Special Teams Suggestion

I would like to see USC drop two players back on punt returns. But I’m sure special teams coach John Baxter would shoot down such a suggestion.

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  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Did Adoree need help last year?


      No, but he knew what he was doing

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      What does that have to do with THIS group? THAT was Adoree. These guys are NOT Adoree. They aren’t even “ado.”

      (who amongst you gets that?)


    That makes sense, which means it won’t be done.

  • 22

    I asked John Baxter about that very issue at a coaching clinic some years ago. With two men back, not only can you field the short kicks, but I think it improves the run-back opportunities because the returner has a blocker directly in front and can break either left of right from the blocker. But since no one does it, I asked John “what am I missing?” His answer was that it is more important to go after the gunners.

    Many fans like to criticize the coaches when things don’t go well. Some of the criticism may have merit, but much of the time people don’t know the constrains that the coaches have to work with. This season, and Saturday especially, have been disappointing, but no true fan will abandon his/her team or make their job more difficult during the season. We have 4 games to go. Let’s make the most of them.

  • StokaNoka

    Like the idea of 2 return men. Both need to be willing to block though. I remember in ’12 when they had Robey/Woods fielding punts. Not the best results but Woods was dangerous and was willing to throw himself out there to get Robey some room

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I remember 2 back on punt returns,one was there to help protect or block for the other…works for me

  • j metaphor

    I think that after your called ND shot the coaches and fans of SoCal are finally realizing you are almost always right. It’s not popular at Denial U to speak the ugly truth but you alone seem to have the courage to act as SoCal’s conscience.
    Your truth shall set them free!

  • steveg

    Ken Niumatalolo, next USC coach.

    • Chris

      He runs a triple option offense. He is a good coach and great leader. But no way triple option is going to fly at USC. They will want pro style offense.

  • English 101

    Suggestion for Sports Editor – I would like to see a new beat “writer” for USC.