14 thoughts on “USC Basketball Ranked No. 10

  1. Wolf, please seek out some intervention. The pent-up anger is causing you to be a real a**hole………..just saying

  2. Thatta boy blogger. Put as much negative spin on it as you can. I would love to have a psychologist spend a 1/2 hour with you. they would fall off their chair.

  3. USC ranked No. 1 in basketball is even funnier than SoCal’s #1 pre-season ranking the year Little Matty Barks bit the turf at the Rose Bowl.

    • How about three prized UCLA freshman basketball players busted for shoplifting in China?
      That’s funny too.

    • look who returns? You would think he would keep a low profile after the international shop lifting incident. Old Bill Walton called it a “stain” on the NCAA, Pac 12 and all humanity. Little Josh Rosen better hope his OL have their jockstraps on because it would be a hot to see him carted out with a broken nose.

      • As usual, Bill was right. They are an embarrassment.
        Not down to your level but really, really embarrassing.
        I’m for leaving them in China.

  4. It might be a long shot. But if USC wins out, including the bowl game they will get pretty close. Maybe ranked 7th or 8th in that scenario.

  5. SW, Negativity is again your bottom line. Most, if not all, of your Trojan Blog Contributors know for certain that the 2017 Preseason Polls don’t mean a D@mn thing. Why must you lose sleep over the Polls and a yet undefined FBI investigation ?

  6. I honestly never saw a guy so negative in my entire life as this guy; I am to the point that I read this for the laughter/entertainment value. USC top 10 in basketball, first thing he goes to is the FBI investigation which right now doesn’t make it appear USC had a hand in the rogue coach’s actions. Not to mention that when it’s all said and done my guess is that about 30 or so schools will be involved either directly or indirectly. The football team was “supposed to be a top 4 team” and to think what an awful season as they can possibly go 12-2, win their conference and a major bowl game and be ranked in the top 5 at season’s end. Awful!

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