USC-Notre Dame Video Of The Day

Here is Notre Dame basketball player Rex Pflueger throwing a TD pass to Sam Darnold when they were 7th-graders.

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  • Michael Guarino

    Luckily, Sam’s speed and “want to” has tripled since 7th grade.

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      Speedy Sam was my first thought, too.

      • Michael Guarino

        I have literally never seen a more leisurely stroll into the end zone.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    This team is obviously soft with this type of passing. Was the play called by offensive coordinator or directly by coach. This whole staff needs to go.

    • Michael Guarino

      Pretty funny.
      (But if you do your research, you’ll find offensive coordinator was forced into calling exotic passing plays when half the team announced on the Tuesday before the game that they were retiring in order to pursue coaching careers…..)…

  • Peaceful Warrior

    Talk about soft/smart scheduling. Here is Alabama’s. 4 away games. Also a cupcake before any team that is even remotely difficult. Smart to play FSU first game of season so if they lose plenty of time to rebound.

    Sat, Sep 2 vs.Florida State
    Sat, Sep 9 vs. Fresno State
    Sat, Sep 16 vs.CO State
    Sat, Sep 23 @Vanderbilt
    Sat, Sep 30 vs. Mississippi
    Sat, Oct 7 @ Texas A&M
    Sat, Oct 14 vsArkansas
    Sat, Oct 21 vs.Tennessee
    Sat, Nov 4 vs. LSU
    Sat, Nov 11 @ MS State
    Sat, Nov 18 vs. Mercer
    Sat, Nov 25 @ Auburn

    • Michael Guarino

      I like the strategic thinking that went into our schedule even better —- Notre Dame after a physical game with Utah (and after a Nortre Dame bye), Washington State on Friday after a byeless September and games with Stanford and Texas.
      I have no idea how much control USC has over the game dates for their non conference opponents, but —-assuming they have some say so—-I can’t imagine anyone looking at the date for the Notre Dame game and saying, “we lucked out!”

      • Linkster

        What would happen if USC said no to Friday night games and demanded a bye after 4-5 weeks in? Does Larry Scott control all? Since schedules are put together years in advance maybe Pat just caved in…

        • Michael Guarino

          ….it wouldn’t be like Pat to just cave in….

          • gotroy22

            He was too busy stuffing $20s into his relatives pockets to notice.

          • Michael Guarino

            That’s the kind of tiger I was referring to, gt….

      • Pudly76

        You know the irish don’t have class this week either.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          I don’t think they ever had class.

          • Michael Guarino

            Ha! That would explain their comments about black cleats being more horrendous than North Korea.

    • Arturo

      The one negative that you could take from this is that they might not be ready for a high powered offense in the Semis or Championship.

  • Gabby

    ….and a loud voice yells out from the sidelines, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    • Michael Guarino

      No, Gabby —it was, “Let Sam be Sam!”

      • Gabby

        Exactly, but that outburst came in the 2nd half. Sam lined up in the backfield as a RB and threw a halfback pass for six. Who knew the golden arm was starting to flash

        • Michael Guarino

          You remember this game like it was yesterday, Gabby!

          • Gabby

            secret footage stored in the vault….LOL!

  • Chris

    Sam was a fairly slow 7th grader.

  • Michael Guarino

    Fred —I’ll be satisfied if they’ve coached him up on hand offs……