• RegalTrojan

    I’m really hoping the all-conquering Trojan football team will show up tomorrow to beat the Irish! I’d like to wish our team, my fellow alums and fans the very best of luck in this huge game! FIGHT ON!!!

  • Pete

    Would Lynn Swann ever seriously consider hiring a air-raid coach like Mike Norvell, Dino Babers Or Scott Frost?

  • Brutus Beefcake

    oh Satan, Prince of Darkness, Father of all Lies, Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla: i never asked you for much, but me and the Rudy’s come to you at the Witching hour to ask you for VICTORY over the evil trOXans!!

    in fact, with all their lies, crimes and corruption, Southern Cal makes even YOU look like a candy-asse!!! your Will be DONE!!!!


    • RegalTrojan

      Totally insane. LOL!

    • Trojan Dynasty

      Are these verses from the good old book? Nice going, little guttie!!! lmao.

    • j metaphor

      Thy will be done, thy wishes answered, thy burger with fries!

  • fryer tuck

    Turnout was very, very much smaller than 2015.

  • Pudly76

    Gameday just showed jim mora’s surrender cobra!!

    • rusoviet

      Did it bite him? Just askin’ … come one tell me please!

      • Pudly76

        Have you seen the pic yet? Funny. One of the ruin websites posted it first!!
        Shows him on sideline with cap on and hands on his head, with his elbows turned outward. Google it, it think it still comes up.

        • rusoviet

          Yeah I saw it – read the (imes letters to the sports desk today?

          “The state of CA faces three enormous fiscal challenges: unfunded pension liabilities, support for low-income housing development and Jim Mora’s buyout.”

          • Pudly76

            How funny, I’ve got to check that out.

  • Jack B

    ucla (oh, that crappy loser bruin culture!) and Mora get totally hammered by GameDay.

    Nobody thinks Mora wants to be there anymore, problem is, he’s got a huge buyout and no other options.

    Poor little gutties. They think negative publicity is still better than no publicity at all. Good luck ucla – the land of wasted talent. You’re officially trash yet again.

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      It’s a good thing that Brilliant Elitist California Government has so much money to burn!

      • gotroy22

        I’m sure Owns and 86er will have a rebuttal for Game Day prepared soon….

        • hoohoolianFUCLA

          So you think more satan worship is coming…

    • Pudly76

      Funny stuff from the Gameday crew. So much talent, such a bad attitude. Defense lacks any effort. Truth.

      F’ da leprechaun.

      Beat the irish!

    • Lunderful

      I want Mora to stay for another 25 years. We don’t want UGLY to hire a winning coach.

    • j metaphor

      Are you OK????
      Did you swallow the gerbil?
      Remember 911 is always there for you, Dummy.
      Nice victory prediction over ND!!!!

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Good chance for another Perfect Day!

    Other teams I’m rooting for this week:

    Ducks over the Clowns

    Syracuse over MiamiSCUM

    Pitt over Dupe fascist-racists

    VTech over UNCheaters

    Penn State over Harbutthead’s michiscum jockstrapheads

    Louisville over FTC/FSU

    Tx over Team Mullet

    LSU Coach O (of course!)

    Tennessee (Yeah, like THAT’s gonna happen!)

    • j metaphor

      Bad day for you, eh, Hoo Hoo?