29 thoughts on “USC Stat Of The Day

  1. Who is responsible for most of those turnovers? Oh, the greatest QB in USC history according to SW. LOL!

    • The guy who can do no wrong. It’s like Hillary, it’s always someone else’s fault, according to Wolf, never Sammy.

    • when a receiver drops the ball,2 times this happened and Sam gets the blame? and a high bad snap Sam gets the blame…try and look into the facts…please

      • Enough with the bad snap. He was ready and it hit him in THE HANDS. It was 100% his fault. Watch the replay. And the Int was 100% his fault. Sam is the big reason we are as bad offensively as we are.

        • Sam is by no means thee reason we are struggling, however the sheen if off Mr. Darnold. I would be shocked if he turned pro considering where improvements are mandated.

          • If Sam has half of the stupid turnovers that are his alone, our offense looks a ton better. He is not the only person struggling, but he is certainly the biggest contributor to our poor offensive play. Our line is a very close 2nd.

          • Why would that shock you when underachieving Rosen is one foot out the door at 4-3 f uucla already?

    • Exactly…. Scottie likes to protect Sam on this stuff. His narrative last year was that Sam erased many mistakes by the coaching staff. This year, he’s exacerbating them. Let’s hope this is the second week in a row with no Season of Sam podcast. Let that idea die a swift death. (Sorry Yogi!)

    • The problem is the defense and special teams are not getting their fair share. Sam’s have not cost the team a victory at ND or WSU which might be incorrect. Not scoring a TD from the 3 yd, line was the big turnover settling for a FG. He misses Smith-Schuster, Rodgers, Jackson, even Justin Davis, Issac Whitney who had 2 vs. ucla, and a healthy Daniel Imartobhebhe.

  2. So that’s what SC is good at! Thank you Sammy. SD has a lot of work ahead to catch San Jose, but I think he can do it.

  3. Indecisiveness, bad play calling, and a weak offensive line, also causes turnovers, football is a team sport.

    • I’ve been searching all season for just the right word to describe Sam and the USC offense —–“indecisive.” Exactly the opposite of how they played the latter half of last season.
      Partly, it’s a function of poor o-line play—-but even when Sam gets the time to throw, he still seems indecisive. I’d love to know what is going on upstairs with Sam. He seems like a completely different player.

      • Sam Darnold has more things to think about now, then he did last season. The coaching staff should have spent all of the off season trying to improve the players around Darnold, like the offensive line, and running game, as oppose to putting all the eggs into his basket, again, thinking he could rescue them

        • So THAT explains that look on his face every time he comes on the field. It’s hard not to feel sorry for him. But it is what it is.
          He needs to take hold of this bad situation and make the best of it. Let it rip.

  4. I would aim for running the ball 30+ times in Tempe this Saturday. As it pains to say, need to take the ball put Darnolds hands more until he can be trusted not to cough it up twice a game

    • And not counting Darnold scrambles/sacks (I know in college they count sacks as -rushing yds)

  5. Now I know I’m right about Sam’s hand being hurt. He’s been limping around with a bad ankle since Washington State? He’s like Lou Gehrig – That guy loved to play. he played with broken hands and a broken leg. (according to legend) So Sam doesn’t want to be benched and keeps his hurting hands to himself. He had little or no problem with his hands last year.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he has a busted knuckle or worse. But it’s hard to diagnose from 56 rows up.

  6. Question. Which team has played the nation’s 5th toughest schedule? Yep, USC.

    Thanks for that fact SW. Will somebody call ’em both ways? A little good with some of the bad? It can’t be all bad, all the time, right?


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