Strike Up The Band

Since Clay Helton says USC showed improvement over a year ago because it won a Pac-12 South, where is the rally to celebrate?

In 1931, USC snapped Notre Dame’s 26-game winning streak and won for the first time in South Bend. By the time the Trojans arrived back in Los Angeles by train, nearly a million people showed up for the victory parade according to newspaper accounts (above).

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  • j metaphor

    Scott, Was Marshall Duffield on that team?

    • Gabby

      S**T dude, we have enough freelance trolls on the blog. Go help owns and beefcakes clean the fryers…thanks

      ….and when you’re done, I have a special project for you.

      • j metaphor

        A legitimate question, Lumpy.
        Get to know your Trojan History. Marshall Duffield was a stud, I just asking if he was on this team, you bozo.

        • Gabby

          I know my history. His last year on the team was 1930……put that in your pipe and smoke it

          • Linkster

            interesting to know what is in J’s pipe…. probably banana peel.

          • Gabby

            ….and donut crumbs….ouch!

          • j metaphor

            Not a pipe type but I do plan to pick up my victory cigar for Saturday night.

          • j metaphor

            Thanks, that’s all I wanted to know.
            Easier to ask than to google it like you did.

        • Ed Garrett

          gabby gets up set like alot of girls,

          • Gabby

            But I stand up when I urinate.

            (your writing skills seemed to have improved, must of been the medication)

          • Ed Garrett

            ur a lesebian girl?

          • Gabby

            More like a switch hitter… interested

  • Gabby

    Hey wolf, going back to 1931 to make your point, why bother! If any of us were alive to experience the moment, than I could see some relevance. I understand the low football IQ, but you need to do better than that

    (or, perhaps that is your best, must suck to be you)

  • Ed Garrett

    gee writer,,,they go to games by plain know, and most plains are faster then tranes i think, so may be all the poeple were geting reddy for the parade but mist it cuz theyre girlfreinds and wifes took for ever geting reddy cuz they was talking to much and it maid them late agian cuz the plain got back early,

    • Gabby

      What is it Ed, stupidity or the medication?

      (or both)

      • Don’t even read Ed Garrett. Only he thinks he’s funny

        • Ed Garrett

          u deny god and ur gonna burn in hell,

          • Pasadena Trojan

            Eddy, you ain’t no god.

  • Party of Five Scott Wolf

    I can only imagine the potential Scott Wolf headlines if 2017 USC snapped a 26 Game win streak to Notre Dame.

    “Trojans Survive Worst Irish Team in 27 years”
    “Trojan’s Finally Beat Slumping Irish”
    “Overrated Irish Finally Give One to Trojans”
    “Helton Beats Non-Power 5 Opponent”

    • SteveO

      Absolutely fantastic statement and sooo true!

    • Good stuff, Party of Five

    • j metaphor

      That’s a big IF

  • LamontRaymond

    You don’t celebrate winning half a conference, Scottie. Anybody’ll tell ya that….

  • AlohaTrojan

    scott I think you should forget about the conference championship for now and focus on the ucla game. I hope the coaches and players are.

  • rusoviet

    World of difference – that victory was the start of the rise of USC Trojan football. There was no – MLB, NBA, NFL NHL team west of the Mississippi River. The 10th Olympiad had been awarded to LA way back in 1923. That award moved the city to complete the LA Memorial Coliseum and it was also that year 1923 that USC played in their 1st Rose Bowl against PA St..

    Fast forward to 1931 – finally a victory over the Irish and Rockne!

    Now somehow some 86 years later their isn’t anything else in Los Angeles to draw attention away? We have 8 professional sports franchises – only NYC has more (9).

    All of the development of professional sports is a direct result of the success of USC football – all! The Rams came from Cleveland in 1946, Dodgers from Brooklyn in 1958, Lakers from Minneapolis in 1960 and the birth of the Chargers. 1961 the Angels! Kings 1967, Clippers from Buffalo/San Diego in 1984 Ducks in 1993 and the Raiders in 1982 – 1995 – back to Oakland and the return of the Rams and Chargers in 2016 to Los Angels.

    All of those franchises took a chance because of what they saw USC draw.

    USC routinely wins championships and we are after the Pac-12 not the Pac-12 South

    This is a straw man article

    • schammer47

      rusoviet, An outstanding Stand-Alone contribution to SW’s Message Board !!! “All of those franchises took a chance because of what they saw USC draw.” sums it up BEAUTIFULLY. j metaphor, Just Owned, Pac12 ,

      • rusoviet

        schammer I forget where I heard this very argument made – years and years ago – the writer went into detail about what made Dan Reeves move the Rams here after the war – it was watching USC come east to play Notre Dame and the huge crowds they drew esp. at Soldier Field.

        Admittedly the success of the X Olympiad paid huge dividends for the entire region but in the end it is USC that was and has always been the anchor tenant of the Coliseum and all the rest flows from that relationship.

      • Don’t even mention those poor souls, schammer47. I am not sure if they don’t have some kind of schtick to their routines similar to Wolf’s, but gaad, are they boring!

        And thanks to the Ruskie who really knows how to put it down.

  • David Keeling

    I love USC football and want them to win every game. But the honest reality of any improvement over last year is this: The conference team’s level of play has come down to Gomer’s level of coaching and not the other way around.

    • rusoviet

      Yeah well then that’s the same logic right now in: Columbus-OH, State College-PA, Seattle-WA, So. Bend-IN, Ft. Worth-TX, Stillwater-OK, – all of those teams and more are looking at 2 losses their jaded fan base will swear, as you do, it never should have happened.

    • Oh shut up with your “Gomer” copy-cat rhetoric. And try enjoying SC, win or lose.

    • fryer tuck

      Using the term “Gomer” demonstrates you have nothing of thoughtful value that will be of interest to me. You’re blocked.

  • Good golly Miss Molly, you notice how some of the posters are so thin-skinned they will lash out at even a hint of a possible slight.

    Our posters would make Donald Trump blush with envy.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    The remark by Helton shows he is unable to process logical facts concerning the status of Pac12 football. The Pac12 is the weakest of the conferences competing for the BCS and the south is not as strong as last year which lost to the north in its title game.SC has more talent, just not the cumulative practice preparation in blocking and tackling…watch the Wash St game or ND…they could not get it done…and it has not drastically improved .I wish they had . Colorado was 2 missed/blocked field goals, a pick six at end of the half, plus a q/b mistake on 4th down at SC 5 when he thought it was 1st down from winning; that is coming back from being down 27-0; like Ariz came back to tie it at 35…great teams do not let that happen.The Pac 12 south is competitive ’cause the mediocrity of the teams,they can beat each other on any given day…go outside the conference and they lose to those better teams .