Viva Western Michigan!

So Western Michigan lost to Northern Illinois tonight and is 6-5 overall. That’s fine for them. But where are all the USC fans who tweeted me that Western Michigan would go 11-1 because they gave the Trojans a good game?

How did that performance hold up?

Western Michigan was tied with USC, 28-28, in the fourth quarter and 28-28 with Northern Illinois in the fourth quarter.

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  1. WMU shot their wad last year. When their coach left everyone knew, except for the rah rah’s, that they would go back to obscurity

  2. I never thought or expected that they would do well. I think there was a combination of odd factors that gave Western Michigan a boost. For one they were up for the Trojans. Then I am sure USC was looking ahead. And there was the horrible heat.
    All three things should have been anticipated by the coaching staff. Corrections should have been made. But haven’t.

  3. Western Who? Are we talking about an early September game, really? We won and moved on…

    • Tell the team to move on. They’re still playing muddled football just like that September game.

  4. Yep, Gomer lucked out in that game too. And Gomer was going up against a first year head coach who was fielding a bunch of No Star recruits. And they traveled.

  5. We should only play undefeated teams every week and beat them 50-0. Just like the SEC does…when they play Mercer.

  6. Maybe USC hasn’t lived up to expectations because Kenny Bigelow is transferring and because David Sills Decommitted.

  7. Do your thing, Scottie! Let ’em have it! Any piece of news that can be skewed as negative for SC is mother’s milk for Scottie’s Blog….

  8. So many in these boards who are either really young or jumped on the bandwagon when Pete was here. Take away those years, which were incredible, and realize that Clay Helton is literally putting together the best stretch of usc football since the late 70’s. Be careful what you wish for, We could be stuck in the 90’s again praying for a bowl game let alone a PAC 12 title.

    • Chris,

      I started watching college football when I started attending USC in 2001. The year Pete Carroll was hired.

      Despite my lack of any football experience, even I can’t deny how good Clay Helton era has been.

      I still think the jury is out there on his tenure. Post Sam tenure will define him. But the credit is due. He has been an adult and improved in many stages.

      Following the Notre Dame game, I thought how team was going to be very important. It looked like Clay was a game or two away from loosing the team. He and the team responded beautifully.

      So far so good, why dash Clay, every one thought a 10 win would have been great for this year and we are only a win away from a ten win season.

      All good and thank you for a sane post 🙂

      • “responded beautifully”? I guess you missed the Arizona and Colorado games. Blowing leads, failing to put the games away when they had multiple chances, players undisciplined, penalties all over the place. An average Utah team had him beat until they gave that game away. Texas isn’t any good and they gave that game away at the Coliseum. Inconsistent due to poor coaching is what Helton is.

        • You don’t win 9 out of 11 games by poor coaching. If he wins the conference, that’s better than most coaches I know of.

          • But that would only because of the players…who Helton recruited. But it’s still all the players fault for the 9 wins and all heltons fault for the 2 losses. Actually the 9 wins are only because of darnold. Only he can get credit. When darnold turns the ball over 4 times in a game that’s Heltons fault though.

          • That pretty much sums it.

            Most of us did not want Helton to be the head coach. Now that he is doing a lot of good stuff, but he won’t get any credit for it.

            Oddly, if the dominos call in the right place, he might be here for a long time.

            He only needs to change two assistant coaches. I don’t want to name them. But is in charge of Jack Jones, the other one is in charge of Nico Falah.

          • All true but Helton deserves and has earned his rep as a coach who lacks killer instinct (always wins ugly) and didn’t get his team ready for the worst defeat in the history of the Notre Dame series. Lowly 35 point-losses don’t disappear overnight. ND isn’t great either. MIA showed us that the 2-loss Irish are entirely beatable.

            Don’t feel sorry for Helton. He’s still got a lot to prove and is very fortunate to have a man like Swann to rely upon. If he wins out and adds a Fiesta Bowl win to his resume, the season will have been a major success.

            I agree. We desperately need a new OL and DB coach. Probably more – as well as someone who can act as a great motivator for the team, which we lack now.

          • Yes, JB. The jury’s still very much out on Helton’s true coaching abilities even with the Rose Bowl win of last season and the 9-2 record this year so far. Granted, he has installed stability to the program by being a father figure/teacher to the players at the tail end of the crippling sanctions era. But the culture at SC also remains that we fans and alums simply can’t lower our expectations to give up seeing our team compete in the nation’s elite level, and be satisfied with simply being the town bully in our own division of the conference. I really think the true test on Helton will take place after the departure of Darnold at the end of either this or next season. Not that Darnold is perfect or he’s the sole offense of the team, but there’s no denying that he’s a very special QB who has had saved the collective bacon of the team more than several times so far in his career. Will Helton’s teams perform equal to or better than this year’s team with either Fink or Sears as the starting QB? I’ll be very curious to find out in the next few years. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves by talking about it because we haven’t even won our conference yet this season. Gee, we really haven’t done anything special yet in terms of our usual and frequent accomplishments in the past even after all the hustle and bustle in this season, have we, JB?

          • S**T, dude, I thought you were done for the night. Looks like you’re just warming up

            Go easy on us. Tebow obama wore us out….thanks

            Can you get to the point, the ridiculously long posts are hard to digest. About half way through. I start to regurgitate…thanks again

          • LMFAO…You literally and figuratively live in here, don’t you? I’m really getting concerned about your health, Chris. Don’t mind me and get some sleep, will ya?

          • It’s the same old and stale rhetoric from you.
            The SAME THING, post after post after post. I have no problem with you posting, but if you’re going to say the same thing, with the word rearranged, why bother? Confirmation bias is real, read -up on it

          • Yeah, that’s perfectly understandable. Of course you regurgitate since you’re a cow. LMFAO!

          • Helton needs to fix our OL and DLs. That’s job one. Sometimes our OL is downright feeble and embarrassing as we all saw against ND.

            All the elite teams left standing in the end are tough in the trenches and can handle people to a large degree at the point of attack. USC’s weak there and of all our issues, if we don’t fix that, I don’t think Swann will be happy.

            I think Helton’s done a good job and we’ve had far worse. But if USC wants to contend for the NC, he’s got to improve, get better assts and motivators – and also recruit better athletes on our OL and DL. Skill people love to come to USC. We’ve got to recruit a lot harder in the trenches IMO.

          • Unless Helton changes his fundamental approaches in practices his teams won’t be tough in the trenches. His current approaches might work with the softies of the Pac-12, but not much beyond that. To be a truly physical team you must practice physical with more practices in full pads throughout the season. You won’t play physical in the actual games all of a sudden after practicing in pajamas all week long.

          • No sense practicing with inferior athletes.

            Without mentioning names on our current OL and DL, we lack elite talent there and it’s very easy to spot. We need to recruit better, or we’ll get pushed around by the big boys regardless of how much we hit.

          • That’s also true. I really don’t see the elite level big bodies in the trenches like the ones last seen in Carroll’s teams. And that’s obviously indicative of Helton’s recruiting bias toward skill position players.

          • It’s also because it’s harder to build an OL and DL than other parts of the team. You need a lot more trench men and they are harder to both find and develop. Give Helton a break. This is only the second year he’s been in charge of recruiting as a permanent HC. It takes awhile to fix an OL/DL. After he saw how ND handled the Trojans, I’m sure he has figured out where we are lacking. He couldn’t have been expected to have a great OL this year. Not realistic.

          • . “Give Helton a break”….exactly.

            Regal, has little to no experience in what it takes to develop a football team, as a new coach.

            I’m sure he was calling for Pete’s head after the start he had.

          • Yes, but knowing it and doing it are two different things as many coaches should know what you rightly pointed out about building the stout OL and DL. Will Helton be able to do it given more time? Only time will tell, but he better do it quickly, or we won’t see tangible improvements even next year in that department.

          • I think you have a man-crush on Helton, you mention his name 99% of the time in your posts….what else could be be

          • It’s obvious you have no idea what the NCAA rules are regarding live contact tackling/thud practices. Do your homework

            Another classic example, you throw s**t out there hoping it sticks……confirmation bias

          • LMFAO…I guess you just can’t ignore my brilliant insight in SC football, can you? I must be extremely influential in your life to keep you up all night long. Thanks a bunch for being such a fervent fan, pudly!

          • “brilliant insight in SC football,….rehashed BS

            The nonstop criticizing Helton, “brilliant”

          • And you, of course, consider the nonstop defending Helton your lifetime mission. Did you ever feel miserable about that? Isn’t your life worth more than to literally live here to do it? You might benefit from paying attention to what others tell you sometimes, Helen. But what you’re doing might become a little more understandable if this is your job. LOL!!!

          • You are the most schizophrenic person I’ve ever met. Both in regards too the team, which you continually bash, both players and coaches, while you sit in your little man cave in your mom’s basement. You act as if you know something and when ANYONE asks you a fact based question you divert it into a personal attack claiming a person uses multiple personalities.
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          • “Your put lies and half truths together to form an uneducated and misleading opinion of what’s going on at USC ”

            Exactly…..The guy is completely numb to the facts.

          • What the f**k are you talking about. Pudley is reasonable and objective. I see the exactly same things happening with you. You football IQ is limited. deal with it. So, quit parading around like your comments are gospel. And quit with the ridiculous posturing.

            I’ve called you out numerous times about your inaccuracies. Instead of taking the cordial path, you go into attack mode. I’m truly convinced you suffer from some type of mental condition.

            The poster child for embellishment, fits you. Not to get off the subject, there are meds to help with the insomnia

          • This guy is a total basket case. He displays tendencies consistent with someone suffering from clinical narcissism

            Thanks for having my back

          • Jack – the worst defeat in the Notre series was in 1966, they beat us 51-0 in the Coliseum. I sat through all four quarters. The next week we were selected to go to the Rose Bowl based on about 4 tie breakers.

          • Amen. Finally someone agrees with me regarding getting some new assistant coaches. We might need a change the QB coach / 3rd & 4th down playcaller as well. If Helton make these personal changes, I think he is going to be coaching at SC for a while.

          • True. Better asst coaches and more accurate recruiting talent evaluations (no more Bigelows; stop recruiting Grabbys for corner) will fix USC’s winning ugly ways. We’re not that far off but some things definitely need to be done.

          • USC has won 9 of 11 games in spite of Clay Helton’s coaching, it’s USC’s sheer talent winning those games, not any coaching be done by Helton that’s contributing to the wins.

          • An occasional struggling win is acceptable, even for the greatest college teams of all time. But multiple struggling wins leading to a great W-L record is misleading and obscuring the real issues this team has with lack of focus, identity, preparation for big games on occasion, lack of physicality on the OL, etcetera, etcetera….

            It doesn’t take much for those struggling wins to turn to multiple close losses and then where are we?

          • Yes, Helton’s coaching was consistent just like his play calling, consistently terrible. It was USC’s sheer talent and two of those teams (Texas & Utah) giving the games away that got those wins.

    • Helton is Paul Hackett 2.0

      Only Helton has better players. USC is loaded with 4 & 5 star talent at every position, second only to Alabama in that regard. USC shouldn’t be struggling against any Western Michigan, a team who’s entire roster is filled with No Star recruits. Helton even struggled against Oregon St. for over half the game and they have one win. Helton isn’t capable of coaching the players up to compete wth the big boys…he’s second rate at best.

    • Many seem to forget, or simply don’t care.Probation and the crazy immature way the program was handled by Coaches and AD.Coach Helton has brought respect back to the program.
      Games have been frustrating to watch at times.Yet at 9-2 , the program is in good shape.
      I trust Lynn Swann to sit with Helton and make some staff changes , that will improve the program even more.

      • What are you talking about? The same coaches that were on the Trojans coaching staff when USC was sanctioned were brought back and each given a shot at leading the team and failed. And they’re the ones that hired Helton, over and over again. How’s that for “crazy”?

    • Hmmm John Robinson beat Notre Dame 5 out of 6 from 1976-82, beat the ruins 4 times in a row and won a national title in 1978. Don’t compare this era to the late 1970s.

  9. sorry Dummies……Mighty Bruins win AGAIN!!!!

    sleep tight!!!!! HAWR-HAWR!!!!!!


    • Is it Basketball season already for the Bruins?

      No hopes of a Rose Bowl berth?
      No possibility of playing in the John Hancock Bowl?


      • Even during the week before ucla’s only important game all year, the Trolls don’t say a peep about beating the Trojans because they’re afraid. Wimpy bruins – always afraid. The little gutties are getting more and more scared as Saturday approaches.

        USC 51 – ucla 38. Easy money.

        • After they beat Oregon they started to believe they were gonna have a good season and the usual suspects were talking a UCLA win over USC.
          I’m not hearing much of that Bruin talk anymore.

          • There’s not a Troll here with the guts to lay it on the line for little gutty football. It may as well be little gutty fooozball to them. They might stick their necks out for beer pong, but that’s about it.

          • gutties down to 20,000 season ticket sales this year. Winning percentage of 57 percent (if you round up) since Donahue left in 1995. It is all pretend in Westwood that they still have a football program

          • Every football stadium in Los Angeles belongs to USC. The Coliseum, The Rose Bowl, and when the Inglewood stadium is up we’ll claim that venue too.

          • Mediocrity has been the theme over there for years. You can thank sanctions for any recent success against USC, and the free pass to the CCG

          • They tripled season ticket prices after Rosen’s freshman season apparently thinking good times were just around the corner!

          • Rosen will leave ucla with an 0-2 record vs USC. 0-3 all together as a Bruin after he watched from the sidelines last season. The “Chosen One” picked the wrong blue. He should have went to Ann Arbor. I’m actually excited for Saturday since the only game I went to this season was the Texas game. A win over the Bruins might put a smile on all the Trojan fans faces. We’re gonna run the ball on them and it wont be as close as people think.

          • Technically Rosen will be 0-3 since he was on the team last year, even though he did not play.

          • Sure, it’s a rivalry game. I just don’t think there’s much bite left in the dog. The team is disappointed with their record, and face a possible invite to the toilet bowl.

            Mora is on the hot seat and the players sense this. USC is feeling good about itself and will come out motivated and focused, ucla on the other hand, is heading in the opposite direction.

            Another plus, home field advantage, the 12th man

          • If the defense can take the ball away and the offense controls the ball we should put up a lot of points.

            I don’t think Helton and Tee will want to pass very much in this game.

        • Our basketball team has to beat Arizona and OREGON. All capital for the Ducks because they own us in basketball. Ucla better not take USC lightly anymore from here on because the top players now see Enfield building a program that could go to new heights. Now a NCAA Tournament Team that finally has some depth and is starting to recruit well.

    • The Southeastern Arkansas Bears took the gutties to overtime before losing by 5? Outstanding!

      Are the Ozarkers a high school team? Must be, as they lost to Baylor by more than 40 a few nights before facing this bRuin powerhouse.

      Sad to say that this epic victory over the tough, hard-working mountain kids is completely overshadowed by, shall we say, more criminal matters.

  10. Not me, I said they were 1-dimensional and should be easy to defend with a sell-out-to-stuff-the-run D. But Pendy needed to play nickel and make it close, put pressure on Tee and the O. That became our identity: Some players, units or squads disappearing mentally for series’ or quarters or even entire halfs.

  11. Anyone see the Toledo game tonight? THAT is how a cohesive offense performs. None of that in Cardinal and Gold this season. Nothing close except maybe Stanford.

    Granted, that was against the #125 D (total) and UGLY is much better at #123. (BG is 111th in scoring D while the UClowns are 122)

    Can we put up 66? We’ll need to since i said last week we’d break 100 in the last 2 games and Tee/Darnold screwed the pooch last week.

  12. Heres whats funny about the UCLA basketball players situation. The state of California does not allow employees to travel to at least 8 states based on controversial issues and laws. But its okay for the UCLA basketball team to travel to China

    • Who cares about little gutty basketball here? This is a Trojan site.

      The only reason ucla hoops comes up now is because of the international uproar over the bruin criminal culture. It’s great to see you bruin hypocrites get your noses rubbed in it 24 hours a day now. And on Saturday, you little gutties will have yet another big embarrassment on your hands.

    • Di you hear all three convicts…err athletes who pretend to be students from the confines of ugly? They all read the same speech. They sounded like robots that cannot speak properly. You hear the mumbles and the grumbles but no pronunciation. For supposedly a great learning institution, they convicts sounded exactly like…convicts.

  13. Anybody every wonder if there are other versions of Scott Wolf type writers around the country, whose sole purpose seems to be to troll and put down the team they cover?

    I wonder if there is a guy that covers Auburn who is writing an article today about their Week 3 game against Mercer and asking “Anybody remember when Mercer cut the Auburn lead to 17-10 in the 4th Quarter? Well that Mercer team is now 5-5 in D1AA, so how good does that win look now?”

    Must be strange to live in a world where you cover a Top 11 team, but just whine week after week about any negative point you can find. And he had to go all the way back to the Week 1 Opponent today in order to find the proper amount of negativity? Must be hard trolling day in and day out.

  14. Not defending our team’s performance, but did you notice that WMU has lost 15 players lost to season ending injuries? I guess it’s not really a journalist’s job to research stuff like that…oh wait, yes it is.

  15. Trojans are 18-2 in their last 20 games, not many schools can say that…if we kept score of Wolfs life wins amd losses he’d be 2-18!!

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