Welcome To The Clown Conference

Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Steven Montez #12 ...

USC is going to play Stanford, Washington or Washington State in the Pac-12 title game. For a second, forget that USC is involved and just look at the logistics:

One team will have a bye. The other team will be playing two games in six days. What other conference would do this? Can you imagine the SEC or Big Ten pulling this?

Is the entertainment value of this game going to be optimal in this scenario?

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  1. Every other conference puts schools of conference 1st and networks 2nd. Tennis Larry let’s the TV networks treat the PAC 12 like a red headed step child.

    • The only conference worse than the PAC 12 is the Mountain West, they’ll have their teams play on any day at any time.

      • I heard the MW has numerous coaching vacancies. Sounds like the MW will be calling you. Get the resume ready…..

  2. Unfortunately we have Larry Scott who makes three million a year, no contract with Direct Tv for the amateurish Pac12 network and one of the poorest contracts of all conferences for football rights with ESPN. So now we have stuff like this going on with the byes, friday night games etc. it really is a Clown conference as far as how its administered

    • Isn’t $ 3million what Clown College was paying St. Pat? (I mean not including that charity income he had coming in). Still love to know more about that “National Search firm” he used to pick Sark & Coach Clay. Probably no issues with those transactions, ya think?

      • This is like paying a 4-8 coach 4 mil a year. Plus giving him an extension through 2021 with 12 mil buyout.

        • Not really. Mora has beaten you 3 of 5 times and IF you win this game, (you won’t) you have only managed to tie him during his tenure. That’s worth some money to me. St. Pat’s issue was at best ignoring the problem he knew about with Sark and allegedly and probably knowingly fleecing a charity. That’s different.

          • Amazing stat: Since 1998 and Cade McNown, ucla has stumbled into beating USC only 4X. That started off the Curse of Cade.

            Since 1998, ucla hasn’t sniffed one single conference championship. USC has beat ucla 14X, soon to be 15X and won 5 Rose Bowls.

            ucla is now 5-5 and on the verge of not even making it into another low level bowl game.

            You’ve gotta love all this if you’re a Trojan fan. Our mini-rivals are in the dumpster again!

          • Good news is all the Bears will be in hibernation after this weekend. Even Owns is having trouble showing his face this week. Also the China syndrome is still in full force.

          • Once again they will petition to go to a bowl with only 5 wins. It is the bRuin way after all.

          • Be careful what you wish for and apparently foolishly believe. If Mora somehow pulls out a win Saturday he just might save his job and we know you don’t want that. Probably better for you to just keep quiet and come back next season.

      • Bingo … That as a scam
        USC football the gift that keeps on giving to born losers
        Gomer Hilton making 3 mil a year … Only in America

      • It’s been said by many that if an Athletic Director needs a Search Firm to hire a Coach, then he isn’t qualified to be an Athletic Director. USC has proven that point.

    • Thanks to Larry Scott the two best teams in the Pac 12 North played at 10PM EST Friday night.

    • As far as being a conference commissioner, Larry Scott is a loser but his employers love him and accept his failures.

  3. We actually should blame the college presidents in the conference who allow Scott to get away with this. Scott must have something on all of them. When can we get rid of him or how can we go about getting rid of him?

    • Scott didn’t get his way. His one strong point was being a deal maker. He had Texas, OU, OSU and another Texas team to be determined, But the presidents weren’t willing to make a deal with letting Texas keep the Longhorn network as it was unless the PAC 12 negotiated a better deal. UT would love to have loved to gotten out of it on renegotiation by now. The prezs said no. Now he’s basically washed up, a one trick pony that wasn’t allowed to do his trick..

    • Here’s how you get rid of him.
      Start your Scott Wolf for Commissioner campaign.
      You kill two birds.

  4. Referring to the conference as the “Clown Conference” is tacky but not below this blogger. Born an effeminate wimp he is jealous of these masculine players.

  5. Starts with the clown at the top who can’t get his network on the largest provider’s lineup. A close second is the horrific crop of officials they trot out every year. They all make Gomer look competent by comparison.

  6. Hey wolf, where is your loyalty? It seems to be directed towards USC opponents. Having a bye before the CCG is a gift, why s**t on it?

    Low football QI is the only answer to the questions

  7. Hey, USC earned this bye, which is actually like two byes in a row because we get to pick on ucla this Saturday, But make no mistake about it. USC earned this position the hard way.

    You can criticize USC football for not making the POs, but the Trojans earned this advantage by beating up on the P12 South, as well as STAN and CAL.

    • Jacquie,
      Rosen is going to take you down on Saturday.
      You can run for 400 yards and will still lose the game, you bloated, hairy bag of wind.
      Can’t wait for Saturday to see how many pics Sam barfs up.

      • Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
        Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
        Sing with me, just for today
        Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away
        Dream on
        Dream on

        • You seem pretty confident for a team that took the second half off because they knew they had it in the bag.
          They are probably just as confident as you are, which is great.
          I’m sure the inspired leadership and strategery of Coach Clay will get them fired up.

          • You talking about the PAC 12 Coach Of The Year. But don’t feel bad there’s actually many USC fans who will be sick to they’re stomachs as well.

          • Seriously I’m not messing with ya. Who else, Maybe Leach but USC will beat them by 3 touchdowns unless they lose to UW which means Helton wins it anyway. Give a coach?

          • J—-sorry—-but you shouldn’t even watch what happens to UCLA on Saturday. I say this outta love —–just check the score afterwards on ESPN. That’ll be torture enough.

    • I agree! We had to win the PAC-12 South with no bye week. We had to play Wash St. on a short week with no byes. ND had 2 weeks to prepare for us and we had no bye week plus injuries! It is never fair! That is college football!

  8. Careful, Wolfman. Clown Conference is a potential copyright infringement of the Clown College moniker which ESPN bestowed upon SoCal.
    Beware of a Cease and Desist action, you don’t want to get your school in any more legal trouble than they always seem to be in.

    • That is why they say, ” U Clowns Lose Again.” Ugly definitely is lock, stop, and barrel with the world Clown.

        • Going to be real interesting to see what YOUR basketball program does with those three. Better get LaVar on a conference call. Oh the beauty of it, 3 ucla boys in a Chinese jail.

      • Good one Charlie. Are you back for the week? Did you get in on Hillary’s book tour. Bet you paid up for a autographed copy right? “Dear Charlie – from the Queen.” How does it feel to be humiliated by that gal? Who are you supporting in 2020? Joe Biden? ROTFLMAO!!!

    • legal trouble? you have three of ucla’s finest in a jail in Shanghai and you talk about legal trouble. why not start a go fund me to pay the bail?

  9. It’s all related. The money with the conference, Gomer, the weak programs, the soft play, the poor recruiting, the lack of exposure, the scheduling, etc. Open the bank and sign a check to get the ACC commissioner here. That guy saw more possibilities in the P12 tehn Scott. He wanted to do a deal with Scott with the ACC and P12 as partner conferences for TV and scheduling but Scott got hustled by the Big 10 then left at the road side with nothing. Ditto with conference expansion. He’s toothless and needs to grow a pair, and the presidents are ninnies.

    • Not being able to get away with as much cheating (openly) has also had a negative effect on the Trojan football program I’d say.

      • You’re SO right, j. USC has obviously been (secretly) cheating all season. From the byeless schedule we paid big $$$ for —to all the gift calls we get from the Pac 12 refs every Saturday.

        • We must have paid big money to play on the road then play on Friday on the road. Big money.

          • Ha! [And you even imagine the $$$ it must’ve taken to arrange for Notre Dame to get a bye before they played us —when we were playing our EIGHTH game in a row w/o a bye]??

  10. No, the SEC Clowns schedule Mercer, UL-Monroe, UAB and Wofford for Week 12. Can you imagine what Wolf would say if we had any of these teams even on our schedule, much less playing them in Week 12? Alabama had a bye before playing LSU and now they play Mercer the week before Auburn — but keep touting the SEC! ESPN will love you.

  11. I don’t know if it is the clown conference but they will not spend the money that the SEC and some of the other conferences spend. The spending really is getting out of hand.

  12. SW, Nothing but negativity. ALL TEAMS must play hand that is dealt them. Stanford, Washington, and especially Washington State have played quality football this 2017 season. Like our Trojans, they play to WIN and have been successful so far.

  13. You would normally be laughing at this, but this conference has no idea what it is to help its member teams. They bite the hand that feeds them point blank!

  14. Gomer is by nature a lazy arse … bye weeks are not good for him.
    Getting North winner on 5 days is an advantage but it will still come down to Darnold beating a tiring Wazzu team in final moments

  15. I scanned the comments herein hoping to find some insight and am sorry to say found none. First will someone please tell me why the PAC 12 is holding their championship game on a Friday? Is there some advantage to putting a game against the Friday network offerings? I have to believe a Saturday afternoon game would draw just as well. And driving up for a Friday game is out of the question if you work.
    Second a game, with this year’s Trojans having achieved their major conference goal scares me. The Bruins have everything to fight for, the Trojans don’t . They have no reason to try to win because the bragging rights in this city are currently a toss up between the Rams and the Dodgers.
    Finally the PAC 12 has been run like a poor man’s practical joke for several years. This PAC 12 channel ‘s holdout for money keeps it off one or more major provider. This is an example of cutting off one’s nose to spite a face. All of the exposure and revenue that is lost is enough cause to call for the firing of Larry Scott. What are they holding out for.

    • There’s nothing better than beating Notre Dame nor worse than losing to the little gutties.

      I’d say that’s something to fight for.

      • Agreed, but this year the team might standing around taking selfies after all we have achieved our goal. Believe me I want to see us win more than most, I am just not sure the team wants it.

        • I guess we’ll see on Saturday. Vegas thinks USC players wants to win to the tune of 15 points over our mini-rival. I’m saying 12-14.

          We deal with a new generation of players today who take selfies at all times of the day and night for no reason whatsoever that I can see. I don’t get it, but I seriously doubt it affects their desire to win or succeed.

          Over the weekend I watched a replay of a long line of NFLers playing leapfrog in the end zone after they scored. Times have changed. I don’t think that has affected players’ desire to win.

  16. It would seem the term ‘clown’ in this instance is related to those running the conference machine. It is true the schools let it be run this way, they vote for it. Not sure why Pac12 has the worst TV times…the worst officials running the games and replays…I could go on. I do not think the football players or coaches have any influence on this,but higher ups do. We will see in Bowl games how the best of Pac12 do vs the best of the other top conference teams…it will settle this bickering, for thinking people.I sure hope SC wins 12 games this year.

  17. What the Big Ten I able to do somehow, someway is to have Ohio State’s losses more quickly forgiven than any other College Team in History. Lose at Home to Virginia Tech? No problem, we’ll get TCU voted way down to open up a spot. Lose at Home to Oklahoma then blown out by +30 at Iowa? No problem. we’ll set up another 59-0 beat down of the Badgers in the Title Game. They are back in the Playoff Conversation again according to Sports Illustrated article…incredible.

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