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  1. As many have noted does Coach Clay Helton intend to discipline the antics of Jones and others that are incurring unecessary penalties during the game as well as cracking down on the ‘selfie’ behavior during the game?

  2. What doesn’t he like the I formation or at least a fullback and why go off the shotgun on 4th and short?

  3. Does he think the Trojans will come out flat against ucla given this game falls between a clinched division championship and conference championship game?

  4. The best player Kiffin ever ruined Robert Woods just caught a 94 yd TD pass … are you amazed Sam Darnold can continue on despite your lack of coaching ?

    • Woods just scored again. Player for player, maybe Alabama, nobody has more talent than sc. I see 15 or so players playing on Sunday, yet we loose to cougars and get hammered by domers. No other explanation. It’s on the coaches.

  5. Have you considered using a triple tight end set with a fullback in a short yardage and goal line situations? If you have, why have you rejected the idea, particularly in view of the repeated failures of the one-back / split receivers set? If not, why not, particularly in view of the repeated failures of the one-back / split receivers set?

  6. Definitely ask why we play from the Shotgun on 4th and 1. How about a fullback or Extra tight end in the backfield.?

    • You little gutties need to ask your own beat writer why you stink every year?

      Also, why would your hoops team disgrace all humanity (the entire human race) according to Bill Walton?

    • the fact that u never repsond to jack b shows that u also considder him too be a compleat joke, i like that, any one that up sets him he calls a bruin, hes the wosrt of collage sports,

  7. According to wolf, he doesn’t read the comments posted . With that being said, your questions are falling on deaf ears

  8. Have you addressed with Bradford to poor man on man technique the corners have displayed this season and what do you plan to do in the future if it continues?

  9. Gabby, actually, Scott has read such responses before when he has called for them. He asked Pete Carroll one of my questions and got a rather evasive response. My questions had to do with his “hire the best coaches” strategy upon being named HC, then firing Norm and hiring his Godson as OC.

  10. Here’s one more. Granted the Pac12 officiating hasn’t been stellar all season however, this team has consistently causing more penalties than any other team in Pac12. What are you doing to addressing the problem and why isn’t it getting corrected?

  11. Isn’t winning the Pac 12 South a hollow victory, inasmuch as USC is nowhere near the FBS Playoff discussion due to its sloppy, uninspiring performance for most the season?

  12. Another sad commentary. I get the kiffin hire. Pete just left, garret was trying to save the recruiting class, and kiffin coached in the NFL and was the head coach of Tennessee. He almost beat Alabama if it wasn’t for mount codys field goal block. It was a hit or miss. But, what was Hayden thinking. I think that old fool was looking it. First sarksian, and you had to know the dudes drinking issues, and then Helton, good guy, he’ll my 90 year old grandma is a good person, doesn’t mean I’m going to let her drive my car, no even close to being head coach of the blue blood program. I’m caught in a bad situation, I can’t root for the Trojans to loose, and if usc wins out Helton will be back. It’s a loose loose situation.

    • Ha! No one in their right mind would fess up to that.

  13. What are the areas of emphasis for recruiting? How many LA area recruits will he have at this game?

  14. Question: Please tell us EXACTLY what bad thing you THINK would happen if you benched Jack Jones……

  15. What is his approach on discipline for players committing penalties or celebrating too early? (Joseph Lewis phone pic comes to mind)

  16. What’s up with your Strength and Conditioning coach? Why not allow Sam to call plays from the HUDDLE? Why does your Offensive Coordinator choke in the RED ZONE? Why not play your freshmen who are better, bigger and stronger than your SO, Jr, or Sr? Why do you play players who are obviously injuried? Why do you recruit TEs when you never use them? Are you a disciplinarian? What’s up with your Special Teams, no TDs all year? Do you believe you can lead USC to a NATTY?

  17. My main question is, are you going to keep Neil Callaway as O-line coach for next season? (If he answers; I think Coach Callaway is doing a wonderful job, then you know Helton either can’t get anyone better to work for him, or he is oblivious to how poorly coached his O-line is)

  18. Any chance Helton can find a new USC beat writer for the Daily News? Current one can’t spell and hates USC.

    • I can answer that one for you, FightOn. Yes, Helton has someone new lined up—- his name is Will Ferrell.

      • Mike heading out this Friday for a week vacation to the UK back on the 25th – haven’t been over since ’84 – old friend of mine from grad school days when I was in Ireland – didn’t get the degree then but instead great memories – anyway I’ll be fast asleep (1:00 am) when kickoff ensues this coming weekend – get the result on the internet on the morrow.
        e-mail – u can figure – yah

        • Safe and soul satisfying trip, my friend. Outside of my home country, Italia, nothing beats visiting the UK for me! I’ve never decided who has the better pubs —Ireland or England. [Hope you wake up to a very pleasing USC/UCLA score —-something in the vicinity of a 49 to 27 USC victory].

  19. Who was responsible for deciding to play Porter Gustin in the Texas game just days removed from surgery to repair a fracture in his big toe? Wasn’t it irresponsible to jeopardlze his whole season especially for a non-conference game? Did the medical staff actually sign off on this reckless decision?

  20. What do you believe is holding USC back from playing for a national championship? How does USC get to the level where the Notre Dame debacle doesn’t happen again?

  21. Is USC recruiting corners who are better than JJ and Grabby and if not, why not?

    Same question for our entire OL.

    • JJ has ability, just not maturity. And that has gotten old…and costly.

      Belichick would say:

      “Do your job, JJ. You have a specific job on each down and formation. If you don’t understand what your assignment is, study the design harder, and feel free to ask questions. If you do understand your assigned job, then DO your job!

      And the next time you get a taunting penalty, or any of that nonsense, you’re not long for this team.”

  22. Who’s the one coach on your staff capable of jacking up this team before big games, or any games for that matter? Or do you believe motivation is over-rated, or purely self-generated?

  23. How do you fix the half time and 3rd quarter problems?
    Why are you happy with crumbs from the table?
    Will the team and coaches play a whole game from start to finish?

  24. What do you see yourself doing after football or next season whichever ends soonest?

    • And follow up with isn’t having cell phones on the sideline a violation of NCAA rules?

  25. With Tee Martin both OC and WR position coach, do you think that might have hindered the WR’s to develop and come along quicker this year?

    Do you intend to split the duties in the future and hire a WR coach who has no other duties and make the OC concentrate on the offense only?

  26. I have a few, but you rarely ask good questions to the coaching staff. It’s always Adam Maya or Dan Webber or Keely Euore who ask the really good questions.

  27. why do you have a FB ( Ruben Peters) on your roster if you aren’t ever going to use him ? Not even in short yardage situations?

  28. I still have questions about the play calling. Tee Martin is another one who is learning on the job. I guess he’s better than he was in game one but he’s far from being an excellent play caller. I watched the game between Long Beach Poly and JSerra. Whoever was calling the plays for JSerra was 5 times the play caller that Martin is. Talent-wise, it was the men against the boys with Poly being the men. It look like a high school team playing a junior high team. Yet Poly only won 54-44. What kept Serra in the game was that play caller. He was calling plays according to what the defense was giving them and what the defense was trying to take away. Tee Martin quite often uses the grab bag method of calling plays. SC ought to hire that JSerra OC.

  29. So Scott Wolf’s question for Clay Helton was, “I asked Helton why lining up in a shotgun formation is a good idea on short-yardage situations.

    “We’re comfortable right now in the shotgun. (The advantage is) the tailback lines up right behind the quarterback.”

    So Clay Helton doesn’t get the fact a FB lined up in the backfield along with Jones or whoever, that FB could be a lead blocker and clear out one of the defenders. Instead Helton would rather have Darnold in the shotgun handing off to Jones or whoever with no lead blocker for him.

    So here is the thing, Helton has Darnold in the shotgun, say it’s 3rd and 1, so Darnold being in the shotgun is already 4 to 5 yards in the backfield behind the line of scrimmage, so if Jones or whoever is in there and they’re lined up a yard or two behind Darnold then Jones is basically being asked to pick up 6 to 7 yards in order to get the first down on what is 3rd and 1 and he has to pick up all those yards with no blockers except a banged up inexperienced offensive line. All the while the linebackers are shooting the gaps.

    If Helton is not going to provide a FB to block for Jones on short yardage, then Darnold should be pitching the ball to Jones so he can bounce outside with it. It’s not rocket science, but to Helton…it might be.

  30. It is stunning that 11 games into the season, there has been no experimentation at all with Darnold under center in a jumbo package of some kind.

    I guess they think Sam may lose his edge if, on even one play, he doesn’t have to focus hard, in case the impending snap sails way too high.

  31. Here’s a question for Clay Helton, “How terrified are you that teams ahead of USC in the CFP rankings start to tumble and the Trojans end up in the playoffs with the #4 ranking and the Trojans get matched up against Alabama, where you will be out coached and humiliated again”?

  32. 1. Are you planning to upsize from a smedium?

    2. Do you wish you had more TOs to burn each half?

    3. How long did it take you to coach receivers to run routes 1-2 yards short of the first down?

    4. Do you ever think you should be giving your paycheck to Darnold?

    5. Do you toil over what to have for the after game treat ( ice cream or something healthy like orange wedges)?

  33. Does any other top 5 team practice in shorts every practice? except volleyball, basketball?

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