16 thoughts on “Hecuba Watch

  1. “Do USC?”

    Someone needs a hug. USC is 9-2, about to blow out UCLA and be 10-2. Probably whoop up on the North champion for an 11-2 finish and a Pac-12 title, the first Pac-12 title for USC in 9 years. Yet, this buffoon is talking about Hecuba. What a sad, sad man.

  2. Ruh roh….How the LA Times celebrates Rivalry Week:

    ” USC had many warnings about medical school dean’s behavior but took little action.. And, often, covered for by the same people requiring the seminars.”

    • It’s starting to look like a personal vendetta on the part of the reporter rather than reporting new facts.

  3. WOW wolf, sounds like you’re starving for content/material. It must suck when no one wants to give you an interview or vice versa

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