Player Spotlight: Dan Ficca

Defensive tackle Dan Ficca was an All-American at USC but it’s unlikely you heard of him if you weren’t around from 1958-60. One reason is Ficca was a UPI second-team All-American and USC only officially recognizes first-team All-Americans.

So ponder this: You can make second team on a prestigious team (UPI) and not be an official All-American. But you can be first team on a joke team (College Sports Madness) and get a plaque at the McKay Center. Makes sense.

Ficca was from Atlas, Penn., and I believe recruited by Al Davis, an assistant at USC before he became Raiders owner.

18 thoughts on “Player Spotlight: Dan Ficca

  1. I went to those games, he was one of the best, largest tackles, bigger than all American Ron Mix

  2. We have a crisis going on, and you post some random thought from 1950’s……and you wonder why no one takes you seriously

    No disrespect Mr Ficca

    • I take it seriously, I went to games back then…those guys never came out of the game, they played both ways…have a little respect…SC needs to remember its past, to get this mess fixed.

    • Scott was just trying to give you a brief respite from the dumpster fire meltdown.
      You should be thanking him.

    • He’s a lot bigger than some of the players suited up as Trojans looked like Saturday night on our ‘O’ line.

  3. SW has a legit point here. To think that College Sports Madness is what our All-America wall is about now is a real disservice to past and real USC All-Americas. Nothing’s ever perfect.

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