USC Back In Title Odds

USC went from off the board to 66/1 in Bovada’s current national title odds. Baby steps! Full odds after the jump:

                                      11/6/17             Current Odds (11/13/17)

Alabama                       5/7                    10/11

Oklahoma                     14/1                  4/1

Clemson                       7/1                    8/1

Miami Florida                16/1                  8/1

Auburn                          40/1                  10/1

Georgia                        4/1                    12/1

Wisconsin                     16/1                  12/1

Ohio State                    75/1                  16/1

USC                             Off the Board    66/1

Michigan                       100/1                75/1

Washington                   22/1                  100/1

Central Florida               200/1                500/1

Michigan State              100/1                Off the Board

Notre Dame                  7/1                    Off the Board

Oklahoma State            100/1                Off the Board

Penn State                    100/1                Off the Board

TCU                              40/1                  Off the Board

Odds to Win the 2017 Heisman Trophy

                                                                          11/6/17             Current Odds (11/13/17)

Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma)                          4/7                    1/20

Saquon Barkley (RB Penn State)                        3/2                    10/1

Bryce Love (RB Stanford)                                  10/1                  10/1

Josh Adams (RB Notre Dame)                           8/1                    Off the Board

JT Barrett (QB Ohio State)                                 33/1                  Off the Board

Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville)                           40/1                  Off the Board

Mason Rudolph (QB Oklahoma State)                28/1                  Off the Board

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  • Sandy Underpants

    So last week sportsbooks thought it was impossible for USC to go to the playoff, but Central Florida was 200/1? Is that because they didn’t want to make USC 10,000/1? As fans and followers and general admirers of this blog know, I always thought USC could still make the playoff after the Notre Dame loss, and I feel this vindicates my beliefs. So to those who mocked and downvoted my posts I say to you a heartfelt– nanny nanny, neener neener.


      Not happening

    • JustOwns

      Wet Underpants.

      • Gabby

        better than a jockstrap collection……and don’t play dumb

        • Tebow_Obama

          Quit doing cart-wheels in the restroom and you won’t leave such a mess. LOL

          • Gabby

            Listen-up idiot, you missed the point(flew right over your head). I miss the hole so degenerates, like yourself, have jobs. It’s called “job security”……If you can’t handle the job, then go back to the soup kitchens……..

          • schammer47

            Briden_Obama, Tell the truth. For decades you, and whoever was responsible for you, refused to use latrines to save water and to save unpleasant clean-up. Many poor countries have people who do the same thing without using toilet paper to save money. Not a bad idea, Hey ?

  • Gabby

    ND went from 7/1 to off the board and USC climbs back in at 66/1. I’m sure that really chapped Wolf’s a**

    ……and why no love for Tate?

    • Golden Trojan

      Bovada must be expecting ND to lose to Stanford.

  • Golden Trojan

    Last year SC was one game from the CCG. This year they may be one game from the Play Offs. Progress. The Clemson-Miami loser will fall away and open the door for Wisconsin-Ohio State winner. SC could be looking at Miami, Auburn, Georgia, or Ohio St for the bowl game.

    • steveg

      Golden, you are talking like this USC team will beat ucla, win the ccg, and then go to a glamorous bowl. That is a huge assumption, we never know what team is going to show up. I wish it will all be true, but this team has got be somewhat consistent to gain my faith in them that strongly.

      • Sandy Underpants

        The same team has shown up to every game I’ve watched this season. They’re comfortable with doing what they can do to win based on the ability of their opponent and if they lose, eh, they’ll win next week. Actually same team I saw last year too.

  • SteveO

    Wolf always belittles USC wins but we have covered the point spread three weeks in a row. SC is doing better than the professionals gamblers have predicted.

    • steveg

      Yes, fortunately they have, but they are nowhere near what they could be.

  • Pac12 fan

    The 35 pt beat down by Notre Dame who just got crushed by Miami just cant believe the Trojans can overcome that

    • Sandy Underpants

      Lou Holtz always told me it’s a different team every week. Hopefully when we play Miami it’s the one from 2007. And I’ll take any Alabama team with Mike Shula as the head coach.

  • Tebow_Obama

    There are the odds and now here are the facts. USC is as talented, if not more talented than every team listed by the oddsmakers with the exception of Alabama. Unfortunately you can’t say the same for USC’s coaching staff. USC is on its third consecutive second rate coaching staff and the odds of them ever putting together a gameplan that would give Trojan players a fighting chance to compete with the elite in a national championship playoff game is, ZERO POINT…ZERO! It may be a hard truth for some to come to grips with, but thats just the way it is.

    • Michael Guarino

      Tebow_Obama (gosh, I wish I didn’t have to type that last part of your handle—it would be nice to never see that name again) —— I hate to break this to you—but nothing you’ve EVER posted reflects anything even remotely close to “the way it is.” You’re a lot of laughs —-but “hard truth” isn’t your thing.
      Helton and Company will be matched up against a premier coaching staff in whichever bowl game they head to —–and they’ll win. Just like last year.

      • Tebow_Obama

        The Big 10 has always been a doormat for USC and most of the teams in the PAC 12. The win over Penn St. in the Rose Bowl last season is the only game you sunshine pumpers are clinging to that you all seem to believe was all that impressive when it wasn’t.

        • Michael Guarino

          I guess you….and the A.P. and the Coaches’ Poll and the Playoff Committee are just on separate pages.

          • Gabby

            Nice crotch kick, Michael. The guy obviously has a distaste for the football program, but be continues to drink from the bottle. Is there a logical explanation for this type of behavior?

    • Gabby

      you sound similar to killer, are you related?……just asking

  • Tebow_Obama

    The best win on the Trojans schedule this year is over Stanford.

    • Sandy Underpants

      Yeah, well they’re #1 in the Pac-12 north. So there.