USC-Notre Dame Flashback, Part II


USC safety Marvin Pollard, the father of current safety C.J. Pollard, was involved in an infamous onside kick in the 1991 USC-Notre Dame game. The Trojans scored to cut the Irish’s lead to 24-20 with 1:50 remaining.

USC then tried an onside kick. The ball hit a Notre Dame player then the ground and Pollard fell on it. A game official signaled USC recovered. But then another official came over and ruled Notre Dame’s Irv Smith recovered the ball. USC coach Larry Smith came on the field to protest and the Trojans received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

USC was already angry because Notre Dame scored a TD even though Tony Brooks fumbled before crossing the goal line.

“You hear all this talk about the luck of the Irish,” Pollard said. “It makes you wonder.”

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  • Sas

    As a young kid I remember watching that game thinking we’re getting screwed when we should be pulling off a win at ND.


      We get screwed every time we play there.

      • Sas

        Except for… know…..Leinart to Jarrett.


          That was legit, but the Bush push, well…….

          • fast fred

            must of been those same damn pac 12 refs.

      • JBKayak

        I hope Desmond Reed can play with his kids on his ND injured, because of long grass meant to slow down Reggie Bush, bum leg!


    It was also the game where SC got a 1st down on a 3rd down pass play, only to have the crooked ref mark it 2 feet short, gave ND tons of momentum


    John McKay on being told that if his team didn’t leave the locker room and take the field would forfeit ” that’s the best deal we’ve ever gotten here ”

    McKay refused to take the field and have his team stand in the freezing weather waiting for the domers

    • Golden Trojan

      One of the reasons McKay has a statue and a building.

  • Golden Trojan

    It’s not luck when you have the refs on your side.

    • rusoviet

      Yeah just ask Mendy Rudolph and the Celtics

  • fast fred

    You mean the then pac 10 refs?


      It would have been the Pac 8 then

  • Grammymb

    How about Notre Lame’s onside kick to Brian Cushing. One of my favorite plays ever.

  • Manjit Toor

    Darnold plays to his potential. Name back in the heisman conversation. Defense steps up. USC 42 domers 21