smith

    Next up step step up

  • Ed Garrett

    rediculiss! he cuold of at least broken his brane in a foot ball game fir the fans enjoyment, insted he broke it when know one was lokking, smdh!

  • marvienna

    Some guys don’t use the full four years anyways by leaving for the NFL, so might as well burn the redshirt.

    If players are going to look out for themselves and go pro early, then USC and other schools should use all the time the players are on campus and forego the redshirt when a player is needed.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    I’ve never heard of a star college football player being regretful that he burned a red-shirt year and didn’t have enough eligibility leftover…

  • B.Miller

    ND QB alone for over 180yrd are USC last year.. IF they are not able to stop the run, this will be a long game for the defense.. NEED TO STOP THE RUN!