USC Practice Report

A fairly uneventful practice today. Backup quarterback Matt Fink (pictured) missed practice with a sprained knee. But he is expected to be available for the UCLA game. Walk-on Holden Thomas got a lot of reps while Jack Sears apparently focused on the scout team.

If Sam Darnold were to get hurt, and Fink were unable to play, Jalen Greene could always be the QB if USC did not want to burn Sears’ redshirt year.

Meanwhile, defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow is transferring to another school for a sixth year of eligibility. That means the “story” about how he “retired” a few weeks ago was just a cover.

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  • Arturo

    High road- Good luck, Kenny wish it would have worked out for you.
    Low road- Bash the young kid even though he spent countless hours rehabbing and is young and confused


      Hard to play when you’re always hurt

      • Arturo

        At some point, you have to invest in other things. He was always hurt and they were serious injuries.

        These three seemed destined to be drifters. They all moved around multiple times in high school and in college- not that it is bad. It just doesn’t seem like the best way to be.

        • Pudly76

          Perhaps the writing was on the wall this year as he was passed up by two true freshmen.

          Good luck Kenny, fair thee well.


    Why not just tell the truth when these kids leave ?

  • Tebow_Obama

    Jalen Greene is 3 of 4 passing for 127 yards and 1 TD throwing the ball while at USC.

    Jalen Greene threw a 75 yard TD pass vs Notre Dame in 2015.

    Jalen Greene was brought into games when USC needed to connect on a deep pass. Thats about the only thing Sarkisian did right as a coach. Not giving Jalen Greene a shot at the starting QB position when he first came to USC was a big mistake.

    Oh what might have been if Jalen Greene had been given a legit shot.

    • Arturo

      I concur. Jalen would’ve brought a different dimension that neither Cody or Max did.

      • Tebow_Obama

        The word is that Jalen wasn’t accurate during practice, they say he lacked arm strength throwing the ball with no zip on it. That’s a crock. You’re right, Jalen would have brought a new dimension to the team. Being a serious threat to run would have opened up the offense big time. He looked good throwing those deep passes and he wasn’t even warmef up when he threw them.

        • Arturo

          Cody was a manager but those teams could’ve used the explosive plays- both running and passing like you said- that Jalen would’ve provided.

          • Tebow_Obama

            It kills me that some of these kids don’t get a shot at the positions they played during high school. They could have put Jalen in a game to see how he would do. If you remember Kessler and Wittek, neither one could win the starting QB job outright that one year. I believe USC opened up at home vs WAZZU and lost. Wittek transferred after he didn’t get the job and Kessler had to compete every year to be the starter, he was suspect his entire USC career.

          • Arturo

            You think there was some bias there? USC has a history of playing Mater Dei QBs- they’ve all been good. Jalen is from Serra and has produced athletes.

          • Arturo

            Btw if Sam leaves, I’d like to see Jalen get a real shot.

          • Tebow_Obama

            Probably too little too late. If he goes to the NFL combine after he’s done at USC they’ll be looking at him at the WR position. He won’t be a QB at the next level, learning the WR position is probably in his best interest, but you never know. Whatever makes USC better.

          • Gabby

            Greene is a future NFL star….great insight

          • Tebow_Obama

            If Kessler had to compete every year in spring practice to be the starter, that tells me they (coaching staff) weren’t sold on him. There’s bias with players at USC, but people don’t want to hear that.

          • Pudly76

            What bias are you talking about? Race? High school? Height? How many previous Mater Dei qbs have started at SC? Even if Daniels starts for SC in two or three yrs, how many does that make in the last fifty years, ten yrs… I don’t get your point. SC did Greene a favor, he was never going to make it as a qb in the nfl. I’ve always loved Jalen, and wished he did better at receiver this year too, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards.
            Do you really see SC as a team that runs the wildcat option type offense full time with an undersized qb? Athletic qb, maybe. Wildcat, not so much.

          • Gabby

            Fight on!

    • Gabby

      Jalen greene is better than Sam

  • JBKayak

    Rivalry week and Scottie is worried about our third string QB on the depth chart…there must be more relevant material this week to get the fan base charged up. FightOn!

  • Arthur Jury

    Kenny Bigelow you stink ! When I say “Break a Leg” at your new school I mean really break your leg !!!

    • Tebow_Obama

      That ain’t right.

      • Gabby

        How thoughtful

  • Sas

    Jacob Daniel (remember him?) looks like another highly rated DT who hasn’t lived up to the billing. Bigalow was a top 10 player and Daniels was top DT in the nation until he got injured. Throw in Noah Jefferson and that’s 3 DT’s that were big time bust. I hope BKU delivers a DLine that owns the line of scrimmage next season

  • Pete

    Why don’t you look at the injury report. WMU has 15 players out for the season. The two starting running backs are out. Along with a starting WR. There’s more, but I don’t think I should be doing your reasrch for you SW. Is this the best you can do? Why don’t you mention about Malik Dorton playing as a grad student. He has one more year of eligibility and said he’s looking forward to next year. As I’ve said before, Ol’ Mel Durslag is rolling in his grave.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    I have a scoop for you, why don’t you investigate if the other school that Bigelow is transferring to poached while he was on a scholarship at USC. If Kiffin is involved, I bet he contacted Bigelow while he was a scholi player.

  • SDSillyCyclist

    I actually thought that this was going to be an informative Inside USC report on the USC practice. It started good, with an injury report that I didn’t know about to Matt Fink, and the backup QB situation. It was still OK with the report that Kenny Bigelow was seeking a transfer. But then it all came crashing down with that last sentence of snark. Kids evolve. I can see where Bigelow figured that with his injuries and depth chart position that he was done playing football. Several weeks later, maybe feeling healthier, he thought that he may be able to contribute and get to play at another school.

    So this post succeeded in getting me to comment, which may have been the goal all along (over being informative).

  • David Keeling

    Neil Callaway is caught reading a book just before practice: Guidelines to coaching the O-line in the year 1960.