USC Morning Buzz: Sam Darnold v. Josh Rosen Only Compelling Matchup Of Crosstown Rivalry


In my column today, I talk about how the Crosstown Rivalry needs a boost from a Sam Darnold-Josh Rosen matchup.

Excerpt: That is the sliver of hope for an attractive game. It’s not much, but what else do you want when Clay Helton and Jim Mora are involved? Can anyone remember the last thrilling game in the series? USC won, 38-35, in 2000. UCLA won in double overtime, 48-41, in 1996. If Darnold-Rosen can produce some drama, it will exceed the low expectations.

Wolf: Can Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen revive crosstown rivalry?

112 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Sam Darnold v. Josh Rosen Only Compelling Matchup Of Crosstown Rivalry

  1. I would prefer Darnold over Rosen even if Darnold was sucla’s QB. Despite some TOs and lost fumbles this season, Darnold is still a killer QB that can turn the game around in a hurry when he’s in rhythm with good enough protection. Rosen? While I’m not totally convinced, he might put up some decent numbers in the NFL with a team with the OL that consists of Transformers. He’s way too prone to be sacked and not mobile enough to avoid the NFL-caliber pressure.

    • So if it is a tight game and it is left to heroics of Darnold, Wolf gets to bash Helton for not putting the bruins away 60-0.

      • … for Scott…..
        [But —if Scott REALLY wants to break his ‘personal best’ record for hits in the month of November—–all he has to do is pick UCLA to win by ONE point in his “prediction” column]……..

  2. i perfer contests with jousting sord fiting and dragon racing, players arent beeing couched up to do these things rite any more like they is in the sec, smdh

  3. The SEC being fair? Alabama has a bye week before Auburn and LSU every year. Think that’s fair? Alabama doesn’t play Florida or Georgia, think that’s fair? The SEC absolutely paves the way for its “bell cow.” USC deserves a week off. Candidly, that wouldn’t hurt you either. Do some homework next time….

      • Great question, we carry the conference and get sh** on all the time. How viable would the Big 12 get with us. How much more money could USC make to compete with the east coast? Maybe it’s time we remind the PAC 12 presidents of these things.

  4. So there is another interesting angle here. Today Scott’s column was posted on the Ucla side of my paper. I think Scott might be transitioning.

  5. Where are gray stool, 86er and Owns to tell us how evil Trump is today??? We await your apologies.

    DIPLOMACY: After Trump Intervenes, 3 UCLA Basketball Players Set To Leave China. “President Donald Trump confirmed that he did intervene with China President Xi Jinping in the case of three UCLA basketball players who were arrested after shoplifting in China and those players are set to leave the country.”

    • When I read credible piece of journalism that quotes President Xi Jinping stating he released the the UCLA goofballs at the request of the Moron, I will acknowledge the fact.

      In the meantime 22, how about an apology for your support of your Ratpublican idol, Roy “Can I get a little sweety” Moore.

      • I knew you are too classless and deluded to ever apologize even though Reuters is reporting this story, Owns.

        In the meantime will you be joining the New York Times in condemning your hero BJ Clinton and his Enabler wife? From today’s New York Times:

        “In this #MeToo moment, when we’re reassessing decades of male misbehavior and turning open secrets into exposes, we should look clearly at the credible evidence that Juanita Broaddrick told the truth when she accused Clinton of raping her. But revisiting the Clinton scandals in light of today’s politics is complicated as well as painful. Democrats are guilty of apologizing for Clinton when they shouldn’t have. At the same time, looking back at the smear campaign against the Clintons shows we can’t treat the feminist injunction to “believe women” as absolute.”

        No doubt you were a knee pad wearing intern back in 1996 who had to get your dress sent to the dry cleaners.

      • Yeah, as soon as Slick Willy, Weinstein, and the Hollywood perverts that bowed to Obuma as their god apologize and go to jail.

        • Like most of these, the statute of limitations is in play. This garbage isn’t about politics, it’s about power. Hastert went to jail over tax violations, not for the years he abused his students. Anthony Weiner is in jail.Mark Foley, no jail. Harvey Weinstein may have some serious charges if they can be proven.

          The times are changing rapidly as women are coming out of the woodwork. I hear the stories and astounded at the stupidity of men that think they can get away with this garbage.

          • I’m astounded at sanctimonious libs like you lecturing on sexual abuse while they were abusing women or men themselves or keeping the shameful actions of others secret,

      • the issue with your statement is that the only credible journalism comes from the WAPO or NYT. Slick Willies credo is anyone but HRC.

        • There are 5 accusers, corroborating witnesses and a co-worker stating that it was well known that he liked high school girls. There’s also a signed yearbook.

          Given that the statute of limitations is in play, there will be no resolution of this situation in any legal matter. I guess Roy Moore could take a polygraph. What are the odds of that happening?

          • The countless accusers , corroborating witnesses and coworkers stated that BJ Clinton liked them at any age. There’s also a stained Navy Blue Dress.

            But you libs enabled that predator. Please save your sermons.

          • Sorry, but I’m not a Clinton apologist. Never voted for the guy that also turned the Lincoln Bedroom into an AirBnB.

            I do love your obsession, though. It’s right out of the playbook to distract from one simple fact. One party controls Congress, the White House and has a friendly Supreme Court. They have failed to pass any significant legislation. Time to investigate Hillary!

          • Sorry but you are, big mouth. You love the Clintons because you share their same moral values.

            I love that your full mooner conspiracy theory has now bitter you in the rump. Suddenly you libs have no interest in investigating Russian Collusion now that it all is traced back to you Dumbocrats.

          • Clinton isn’t running for office, Roy Moore is.

            22 you adhere to Steve Bannon tactics; you hurl unsubstantiated attacks at your opponent.

            What part of the Mueller Investigation bombshells has been traced back to the Dem that is relevant to the Moron’s elections. Be Specific 22, and throw in some facts.

            BTW 22, the Moron Jr. was in contact with Wikileaks during the campaign. The Mueller investigation has full copies of Moron Jr. email Wikileaks correspondence.

          • Hillary Clinton is running for office in 2020 and BJ Clinton is her co-president…REMEMBER, stupid?

            Owns you adhere to Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, yet you hate it when they are applied to you. That makes you a hypocrite as well as a brainless preachy Dumbocrat.

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            BTW Owns, Hillary paid for the fake Russian dossier used to justify the Mueller investigation into nothing. The shadenefreude will be great when you Democrats are frog-marched off to prison for your treason.

          • Thick As A Brick…..Little Troy Boy. Adios. No more time today for mouth breathers like you.

    • Let me make it clear for you, Troy.

      The kids should be tossed off the team.

      Nikias should resign for covering up Puliafito.

      Weinstein is getting exactly what he deserves.

      Likewise Louis C.K.

      Weiner is in jail where he belongs.

      Trump admitted assaulting women and then accused them of lying. He’s in the White House.

      Likewise, Roy Moore is calling his accusers liars. My prediction is that the Christian voters in Alabama will still elect him to the Senate.

      So tell me, who’s paying the price? (Prediction: Your answer will somehow include Hillary.)

      Maybe Anthony Weiner will get out in time for 2020 and run on a sexual assault platform with Roy Moore on the top of the ticket. Moore/Weiner in 2020.

      • Gee who is missing from your pathetic full mooner leftist diatribe, 86er?

        Here’s a clue… he was president from 1993-2001 and was impeached but not convicted for lying under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

        Amazing how you libs all have amnesia about The First Rapist.

        I knew there was no way you could praise Trump for saving your 3 ruin thieves from 10 years in a Chinese prison.

        You are too much of a classless, unhinged knee pad wearing Clinton intern to ever admit Trump did something right.

        • Sorry, I didn’t go back over 20 years. I also didn’t mention President Cop-a-feel or Denny Hastert. Nor did I mention Kevin Spacey or Richard Dreyfus. It’s a very long list of men acting like scumbags. Your obsession with the Clintons is funny. I also never voted for Bill Clinton, but that doesn’t suit your paint-by-numbers narrative.

          I have several Conservative friends who are very bright and capable of making an intelligent argument. That happens face to face. You aren’t a Conservative Republican in any way, shape or form. It’s a waste of my time engaging with a fact deprived Breitbart troll. That part is on me.

          • 88 Straight has “several friends who are very bright and capable of making an intelligent argument.”
            Bet they can’t say the same.

          • A little cheap, okay.
            [Can’t we all get along]?

          • I can take a joke, MG. I was giving you credit for swooping in and grabbing that opening. I can faintly hear the 8 count!

          • Nice, 88 Straight.
            This blog is like those old championship fights that had no round limit —–we all go down for 8 counts, and all keep getting up. And nobody’s better at it than Scott himself.

          • You didn’t go back 20 years, 86er, you went back 40, you shameless hypocrite.

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            It’s never a waste of time exposing you as the full mooner preachy lib who now lies that he didn’t support Hillary a year ago and didn’t melt down on November 8th.

          • You are beyond logic. The news of what happened is less than a week old. You must be Steve Bannon’s love child.

          • You are beyond therapy. The abuse by Idiot Joe Biden went on the last 8 years and can be watched on you tube. You must be BJ Clinton’s love child.

      • Forget it, 88. These guys don’t react negatively to scumbags. They worship OJ, St. Pat & Pete Carroll.
        They’ve been living with manure for so long it doesn’t smell anymore.

        • the trouble with you folks from Westwood is you are always so sanctimonious and holier than thou. Its always OJ. He was 25 years out of USC when killed his wife. What about your boy Darryl? Our your kicker that left his girlfriend on the freeway hurt? Life happens on both sides of town and you never come clean with your side as being culpable. People are all damaged goods, and you have just as many as we do.

          • And the goofy Trolls have the need to come over to a USC site and tell us all about how they are so holier and molier.

            It all goes back to that Cheater Wooden, who just said he was afraid of money bags Sam Gilbert and couldn’t corral him – so let the money flow and the cheating roll in. we’ll just promote the Pyramid (of Cheating, hah!).

            Amazing and sad that Trump had to waste some of his weight to save the bruin Three Thieves. Will be interesting to see how these creeps are received back in L.A.

  6. What would the SEC do? They would have half the conference play each other and the other half play the most pathetic slate of out of conference games of all time. Mercer, ULM, UAB, Wofford…talk about exciting November football!
    Can you imagine the PAC 12 doing this, scheduling cupcakes this late in the season? Play a 9th conference game!

    USC 38 – UCLA 24

    Fight on!

    • The SEC would mistakenly believe it’s filled with Top 20 teams (not mediocre and just-plain-bad teams like Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, etc.) and would continue to hoodwink the lazy, gullible sports media by filling stadiums to the brim with screeching, maniacal, yahoos with nothing better to do (OK, there’s fishing’ and BBQ) while beating up on Mercer, The Citadel, Chattanooga, Nichols, Samford, etc.. Quite a scam they have going on there!

  7. Thrilling USC/baby gutty games: 50-0 and 66-19 come to mind.

    USC should win 51-38. Hu hum. bruins lose another and drop to bottom feeder 5-6 while USC moves on to play for yet another conference championship.

    Fight On! Beat the gutties!

  8. josh rosen is very much like troy aikman…an over-hyped, do-nothing bRuin who never beat USC and never will.

  9. After ucla loses on Saturday, maybe they can petition the ncaa to get into a bowl game with a losing record and get slaughtered by a lower division team again

  10. 4-Star TE Camren McDonald decommits from USC. He probably watched a few Trojan games and saw that Gomer has no use for a TE. Good luck to the young man wherever he lands.

  11. If Tee can’t break 50 on this D (as he failed to do vs Colorado), he needs to go.

    Hopefully, Jack-Jack won’t give up 35 with blown coverages and penalties, because Rosie will score 21 even if J-J is perfect.

    • If Trump hadn’t been in China and hanging out with Xi, those young men would have had a real tough road ahead. Give thanks when it is earned.

  12. True to this teams identity, USC will go down 28-0 in 1Q, storm back to take the lead, go down 45-35 in the 3Q and win 56-55 as RJII runs off tackle for 87 yards on the final play.

    Yeah, Tee calls off-tackle on 4th-and-19, with 9 seconds to play, down 6!

  13. Trump should have let them rot, little bruin scumbags. Maybe the bruins will honor them at the USC game.

    I smell a book coming out called How To Get the President to Help You Out of a Foreign Country Jail.

    • They stole some stuff from a store. Dumb move for which they’ll pay…unlike Liam Jimmons, who faces felony assault charges and continues to play #handledinternally

      • The three ucla little gutties all went on a China crime spree, stealing numerous high end items from several different stores while being filmed. Thanks to the President of the U.S., they’ve been sent home in disgrace to Wimpwood, where they belong instead of in jail for a year had they been anonymous. No big deal per you little gutty Trolls. Bill Walton didn’t like it though. They all may as well transfer and move away. They’re names are mud in Los Angeles.

        Get ready for your beatdown on Saturday. Can’t get here soon enough.

    • Maybe the “spirit of Troy” can come up with something new–think the Stanford band–they would destroy the bruin three=–get rid of the seventies Bartner!

  14. I like that all Wolf articles are headlined “Wolf: …” so I don’t accidentally read one by mistake.

  15. ESPN says the USC-UCLA Rivalry Game will be televised on ABC beginning at 5:00 pm, Saturday. Apparently the Nation wants to see this game. Nice !!!

  16. The Sunshine Pumpers want to threaten PAC 12 officials with USC leaving the conference. Pat Haden tried that and the PAC 10/12 officials laughed in his face. I believe the Stanford president or A.D. called Haden’s bluff and told him to go ahead. LMFAO!

  17. So the Trojans didn’t get a bye week this year and the sunshine pumpers are upset. Well, Gomer hasn’t allowed full contact in practices and he’s providing the team with family dinners on Friday nights, that should more than make up for not having a bye week. LOL!

    • I’m glad USC gets to play the little gutties without a bye.

      It won’t make any difference and USC can rest later before we play someone decent.

      Darnold and Co will hammer ucla, just like last year, and the year before when even Cody Kessler was able to demolish a fumbling, stumbling, pick-throwing Rosen.

      USC 51 – little gutties 38.

      • You say that as if putting a beating on UCLA this year will be some great accomplishment. Pffft!

        • How’s that?

          I said ucla isn’t even decent, they’ll get hammered and Rosen’s a fumbling, stumbling, pick thrower.

          Try sharpening up on your reading skills. You’re slow there.

          • Well, you’re carrying on with about how you think the game is going to go, like it’s some big deal about hammering the bRuins. You’re getting all excited, it’s just another crap bRuin team. Try calming down a bit, I know you want to try and build up a win over the bRuins because you think it will make Gomer look good, but it won’t. So relax, it’s only UCLA.

          • You’ll need to try a lot harder chump.

            All I said was it would be easy to beat ucla with no bye because they aren’t even decent.

            Try thinking before you write next time. And try not to get so pumped up over your hourly obsession with “Gomer”. We get it.

          • Try harder at what, reminding you to relax, that it’s just another bad UCLA team and you shouldn’t get yourself all worked up for nothing. It was nothing, no effort at all really. Gomer will get exposed soon enough and you and the rest of the sunshine pumpers will be out of flunkies to praise. USC will have to get serious about hiring a head coach the team deserves, one with a winning track record for competing with the elites because the Trojan fanbase isn’t going to settle for second rate the way you all have since 2010.

  18. Maybe USC should hire Gabby to run down to the field and give Gomer a piggy-back ride up and down the sidelines every time the Trojans score a touchdown vs UCLA on Saturday. Hell, she would probably do it for free. LOL!

  19. Checkout Jon Wilners College Hotline. He clearly points out many of the problems facing the PAC12 and provides specific solutions. The story is a great read and the PAC12 would benefit if they took a look.

  20. IMO, the 3 Bruin players caught shoplifting in China should be expelled from school. They not only are guilty of a crime but also brought incredibly harmful attention to the school, the conference and to college basketball. Attending college on a BB scholarship isn’t a right; it is a privilege all 3 of them forfeited. And for the record: if they were from USC I would have the same opinion.

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