Hecuba Watch

Since the Trojan Knights guard Tommy Trojan this week, the Helenes are now guarding Hecuba. I’m sure they have nothing to worry about since UCLA students probably don’t even know what Hecuba is. Do USC?

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  • Chad Parker

    “Do USC?”

    Someone needs a hug. USC is 9-2, about to blow out UCLA and be 10-2. Probably whoop up on the North champion for an 11-2 finish and a Pac-12 title, the first Pac-12 title for USC in 9 years. Yet, this buffoon is talking about Hecuba. What a sad, sad man.

  • SFTrojanFaithful

    probably my favorite Scott Wolf line ever.. “Do USC?”

    • JR

      Incredible !!

    • Old Trojans never die

      First I thought he meant Does USC? (and maybe his tablet changed it after he hit post mine do)
      Then I realized he meant Do u SC ?

  • gotroy22

    Ruh roh….How the LA Times celebrates Rivalry Week:

    ” USC had many warnings about medical school dean’s behavior but took little action.. And, often, covered for by the same people requiring the seminars.”

    • Just logical

      It’s starting to look like a personal vendetta on the part of the reporter rather than reporting new facts.

  • 04Trojan

    Hecuba > Baby QB.

  • Pete Smith

    Name 3 ucla basketball players that lead the team in steals?

    • Trojans 6942


    • Gabby

      MASSIVE crotch kick…..OUCH!

    • rusoviet

      ucla heck man the whole world (east and west) occident and orient. – well played sir well played!

    • Jack B

      Remember long, long, long ago when bruins used to say, “The future’s so bright we’ve got to wear shades.”?

      Oh, the little gutties and their sunglasses. Looking stylish in China before the big bust!

  • Gabby

    WOW wolf, sounds like you’re starving for content/material. It must suck when no one wants to give you an interview or vice versa

    • Linkster

      no kidding….

  • Rock2112

    One never knows, do one?

  • Globehead

    To me winning isn’t. You do.