USC Morning Buzz: 10 Things To Fix To Beat Notre Dame

With USC going to South Bend, it is more important than ever that USC fix some of the constant errors it makes every week. Here are the things it must address to defeat the Irish.

Excerpt: 1.) There are no sacred cows: Sam Darnold carries the team on a weekly basis. But that does not mean the coaches cannot criticize him if he makes a mistake. Instead of that, you hear the coaches compare him to Brett Favre, meaning a gunslinger who sometimes turns the ball over. Or he is “a wonderful person.”

If any player is mature enough to accept criticism, it is Darnold. The head-in-the-sand approach just leads to the image that the coaches tend to be soft on the players.

Wolf: Here are 10 things for USC to fix against Notre Dame

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    • Isn’t that sad!!! SUCLA now has no huge games to play for…just like any other season. LOL!

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          Keep up the good work.

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    • Dipstick,, who are you referring to when you use the word bozo? I know you aren’t referring to USC. so who is it? BTW, nice loss against the ducks.

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  2. Last time that notre Dame beat a ranked USC team? 1995.
    notre Dame’s record in games decided by a single score, under kelly? 1-11.
    notre Dame’s avg yds per carry in all games = 6.9, their avg yds per carry against teams with a pulse = 3.8 (Mich st, UGA).

    BEAT the irish!

    • Appreciate the optimism, and you make it sound easy to play ND at ND. Hope you’re right, but I don’t think it’ll be that easy for us to win this Saturday.

      • I haven’t really seen many easy SC games in South Bend, especially when ND had a decent team, and the team we’ll be playing this Saturday is more than decent.

        • I have always said that the the home field advantage for the Irish is a touchdown at the minimum, at least when SC is the opponent– the ghosts, the crappy refs, the grass that they let grow six inches high, etc.

          • I have been to the game a dozen times, but all before they expanded the stadium and that Touchdown Jesus was a palpable presence, especially when things weren’t going well for the Trojans. I understand that the T J is not as visible with the expanded stadium, is that right?

          • Well, now they have turf, but I honestly think we should be about a 10 point underdog. They had a bye week, we have many injuries, they have been playing well, us not so much. I hate to say it, but we are in for a long night!

      • Never easy to play nd, but those are just recent facts. Do they apply? I think you make your own history. Show up, play the game, leave it on the field. Fight On!

        Beat the irish!

        • I think ND will play this game highly inspired because there’s a lot riding on it. Stats are there for a reason, but they can always overplay and nullify them in rivalry games like this one.

          • Exactly, like every rivalry game, people play with their hair on fire! But that goes for us too. After the emotion wears off, the talent emerges and the will to win kicks in. I’ll take Darnold over wimbush.

          • they will come out in gold helmets and green jerseys. They will fly in the Pope for the Friday pep rally and Lou Holtz will show up on the sidelines Saturday. They will pull out all the stops. So much sweeter when we beat them.

          • I guess I look at it from the other side, I think USC will play this game highly inspired. They have a whole lot to prove and this is the game that they can do it.

          • Sorry to say it, but you were completely wrong. Yeah, this isn’t the first time you were, either. You were wrong about Gomer for an eternity as well. Come on, man. Get some cold water and wise up! lol.

      • I think it is possible if USC plays a decent game. I think ND is over rated, big scores against all but one good team, and then they squeaked by. I look for USC to be in the game all the way. Injuries? Could be the difference.

  3. Realistically, there’s no time to fix all those 10 things until the game time now. However, I gave it a lot of thought, and reached the conclusion that the single most crucial factor to this game is whether our OL can open up lanes for effective running game and pass protect. If that materializes, we will definitely have a shot, otherwise it’s going to be a long game.

      • As long as ND doesn’t put 7-8 in the box they will. Darnold can make them play honest if he is having a decent game and connects behind the linebackers.

    • Right on. And, seriously, there are no more early season excuses for John Baxter to get our special teams organized, competent, and ready to make plays. We killed ND last year on special teams (though it helped to have a special guy like Adoree). If Baxter doesn’t improve that show and get organized on the sideline, why would we continue to burn a coaching position for special teams? We can use a guy somewhere else who can recruit lineman and take our chances that special teams can’t get much worse.

    • line play on both sides is huge.With 4 DL out this week .A defensive game plan that adjusts to this will be key.If OL protects and opens holes,we keep our D rested…….Element I seldom hear about is leadership.Word was at half time Clay spoke to the team about this.Sam and Cam spoke up as did others,basically said lets have fun . Enjoying the game seems to have lacked.Players stressing to live up to hype…..Well this is one game where they are not hyped to win. Opportunity is there to play to the hatters .There will be thousands.And kick their ND Butt. One senior player told the freshman, they will be confronted by thousands of people hatting on you…That’s before you get to the game. Team will have a chance to summons that non physical trait.Like the one Syracuse,Iowa st.,Cal ,AZ st have used lately. I expect to see our players rise ,play together and make a statement.

    • ND’s RB ran for 180yds are USC last year. Wolf is right.. USC needs to stop the run first and foremost.. If USC does not stop the run, USC will be exhausted by the second half and will lose this game

  4. Some of these are fixes others are normal football. The biggest fix is playing a complete game. USC seems to wait out the other team. This won’t work with ND. Get in there and get going on down one.

  5. Obviously #1 fix is Darnold doesn’t cause turnovers. #2 Defense stops the run. #3 O Line controls the trench.

  6. USC’s offense better not leave their defense out to dry, because running teams will wear you down quickly, so it’s crucial they pick up as many first downs as they can in the first half. And btw, Clancy Pendergast can verbally coach up his secondary as much as he wants , but if they don’t get a pass upfront, then they will be left out to dry, too .

  7. The biggest thing from last week to fix going into this week would be eliminating fumbles. While it’s frustrating to see such gifted athletes struggle with a simple hand off exchange or a short and slightly backward pass, I’m glad it happened against Utah instead of ND. I’m sure the coaches are preaching ball security. The second half of the Utah game was pretty encouraging–long offensive drives and several defensive stops.

  8. I hope Pili is conditioned and ready to go, because ND is going to try to control the clock and run the football. Houston will also need to play theater of his life.

    On Offense, O-Line play and opening running lanes will be crucial to keep long successful drives and keep our D fresh for the game. I’m nervous but also excited. It’s going to be a battle. Fight On!!!

  9. Kickoff returner and punt returner have to play a major role in a road game like this. It demoralize the othe team playing with their backs against the wall.

  10. Play 4 quarters?

    That would be a first in 2017. Other than K and P, have we had a single UNIT play 4 quarters in a single game?

  11. we need strong special teams play. If I recall, Adoree had a big game last year with a punt return and a kickoff return. Pretty basically the difference in the game.

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