16 thoughts on “But How Is The Defense?

    • When the coaches do answer his questions(next to never). He’ll twist the answer to fit his agenda.

      The apple is red, and wolf would reply, no, no, it’s brown, because I said so

      • I agree with Gabby. We’ll be just fine this weekend. Pressure Rosen and he’ll be rattled going nowhere. Fight On!!! Beat the ruins.

    • What is Helton, a head coach, suppose to say on the week of a rivalry game? It’s not like he pulled a Lou Holtz or anything. Scottie, see the big picture

  1. Killer’s shtick is beyond stale. Whoever operates this handle, please, give killer a new persona….thanks

  2. 2 of their best receivers are out. Their #2 and #4 guys (Lasley and Howard) aren’t so much to defend, unless Jack-Jack mentally drifts and/or gets mouthy, Iman returns for a burn and a foul or 2 (of each) and Ajene considers the pylon a bigger threat than his opponent (remember the Hail Mary?).

  3. Based on the team’s performance this season, I don’t think Helton really focuses much on defense–ours or our opponents.

  4. Hopefully, Jack Jones wont look like he did something when a wide open receiver drops a pass. He usually celebrates even when he is beaten badly if the receiver drops a catchable ball

  5. Why would Helton be anything but complimentary about Rosen? What would it accomplish? Rosen has game and is someone to be respected.

  6. You wonder if they watched ucla defense? It is what coaches do, even the bad ones watch films. What they glean from the films separates the good and bad.

  7. RUN THE BALL HELTON! RUN THE BALL! But call the uptempo run plays, because the current Run plays are completely predictable.. RoJo has to work too hard,when USC OL Should be dominating.. STOP Letting the LB come through free! Gees

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