27 thoughts on “Crosstown Rivalry Week

  1. Troy Aikman was a confused kid. Fighting against his namesake must have been weird. That being said, he was admittedly one of the best quarterbacks to come out of UCLA. I also remember Beban beat us up.

    • Beban beat USC ONCE, 1965, and that was because McKay got a brain cramp. Norm Dow beat SC in 66, OJ beat ucla in 67

      • In your Keith Jackson voice
        ‘ ball is tipped into the air and intercepted …. and it might go for 6 … Eric Turner … chased down from behind by Rodddnnney Peete !
        Amazing play by 2 great athletes ( Rod grabbed his face mask … whoops but no call )
        It ended the 1st half

    • Beban lost the one that counted forever, 21-20. Funny how nobody ever talks about the ’65 20-16 Beban Bomb game. But the ’67 21-20 affair and the O.J. 64-yder are endlessly discussed and shown. Strange historical quirk.

  2. Aikman’s bruin teams let him down in typical little gutty style. He played well against USC but his little bruin mates couldn’t hold their end of the bargain and USC smacked him down twice, then went on to lose a Rose Bowl game each time.

  3. Don’t be fooled by f ucla’s 5-5 record. They are more like a 1 and 9 team. GO TROJANS!

  4. Speaking of QB’s, I remember a couple of Johnson brothers starting a couple of games in the rivalry (Bret at UCLA and Rob at USC). They were some well known QB’s coming out of Orange County.

    If you guys think Rosen has exhibited a little diva behavior, Bret’s got him beat. A total princess who faxed a statement to media when he lost the starting QB job the next season. Then took off to Michigan State.

    Those Johnson brothers were not a high point of the rivalry.

  5. I like how Ronald Jones out ran the safeties and corners on the 1,000,000 mile run last year. He showed how quick he is or just how slow ugly is. He will have another run like that.

  6. Rodney Peete and Mark Sanchez had good rapport with their teammates. Can’t say enough about having good rapport, goes a long way with a QB and his teammates. WR’s making that extra effort to come back to the ball if a QB happens to be in trouble if protection breaks down, QB being able to count on their WR’s to do that. Remember those days?

  7. Sure like the Carroll brought the home & home jerseys back. It’s the closest geographic rivalry, so both teams should wear the home unis….looks so much better

  8. If you were the head coach at USC and Sc was totally dominating ugly, would you run the score up? I would. Same against ND. One is putting the red headed step child back in its place and the other is telling them to stop SC.

  9. I remember that game for buying two scalper tickets on the 50 yard line for $250, and the SUCLA cad who sold me the tickets and who had a ticket next to my friend and me bragging about how he overcharged me

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