Where Is The Emotion?

I also heard from former players that there was no emotion on the sideline. That coaches do not chew out players when things go wrong. That there is no sense of urgency. I could go on and on.

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  1. Everybody gets a trophy on this USC team. This last one was engraved – Proud Performer In Worst Game In USC’s History. First Place!

  2. All of that reflects leadership. Head coaches are not to be your best friend, they are to be respected, listened to, obeyed, and feared. Along the way they need to be able to raise emotions and create passion for doing what you do better than others.
    USC got smacked in the mouth and had no response. They didn’t come back and knock someone down, they cowered and wanted to leave. The coach didn’t chew anyone out or create any emotion within anyone. Sad to watch.

    • Nope, he didn’t create any emotion or bring out the best in anyone. Instead, CH practically hugged Kelly at the end of the game, as if to thank him for the demolition. This is who the coaching staff is – equivalent to a personality trait – not fixable.

      • This is where Helton should have been pissed as well. Notre Dame pulled a trick play when the game was already determined. They filled deserved the win, but that was BS.

        • UT, absolutely. It was a cheap, dumb stunt by Kelly, but what is most telling is Helton’s reaction at the end of the game. Can’t think of any top coach who would have had a love fest with the opposing coach like CH did, after getting whipped around all night long like that.

          • Do you know what Kelly was thinking during the embrace? “What a chump. Can’t wait for next year. The guy’s good with any cheap stuff I wanna throw at him.”

          • No, Kelly was about as ungracious as a loser could be at the end of last year’s game. And Adoree Jackson had a bigger role than Helton in last year’s a**-kicking of the Domers. .

          • Actually, out of respect for Clay, I didn’t want to go there. I didn’t want to say he COULDN’T STOP Adoree from scoring last year. Or that minus Adoree there might not have been the same result in last year’s Notre Dame game. I wanted to give Clay the props Cloud Sharman gave him in his post (the one in which he said Clay kicked Kelly’s butt last year).
            I totally get and agree with you, trojan_1972——Clay was nice after getting whupped and Kelly was a jerk. Here’s the hard, awful truth from the mouth of General Patton: “I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.”

          • MG, absolutely on the money. And what does it say to the Trojan players that CH is having a love fest with the coach of the team that just destroyed them – and it was the Irish – and they were yucking it up with a 4th quarter flea-flicker. Where does CH draw the line?

          • I’m beginning to think that Clay is not so hot at drawing lines. His palsy walsy approach could only work for so long. Sooner or later, the players were going to forget being “saved” from Sark —-and want a real, slam bam Head Coach. Clay shoulda seen this coming and course corrected his management style over spring ball. I couldn’t believe it when he was putting a happy face on players leaving or “retiring” from the program. Everything is not fine and he’d gain in credibility if he said so [and vowed to get these players toughened up for the hard road ahead—–easier said then done at this point but it’s a matter of emphasis].

          • Clay was the rebound coach from the nightmare years – and as you note, that has a short shelf life

          • Perfectly stated. Beyond that Clay has virtually LOCKED himself into the Gentleman Jim persona. He’s so practiced (and good ) at it now, he can’t break out —-even when it’s called for. He’s hamstrung himself.

          • My apologies, trojan_1972 —I initially got you confused with Cloud Sharman (writing on behalf of Coach Helton’s success LAST year).

        • Would you also criticize Pete Carroll for doing other teams dirty like that?
          It was poetic justice when Harbaugh gave him a taste of his own medicine. So beautiful.


          • Wrong, GS. It’s not beautiful or poetic when it’s done to us.

          • It’s just the way I honestly look at everything, GS. It seems to work for me…..

          • Therein lies some true wisdom, MG. We’ve all got our biases — it’s those that are in denial and can’t admit to them that should worry all us.

    • A couple of things. The first it was not a good idea to hire the cool substitute teacher who hasn’t been a full time teacher yet. The qualities that made people like you will not allow you to make fundamental changes that need to be made. Helton was hired because he is an integrous person who wants to the kids to grow as individuals first, not as football players as many will not go on the NFL. USC is the wrong school for him because he will choose faith, family and football in that order. To keep his job he will have to fire his coordinators and get those that can deliver a team that can play smashmouth football on both sides of the ball.

  3. Hey wolf, I find it hard to believe a former d-lineman would text you. Post a screenshot or it didn’t happen

    (Walk-On’s don’t count)

    • He’s got all kinds of “former players ” texting. It seems it’s always about pad level.

      • The D-Line’s pad level is actually not great. There get-off is high right after their 1st / 2nd step and they are not consistently getting off their blocks. That’s all technique.

    • Gab give him (Wolf) credit – we have this site to vent and interact and it is loaded with great and not so great posts because we have a huge fan base that loves USC.

      Man look at the conference – Stanford, WA and WA St. are the Pac-12 North. I’d say Stanford has the best coach and just might win the north.

      As for the south well it’s turning real fast into a mess.

      The Pac-12 is out of the final four this year and deservedly so.

      Helton is a very very average coach who never should have been given that contract two years ago next month.

    • Maybe he was impressed that the blogger calls them like he sees them instead of kissing up to the coaching staff and administrators.

    • You were the one that challenged me when I said SC was not at the same level of Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State. You said some cliche like “there is a lot of football still yo be played.” How much more evidence do you need? Your as clueless as Helton.

      • Bernie, thanks for checking Gaby the homer. He conveniently forgot that he had posted his bad analysis of an overrated team on this blog for everyone to see…and that what goes up on the ‘nets stays up on the ‘nets forever.

      • Hey bernie, I’m not taking the bait. There are still numerous goals to achieve….move on

        • I agree. Do we fire Helton? Where will we stay for the Las Vegas Bowl? How do we explain the loss to Az St.? How do we stop the drop in attendance at the Coliseum? Yup, there are goals for sure

  4. Listening to your questions post-game last night, Scottie, I have the same criticism. You seem very bored by it all – your readers probably count on your for some more incisive questions. I know it’s not your style. You’d rather slither a question in and then smack the person on your blog – not really courageous, but it’s your brand.

  5. Hey cakes and owns, your boi Huntley was 12 for 25, 87 yards passing , one INT, for a passer rating of, get this, 39. He had happy feet throughout game and wouldn’t stay in the pocket…….sorry packed fans

  6. There is a simple 2-step formula for winning championships. 1) You must run the ball on offense. 2) You must stop the run on defense. That means that those O-linemen and D-linemen, the LB’s and the O-line and D-line position coaches are immensely important. That’s not to say that other players and coaches are not important. But championship teams always win the battle at the LOS. That’s where every play starts. It’s a simple formula. Why doesn’t every team in college football follow it? Because not every team has the tradition and money to get the best players and coaches. None of those things are a problem with SC. So what’s the problem? Great coaches demand the opportunity to do things their way and they don’t work for free. The board of trustees at SC doesn’t want that type of a coach. They want someone that they can control. They’ll never hire a Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh or even a James Franklin or Chris Petersen. Those guys are not going to be asking the board of trustees how they can coach the team. James Franklin would have taken the SC job in a heartbeat. They never even talked to him, as far as I know. I read an article by the AD at Washington that hired Petersen. He said “the difference between our interviews and SC’s interviews when we were hiring Petersen is that we used the ‘recruiting’ approach’ and they used the ‘probing approach’. What does that mean? It means Washington went to him and said “we think you are one of the best coaches in football…..what can we do to help you win a NC”? Th3ey recruited him like they would recruit a great athlete. SC went to Petersen and said “let’s see if you qualify to coach the great SC…..You’re going to have to handle the media this way and the alumni that way and the boosters another way” and after they gave him 20 hoops to jump through in order to coach the team the way they wanted him to, then maybe, just maybe, he might have the opportunity to become the next USC football coach. No great coach is going to put up with that non-sense. They didn’t hire Petersen because they didn’t want him and that became clear to Petersen during those 2 interviews. They’ve been talking about playing physical, smashmouth football since the days of Kiffen. Why hasn’t it happened? Because we haven’t hired a HC and O-line coach and D-line coach who can come in here and change the culture like Harbaugh did at Stanford. It will be interesting to see what CH does after this season as to whether he fires some of those coaches on offense. We have plenty of talent of offense and yet this offense has underperformed all year. If they don’t change some of those coaches, the same thing will happen next year. I don’t care who they recruit.

    • Here’s the deal —Coach Kelly is a bad a** (a tired old bad a** but a bad a** all the same) who wanted bad a**es as coordinators this year—-and he went out and got ’em. Accordingly, they have his full fledged support —-as well as the full fledged support of the the university because Notre Dame was deeply embarrassed by it’s 4-8 record last year. No matter who Clay gets as coordinators, the players will come running to Clay for love —-and he won’t be able to resist giving it to them. That kind of undermines the “everything will be good” with new coordinators argument.
      Your analysis of why USC didn’t want Petersen is spot on!

  7. like many on the blog, i got screamed at for years by football coaches. later in life when i had to work for a living, i found this gave me an advantage over others who would melt under any criticism or pressure. the outfit always follows the personality of the leader, and this leader is WAY too nice. a special guey like Petey can get by being Mr Positive, but Hell-Ton aitnt that Guey!!!


    • That is the first thing I think I have ever agreed with that has come out of your mouth Chuck or any of your other aliases. You are correct, Helton is NOT that guy.

    • Helton didn’t think it was his place to scream or criticize, BB. He —and the rest of the staff—-were waiting for The Real Head Coach to do it.

      • reminds me i was watching a ‘Bama blow out…..maybe 66-3 or such. a lineman jumped at the snap and ‘Bama had to kick a PAT from 5 yds back which they did. next shot is of Saban on the sideline shows him stomping around red-faced like a maniac screaming at the lineman, the coach, and any one in the area.

        very informative.

        • When Saban was absolutely crushing Notre Dame in the NC game, an Alabama corner got lost on a play (late in the 4th quarter) and Saban began tearing at his clothes, waving his arms and screaming.
          All of a sudden, it hit me: This man wanted a flawless game and he’s inconsolable cuz he got close—-and, in his mind, one bad play deprived him of it. Coach Saban is not a go along, get along coach —-he’s a perfectionist. And anyone going to Alabama knows EXACTLY how much is gonna be expected of them. Unfortunately, the same goes for anybody who puts on the cardinal and gold hat on signing day and says, “I’m going to play for Coach Helton.” They, too, know EXACTLY how much is gonna be expected of them.

      • So correct! Getting yelled at? It never hurt any of us, did it Arturo? Where did Clay get the idea that he needs to be the players’ favorite uncle? I think it comes from still thinking of himself as a position coach —-an ever-loving, give out the hugs position coach. And that’s not what being a Head Coach is all about..

    • He can change his name, but he is still the Ugly Bucket.

      Gave you an “advantage” at what?– Making candy? Isn’t that what you do, or did before you became so uselessly elderly?

    • Even I admit that #WolfPack is sometimes way off but, like him or not, he often does have the scoops before most others.

    • Credit where credit is due —-Scott has called B.S. on Kiffin, Sark, Haden, Browne and Helton. Sure, that doesn’t make for light fan reading —-but —he’s been ahead of the curve on a hell of a lot of stuff.

  8. Wolf, I already see a few of the sunshine pumper homers saying that it’s absolutely #fakenews that a current football player texted you you with thoughts from Inside USC football.
    Keep stating the truth, Wolf. #WolfPack has your back.

  9. John McKay once quipped that his wife Corkey was very emotional but was a lousy football player.

    What difference does emotion make when the defense is chasing a fast quarterback on the flanks? Would emotion make them faster?

  10. Lot of remarks with emotion…I will add,reminds me of being in court ,and then see opposing lawyers afterwards having lunch together and laughing, on your money.

  11. The emotion took a one way flight, very far away, after the Rose Bowl win against Penn State

    • Last year they were 1-3 and they turned it around. I’m not sure that will happen this year although I hope it does. They really do have a lot of injuries that they didn’t have last year. Viane went down and they put in a freshman to take his place. But against ND, Vorhees got hurt. Who did they put in to replace him? I don’t even know. Who’s the 3rd string right guard?

  12. Helton needs to stay the same. However, his assistant coaches need to be tyrants.

    • You could be right. I don’t have enough inside info to say yes or no. But I do think Helton is learning on the job. He’s a fast learner. He’s going to be a different coach in 3 years. Not exactly my ideal situation. I would never have hired an on-the-job trainee. But they did. But he is learning. I’d say give him a chance. I’m saying that even though I don’t think they will beat ASU. As I said before, he hasn’t put a bunch of bumbling idiots on the field who look like the keystone cops. They are 15-2 in their last 17 games including a win over Penn State and Washington. I say give him a chance.

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