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USC opened as a 3.5-point favorite over Arizona State. Remember, USC is 1-7 against the spread this season. Also, I hear cornerback Iman Marshall could be out 3-4 weeks with an injury.

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  • Gabby

    No disrespect to Marshall, but that might help clear up one of our issues on defense

    • Nah, no disrespect there with that comment. It is like in court when a lawyer says to the judge, “With all due respect…,” you know a zinger is on its way.

      But it is true that the kid has had a poor year, and now this injury to top it off.

  • Brutus Beefcake

    lets go Sun DEVILS!!!


    • rusoviet

      You all goin’ up to Seattle to face the Huskies….worry about yer’ own sorry back ends as we, admittedly, worry about Heltonska….

    • Arturo

      Cuidado. No te metes con el Diablo.

    • Lucky for you, Bucket, there is no He-l.

      • Brutus Beefcake

        there is….and i’ll see you there, Wolcott.

  • rusoviet

    Hmmm well if they (USC) loses I hope the return flight’s bus doesn’t have a delay at the West Imperial Highway

  • 04Trojan

    Did we game plan all off season just to pound Stanford? Last night was a joke.


    Take ASU and give the points

    • Ed Garrett

      u a bruin! u a bruin!

      – jack b

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Reign of Troy says:

    USC opened as a six-point favorite over the Sun Devils, per Sports Book Review.

    scoresandodds says 3 (and the clowns are 17-point DOGS)

  • Aloha Trojan

    Iman Marshall is horrible, a penalty machine, gets beat every play, no biggie (no pun intended) to lose him. ASU will probably beat USC, I hate to say. At this point, it Is what it is.

    • David Keeling

      Biggie had promise & talent but his bad luck came when Pat Haden hired Clay Helton. No good assistant coach would work for a HC learning on the job and at a major football program. It was a set up for disaster. No matter how well the team played last year, you have to think the long term in hiring a HC. Last year’s team had just enough talent & experience to win despite any coaching. But we sure see that void this year!

      • Jack B

        How much coaching does it take to teach someone not to commit pass interference? Not much based on my experience. IMO, lack of coaching has never been Grabby’s problem. He just lacks talent. Sure he’s fast with good size. But there’s plenty of guys like that who can’t play DB worth a lick.

        If Grabby were at ND or UW or TEXAS, he’d still be getting beat like a drum. Dude has no hips for the CB position and that can’t be coached into someone who doesn’t have it.

        • David Keeling

          If our DBs aren’t doing what is necessary, and I am not thrilled with Jack’s performance either, then Clancy needs to trash the man and play zone for Gosh sake.

    • Jack B

      I think we’ll beat ASU, but we may wish we hadn’t, as it gets Helton a little off the hot seat.

      Make no mistake about it, last night’s historic ND loss puts CH in a precarious spot. If he also loses to ASU, I say he’s that much closer to being written off at USC and dismissed by Swann.

  • Pete

    3.5 favorites? Based on what. We have a football offense that can’t even snap the ball correctly. Look at Penn St. Same QB comes back. USC same QB comes back. SC QB touted as a Heisman candidate. Clearly McSorley is playing better because the players around him are playing better then last year. McSorley was a 3 Star coming out of high school. And this excuse about injuries being the cause is a bunch of BS. Injuries do play a part, but coaches know that’s part of the game. When you have the talent like SC has the drop off shouldn’t be that much. It can be if your not developing the players. SC runs a third and one play that they’ve run before in other games with no success and they can’t figure out why it doesn’t work again. This is the definition of insanity. And then they miss the field goal. ND had 85 recruits at the game. What do you think they we’re thinking after the 1st half.
    Like i said after the Texas game, this is not the coaching staff to take them to the CFP. Next week against Ariz St is not going to go well. Todd Graham is a very good defense coach and is salivating because he knows his Arizona team is more physical then SC.

    • schammer47

      Bubba Pete, the Trojan 2017 season injuries and inexperience are the ONLY two valid excuses, IMO.

      • While I am closer to schammer’s read on the team than 97% of the other “Trojan fans,” I have to say that there are other reasons for the team not being top caliber, such as opposing teams stopping Sam’s rollouts, less ability of the wideouts to get open, and a lack of talent on the defensive line to stop running backs, and the offensive line’s inability to consistently open holes for Jones.

        The 97% of the SC “fans” keep pointing to the coaches’ inabilities, but I think the SC boys are over-rated in the talent department.

        That said, this team has brought me a lot of pleasure this year with its true grit in pulling games out they should have lost, and I look forward to a few more thrilling games.

        • schammer47

          Mr Wolcott, Like you, I am convinced that the SC 2017 players and their backups are over-rated. From the get-go, the 2017 Team has less talent on offense and defense then Helton”s WORLD BEATER 2016 TROJAN TEAM.

  • Arturo

    USC will win in Tempe. ASU is going through their own tough stretch with U-dub, Utah, and now SC coming to town. They will lose because of mistakes like personal fouls and turnovers. It doesn’t mean SC is really that good, but hey with this bunch and this listless staff, I’ll take 7-2 every day of the week.

    • Traveler

      OR…ASU is on an upswing, having won two in a row over teams that were favored to beat them…UW and Utah. They will be confident and ready to trash the trojans. Be honest.

      • Arturo

        I may be too optimistic, but I am always honest, College football and it’s 18 to 22 year olds are predicatably unpredictable. Both USC and Utah lost big after having played an emotionally draining, nail biter. Both teams were hungover, with other things factoring in as well. Neither SC or Utah are this bad. Conversely, I don’t think ASU is that good. In fact, they remind me of SC- bad Dlines but loaded with pretty good athletes. SC will look to rebound after the ND debacle. All these factors point to a Trojan Victory.
        Every college football team is inconsistent. Heck, even Bama has to schedule FCS opponents to avoid upsets. OhioSt blown out by Oklahoma..there are just a ton of examples. You could be right, I think you just want Helton gone and I don’t blame you for that, Traveler.

        • Traveler

          As a lifelong SC fan since 1967, I have lost my ability to remain optimistic for very long when it comes to Trojan football. Other than last season, and a string of great years with PC, Trojan football has been hit-or-miss, up-and-down, inside out for decades. It’s hard to explain the maddening inconsistency, but I fault inept leadership, HC’s to AD’s to UP’s over the years…never blame the young men on the field. The atmosphere in and around the program has gone from upbeat to toxic so many times you have to wonder if anyone in charge is really interested in, or capable of, repairing the cracked foundation. I don’t think ASU is that good either, but it seems their young men, under the guidance of a very capable coach, have turned the corner with their last two big upset wins. They have momentum. SC has not turned the corner at…they’ve fallen on their faces. Hard to imagine they’ll come out looking like the team that beat Stanford, but wouldn’t it be grand if they did? Winning out, and a trip to the Rose would be a great way to end the season.

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Does it surprise anyone else that Stanford has the PAC12’s highest scoring Offense and that we are #2? (#3 AZ, #4 Wazzu, #5 Cal!!)

  • David Keeling

    This game will be in Tempe. If the team plays like it did this last week, it will get ugly again as ASU is on a roll. I wouldn’t want to be in Clay Helton’s shoes.

  • Grammymb

    Fake news. Only gamblers care about the spread. Which shouldn’t be allowed anyways. Give it up already.